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Guinea pigs have now become one of the most popular and well-loved pets all over the world for a good reason. Families in particular are now taking care of cavies mainly because of their amazing temperaments. But, before you decide to get one or two of these adorable pets, it is important to learn about guinea pig care guide to ensure that they will stay happy and healthy for a long time.

Guinea pigs are social animals that love to stick to a daytime schedule. It is very rare for them to bite even if they are under stress. Guinea pigs also require a spacious cage, with lots of opportunities to play and exercise outside their cage. These pets also need a diet made up of sufficient amounts of roughage and vitamin C.

Guinea Pig Care 101

What kind of fruits can guinea pigs eat? What kind of vegetables can guinea pigs eat? These are just some of the usual questions that people often ask when planning to get a guinea pig. But, before that, there are still many things you need to know about these cute furry animals.

On average, guinea pigs live for 6 to 8 years, with a weight of 2 to 3 pounds. They also come in different colors. They like to socialize and make as wonderful pets not only for adults but even for children. Guinea pigs, or also called cavies, are intelligent, fascinating, and friendly as long as they are handled properly.

Guinea pigs originated from South America, with a total of 8 species. However, there is only one that is often kept as a pet and this is the domestic cavy.

Since these animals have a lifespan of about 4 to 8 years, caring for them requires a long-term commitment. The male guinea pigs are called boars while the females are known as sows.

The guinea pigs require a company of their own kind and they can be kept in pairs or in groups of the same sex. Keep in mind that if you have plans to keep a female and male guinea pig together, it is crucial that you neuter the male in order to prevent unwanted babies. It will take about 4 weeks for the male to be considered as sterile after neutering.

Understanding the Needs of Guinea Pigs

There is no such thing as the perfect way of caring for all guinea pigs since every situation and every guinea pig is different. It will all be up to you how you will take care of your cavies. Be sure to read all the helpful guinea pig articles to ensure that you will meet all the requirements of your adorable guinea pigs.

When you are a dog owner, your foremost concern is to know if you are actually taking good care of your pet. It means that you need to learn about the basic dog care and making sure that you meet all the essential needs of your pup to ensure that he is always healthy and happy.

Preventive veterinary care, proper nutrition, grooming, health monitoring, a place your dog can call his own, and lots of exercise and affection are all essential to create a conducive environment where your pet can thrive. The good news is that it is relatively easy to provide all of these for your beloved pooch.

Getting Started with Dog Care

Caring for your dog the right way always starts with having the correct perspective. You should never consider dog ownership as a chore and instead, you should look at this as a wonderful experience that will enrich not only the life of your dog but also your own life.

Just like humans, canines also need food, shelter, and water to survive. They will also thrive better if they get enough mental stimulation, nurturing, and physical care. Providing all of these is an integral aspect of maintaining the healthy and safety if your dog and sets a solid foundation for spending a happy and long life with your fur baby.

Dog Diet and More

What kind of fruits can dogs eat? What kind of meat can dogs eat? What vegetables can dogs eat raw? What kind of vitamins do dogs need? There are just so many questions as far as dog diet is concerned.

A balanced and healthy diet is a crucial part of basic dog care. Always do some research to know about the food companies that only use top quality ingredients and create nutritionally balanced and complete foods for dogs. You can then pick a quality diet that your dog loves.

Water is also a must for your dog to stay healthy. See to it that your dog always gets easy access to lots of clean and fresh water to drink

Spend a Happy Life with Your Dog

There are still so many things you need to learn to care properly for your dog. Of course, there are also things that you need to avoid to ensure that he stays healthy all the time. Be sure to read all the articles that you can find in this guide to spend many long and wonderful years with your pooch!


If you are a first time cat owner, getting a new furry member of the family can be very intimidating and exciting at the same time. To do a great job as a cat owner, you need to give your pet lots of care, attention, and love. By arming yourself with enough knowledge about cat care, you can look forward to enjoying wonderful and enjoyable years with your feline friend.

Cat Feeding

What fruits do cats eat? What kind of raw meat can cats eat? The number one step when it comes to feeding cats is to opt for a healthy and well-balanced diet filled with all the essential nutrients that your pet needs to grow and remain healthy throughout its lifespan.

Cats love eating at dusk and dawn. Your cat also needs treats but it should only be in strict moderation. You can also talk to your vet to know the amount of food to feed your pet and the specific foods to buy for every stage of life.

Cat Housing

Cats are solitary creatures most of the time and they prefer to have their very own space as well as a freedom to interact with their owners anytime they want. Pick a dry and cool place for the bed of your cat and line this with a soft blanket or towel. Cats are also best kept indoors to keep them safe from exposure to different elements, vulnerability to fleas and ticks, and potential traumatic experiences.

Cat Grooming

Cats themselves are expert groomers and it is very rare for them to need a bath. However, one of the best things you can do to maintain the cleanliness of your feline friend is brushing them. Brush your pet regularly can reduce the number of hairball incidents that your pet may experience.

Cat Behavior and More

Cat behavior change according to different factors and this is why being the owner, it is your full responsibility to watch out for any changes and keep a close eye on your pet all the time. Cats can be very interesting animals and this is the reason why people cannot help but to fall in love with these fur babies.

Cat Guide for All Cat Owners

Be sure to go through this guide to learn everything there is to know about cats so you can look forward to spending the best days of your life with your feline friend!


Are you thinking of getting a rabbit? If yes, be sure to think about it twice and think carefully. Before you ask those things like “what fruits will rabbits eat” or “what vegetables can rabbits eat daily,” there is one important question that you need to answer first. Are you sure that you are ready to give a rabbit the kind of life it deserves?

In spite of being one of the most popular pets in the world, rabbits also happen to be among the most neglected and abused. There are lots of rabbits spending miserable and lonely lives locked up in a hutch, all alone, with no or little space to exercise, mainly because their owners are not aware of what is involved with rabbit care before they get one.

Before you decide to take care of rabbits as pets, please take time to read all the advice pages in this guide so you can get a good idea of the things involved in caring for them. If you are not sure that you can commit to giving them all the things they need to live contented and full lives, it just means one thing – getting rabbits is not something for you.

Are Rabbits the Best Pets for You?

This question is important since there are plenty of myths surrounding rabbits and what they are really like as pets. This is why it is important for you to know the things involved. However, there is still one more important question you need to think about.

Are You the Right Kind of Owner for Rabbits?

It is quite unfortunate how there are countless of rabbits suffering neglect at the hands of owners who are not yet ready to commit to or do not understand the needs of their rabbits.

A Quick Look at Rabbits

Rabbits are curious and beautiful animals that deserver living enriched and full lives. Taking care of rabbits require a big and serious commitment.

You will need at least two rabbits and you should also neuter them. You also need to give them an environment that lets them showcase all of their natural behaviors. You need to clean your rabbits and check them daily.

Be sure to take your rabbits to the vet for checkups, vaccinations, and other forms of treatments they need. Of course, you also need to give them unlimited high quality hay together with fresh vegetables and top quality pellets.