Symptoms of a dead kitten inside cat

8 Symptoms of a dead kitten inside cat

Yes, we all love our feline companions and we can do anything for them to keep them happy. Unfortunately, we cannot meet all their immediate needs since they cannot have

Can cats eat yolk

Can cats eat yolk?

No one can doubt the nutritions that comes with an egg. It is filled with all kinds of minerals, vitamins, and proteins that are not only beneficial for humans but

Can cats eat quavers

Can cats eat quavers

Cats are carnivorous and this is a natural rule. If your cats are developing from their birth inside your home, they may get used to eating some other foods as

Can cats eat queso

Can cats eat queso?

Cats have curiosity flowing in their blood. They will lick everything they see just to have a taste of it or maybe just because they are curious. This is good

Can cats eat flies

Can cats eat flies?

We have assumptions in our minds that flies, insects, and bugs are just dangerous for all human beings and animals. This is quite true to some extent but not as