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Is kibbles and bits good for dogs

Is Kibbles and Bits a good dog food? If you are among the thousands of dog owners who are asking this very question right now, well, you are in luck. This short article will shed some light on whether or not this dog food brand is good for your pet or not.

Is Kibbles and Bits a good dog food brand

Maybe. The truth is that there is no definite answer for this question because there are different views and opinions about the brand, not to mention that the word “good” is sometimes subjective.

Is kibbles and bits good for dogs

But to give you a good idea about the brand, Kibbles and Bits were originally introduced back in 1981. This claims to be the first-ever dual-textured dog food made available in the market that combines kibble with chewy and soft bits. It makes use of various sources of protein and vitamins to offer a well-balanced meal that most dogs seem to love.

Unfortunately, Kibbles and Bits doesn’t have a very good reputation for being quality dog food. The ingredients used are not complete proteins all the time, and there are times when the brand also cuts corners for the sake of offering its products at affordable prices. The brand is using corn as the foremost ingredient in most of their recipes as well as artificial colors and flavors to come up with more appealing recipes.

Dogs usually suffer from allergic reactions when consuming kibbles, not to mention that the cheap fillers may only make it hard for dogs to maintain a healthy weight during their lifetime. Kibbles and Bits is a good food brand if there are no other options but most pet owners choose to switch to higher quality and more premium brands.

Who makes Kibbles and Bits dog food

Del Monte is the company that makes Kibbles and Bits, and it is currently the fifth biggest manufacturing company in the industry of dog foods. As mentioned earlier, the brand was originally launched in 1981. It was then bought off by J. Heinz Company in 1995 before it was sold off to Del Monte later on.

Their plant is located in Lawrence, Kansas that produces approximately 1.7 million pounds a day, and up to 9.9 million pounds every week. The company also produces a total of 497 million founds of Kibbles and Bits dog food every year.

The reputation of the brand is all thanks to the affordability and familiarity of its products. You can find Kibbles and Bits in almost all physical and online retailers. You can also find it easily almost anywhere if you ever run out of dog food.

Is Kibbles and Bits dog food good for dogs

Even though Kibbles and Bits ensure that the dog food is a great source of high-quality protein, minerals, vitamins, as well as other supplements, because canines often have sensitive skin, having corn syrup, soybean meal, and corn top the list of its ingredients may be somewhat off-putting. This is because these ingredients are some of the known allergens that make the brand a not-so-good choice of dog food for your pup.

Kibbles and Bits ingredients

If you go through the list of ingredients used for the Kibbles and Bits dog food recipes, the first two ingredients you will notice are soy and corn, both of which are known allergens for canines. The rest of the ingredients used for many of the brand’s recipes are already high quality, including real meat, vitamins, minerals, and others. But once again, having soy and corn as the top ingredients on the product label is more than enough to make dog owners turn their backs and look for something else.

Aside from this, another issue here is the use of an unidentified source of animal fat. It is not recommended to have this kind of ingredient added to the formula since you will have no idea where it came from.

All in all, while some of the ingredients of Kibbles and Bits have good aspects, there are others that you have to take note of and study with care to keep your pup safe.

Kibbles and Bits calories

Every cup of Kibbles and Bits contains approximately 328 calories.

Is Kibbles and Bits a healthy dog food

Not really. Three out of the first four kibble and bits ingredients are nothing but cheap grains that your dog doesn’t need at all. This is why it is not a surprise that the food has an extremely low percentage of protein at only 19%.

If the dog food is made up mainly of grains that your pet will do much better without, there is not much guesswork here. The primary source of animal protein comes from an extremely disgusting and cheap bone and beef meal. At least, the brand tells you that it is beef instead of meat.

There is also corn syrup that is listed as the brand’s 6th ingredient. Just like what you might already know, sugar is not necessary for a dog’s diet and is only added to improve the food’s taste. It is not there for your pup’s health and instead, it is only there to entice your dog to eat it.

In addition, wheat middlings, also called floor sweepings, is another listed ingredient of the brand. On the 9th spot is animal digest, which is far from being yummy, making this food even unhealthier for your dog. There are also lots of artificial colors added that are not necessary at all.

Does Kibbles and Bits make dogs sick

Yes, it is possible. Kibbles and Bits contain plenty of allergens. The symptoms of allergic reactions to kibbles may show up in different ways in every dog. Itchy skin and skin infection are two of the most common symptoms of allergy.

Why is Kibbles and Bits bad for dogs

Kibbles and Bits is bad for dogs mainly because of its ingredients. Soybean and corn are their top contents that are not advisable for your pups to eat because these are two of the top allergens for canines.

How to find out what my dog is allergic to Kibbles and Bits

Here are some of the steps you can take to let you know if your dog has an allergic reaction to Kibbles and Bits:

  1. The first primary symptom of a food allergy is when your pet, a natural whirlwind who constantly brings you toys, loves running around, and is a happy dog all the time, has recently become very unlike himself and a bit sluggish.

As a dog owner, it is important to remember that the food they eat affects all areas of their lives. It is easy to see the differences between dogs that exclusively consume raw food and those with a kibble-only diet.

Unfortunately, the number one sign of allergic reaction to Kibbles and Bits is a big shift in your dog’s personality. This personality change is among the initial signs you will notice almost immediately.

  1. Another major sign of allergic reaction to Kibbles and Bits is skin inflammation. If your pet always rubs his face and ears on the floor or with his paws, scratches himself all over the place, and chews or licks his paws, these are all signs of allergy.
  2. If your dog has started to lick your couch, the carpet, or everything else covered in fabric, it is yet another sign of allergy that is related to food.
  3. Facial swelling, diarrhea, and hives are all symptoms of full-blown allergic reactions that usually happen really fast. It is important to keep a close eye on your pup when he exhibits these symptoms and take them to the vet right away before things get worse.

How much Kibbles and Bits to feed a dog

You need to feed your adult dog with the recommended amount of dog food only once a day. Age, breed, environment, and activity can all affect the energy needs of your pup. The feeding amounts can be adjusted to maintain the best shape and condition of your dog’s body.

Make sure you also provide your dog with lots of fresh and clean water all the time. Any changes in the diet of your dog must be done little by little to let your dog get used to the new food. Switch to the new food in small amounts and gradually increase its amount as you decrease the quantity of the old food for a period of 7 to 10 days.

Can I feed my dogs Kibbles and Bits everyday

No. Since Kibbles and Bits is not the healthiest dog food brand out there, it might be best to avoid giving it to your dog every day. An occasional feeding might be fine but only in a small amount to stay on the safe side.

Can puppy eat Kibbles and Bits

No. Puppies cannot and should not eat Kibbles and Bits.

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