Labrador retrievers

Labrador retrievers make the most wonderful pets. They epitomize the phrase “Man Best Friend”. They are loyal, reliable, faithful, and easy to handle. Labrador retrievers were originally from Newfoundland in Canada, where they were used by fishermen to jump overboard and haul in the fishing lines. The icy waters made them into strong swimmers. Some of them were taken to England, where their retrieving skills were honed by hunting expeditions. There is now an English breed of Labrador which is stockier than the lanky American breed. They were once known as St. John’s dogs.

Labrador retrievers are longer than they are higher, with muscular bodies and thick necks. They have broad, heads, thick noses, and wide muzzles. Their eyes are irresistible, chestnut or hazel, with an intelligent expression. The medium-sized ears are pendant. Labs have strong hairy tails, and thick, smooth short haired double coats that are easy to maintain. They are strong swimmers, and excellent at retrieving. They are almost always in solid colors, and can be black, yellow, or chocolate. There is also a rare silver or gray breed, which may be a mutant. It is classified by the American Kennel Club as a chocolate line.

Why choose labrador retrievers as house pets?

Labrador retrievers are highly intelligent, easy to train, and extremely loyal. They are very friendly and sociable, while being extremely patient and gentle with children. They make ideal companions for growing children, as they are energetic, high spirited, and willing to go along with anything. A litter of sturdy little Labs with their doleful expressions is hard to resist! As puppies, they are easy to house break and amiable though frisky. They are good watch dogs, and not usually guard dogs, but some have been trained for this purpose. They are comfortable around other dogs too. They need a fair amount of exercise but if they are kept in an apartment, they adjust to it. They need to get their outdoor exercise though, to stay fit.

Labrador retrievers are good sports and love being in the water. Labrador retrievers are multi talented working dogs. They are police dogs, and often trained in sniffing out bombs by special squads. They are also part of narcotics detection teams. Labrador retrievers are excellent as guide dogs for the blind, and service dogs for the disabled. Their patient easy going nature is perfect for these jobs. They perform exceedingly well in obedience competitions, and win many plaudits for their owners.