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Can dogs eat hummus

Delicious and creamy, hummus goes well with almost anything you have in your pantry, from bagels, to pita bread, carrot sticks, salads, and so much more.

While your life may feel incomplete without this yummy treat from the Middle East, you may also curious to know is hummus good for dogs too or can dogs eat hummus safely.

Can dogs eat hummus

Before you decide to get a scoop of this healthy treat and give it to your dogs, there are some important facts that you should know such as what happens if your dog eats hummus and what should i do if my dog eats hummus. 

Could dogs eat hummus?

The short and simple answer for this question is no, it is not safe for dogs to eat hummus. The primary ingredients in hummus are chickpeas or also known as garbanzo beans. While chickpeas are considered safe for canines, the rest of the ingredients in hummus such as high amounts of oil, garlic, and onion are a completely different story.   

Can dogs eat red pepper hummus?

No, dogs can and should never eat red pepper hummus at all. The hummus itself and the red peppers are not safe for dogs. However, make sure you don’t confuse peppercorn or bell peppers with red peppers because the first two are both considered to be safe for canines.

Red pepper is notably much spicier compared to the safe kinds of peppers. If you have long been a dog owner, you surely know that spicy foods don’t often go that well with the digestive system of dogs and can typically cause vomiting or diarrhea.

Can dogs eat garlic hummus?

Once again, the answer is a no. Dogs should and can never eat garlic hummus under any circumstances.

Garlic has long been known as toxic to canines and this is the primary contributing factor why dogs should stay away from hummus at all times. Recipes for garlic hummus obviously have higher amounts of garlic as compared to hummus and they can also include some other spices that may cause digestive problems in dogs.

Can dogs eat hummus chips? 

Most of the hummus chips you can find in the stores right now don’t include garlic in their list of ingredients. However, they actually contain onion that is also considered as toxic to canines. While your dog won’t necessarily get poisoned if he munches on some hummus chips, it would be better if you try to avoid them completely.

Salty snacks will never be a great inclusion in the daily diet of your pet. Other ingredients of hummus chips include chickpea flour, potato starch, rice, corn flour, vegetable oil, creamy dill seasoning, rice flour, dried glucose syrup, onion powder, salt, yeast extract powder, dextrose, herbs including dill, citric acid, and natural flavorings.

Can dogs eat hummus dip?

Is hummus dip okay for dogs? Definitely no, dogs can never have hummus. Even though chickpeas are packed with proteins and are high in fiber, the rest of the ingredients added to it might be very harmful for dogs. The reason why hummus is a very tasty treat is all thanks to the ingredients that are mixed with the garbanzo beans. The sad news is that some of these ingredients are not regarded as safe for your pup.

Can dogs eat chocolate hummus? 

Obviously, dogs can never eat chocolate hummus. After all, it contains chocolate. Just like other kinds of junk foods like licorice, chocolate can be very toxic for canines and even the tiniest amount of chocolate  can induce vomiting, diarrhea, or death in worst case scenarios.  

Will dogs eat hummus?

Every dog is different and unique. This means that just like humans, they may also have unique and different preferences as far as the foods they eat are concerned. There are some dogs that simply love both the smell and taste of hummus while there are others who will only sniff it and walk away. 

Can small dogs eat hummus?

No, small dogs cannot eat hummus. Hummus is filled with various ingredients that can be toxic to your little pooch. This means that you should never feed hummus to your dog at all. Some of its main ingredients, specifically lemon juice and garlic, are not recommended for dogs and must always be avoided to stay safe. 

A good alternative for hummus is to just stick with the favorite treats of your pet. This means every time you are enjoying your hummus and your cute furry baby looks at you with those adorable puppy eyes, it is best to distract him with something he likes and is safe for him.

Is hummus safe for dogs?

There are a lot of concerns associated with feeding your dog with hummus. Even though you might only be eating a plain type of humus, it still has ingredients there that are unsafe for your pet such as garlic, oil, and high amounts of oil. Garlic and onion are both poisonous to canines and these can cause diarrhea, vomiting, or gastrointestinal irritation.

Although smaller quantities of olive oil can be considered safe for Fido and might even benefit his coat, skin, and overall health, hummus contains so much oil that might be too much for dogs to handle. 

If your hummus is a little bit fancier than usual, such as one that contains red pepper, lemon, or s’chug, a type of spice from the Middle East, all of these ingredients can end up hurting the stomach of your dogs and further cause more health problems.

Can hummus kill dogs?

It is not likely for hummus to kill a dog. The primary toxin found in hummus is garlic and this is not often deadly for dogs although it can cause several nasty side effects. These effects will depend on how much your dog weighs and the specific amount he consumed.

So, while your dog might not die because of hummus, once again, it will amount of hummus consumed by your pet. A large quantity of hummus may lead to organ damage that may result to sudden death.

What should i do if my dog eats hummus?

What are the steps you should take if your dogs ends up eating hummus? Well, the first thing you have to do is to determine the amount of hummus that your dog ate. If the quantity is small, it means that he only ate a tiny amount of garlic so your dog will just be fine.

What happens if your pooch eats a large quantity of hummus? If this happens, there is a reason for you to be worried. You need to call your vet right away. Take note that garlic poisoning in canines might not be obvious for a few days so it is unsafe to assume that your pet will be fine only because he is not showing any immediate symptoms.

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