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Can dogs eat pizza [WITH VIDEO]

Everybody loves pizza. People from all over the world consider pizza as their go-to food whether they are happy or feeling a bit lonely. The immigrants from Italy brought pizza to the Americas during the late 1800s. Today, pizza is a staple food for dinner and is also the top choice for events and parties. However, can you also share it with Fido? Can dogs eat pizza or should stay away from it at all costs?

Can dogs eat pizza crust?

Pizza crust is something that you might want to avoid giving to your furry baby. There is room for concern if your dog ends up eating pizza crust. While the pastry wrapping or crust in a pizza is not necessarily bad for canines but it also doesn’t give any nutritional value at all. Although the crust by itself will not make them sick, it is only empty calories. Just so you know, pizza crust might contain ingredients that can be harmful to consume for dogs. These include herbs, garlic, onions, as well as other substances that may pose toxicity to canines. 

Can dogs eat pizza

Can dogs eat pizza rolls?

Since pizza slices are a bit messy, you probably think that pizza rolls would be a nice treat to give to your dog. However, can dogs eat pizza rolls? Are these safe for them? Well, the simple answer is a no. You should never feed your furry baby pizza rolls or most types of pizza for that matter. This will not just cause digestive issues but there are some ingredients that could be very toxic for dogs. These may include tomato sauce, cheese, crust, spices, and toppings.

Can dogs eat pizza sauce?

What if your pet ends up getting a big lick on the pizza sauce you left on the counter? The good news here is that the sauce is usually made using ripe tomatoes that are perfectly fine for your dog to eat. The green parts, such as the stem and leaves, are the ones that can make a dog sick. 

It is also important to note that pizza sauce is not just made using tomatoes alone. Other ingredients in the pizza sauce such as herbs and garlic might be dangerous for your furry buddy. In addition, most of the pizza sauces that you can buy from stores also contain added sugar. Eating excessive amounts of sugar over time may lead to dental issues and obesity, which is a serious risk factor for development of diabetes. 

Can dogs eat pizza dough?

It is a more urgent matter if your dogs eat pizza dough. If Fido managed to sneak some of the uncooked homemade pizza in the kitchen counter, don’t waste any time and head to the emergency animal clinic or your veterinarian right away. When raw, the yeast dough can expand inside the stomach of your pet that can cause serious breathing difficulties and possibly cause tissue tearing. It was even reported that raw bread dough might also cause your pet to get intoxicated. It is because of the ethanol byproduct produced by yeast.

Can dogs eat pizza bread?

Baked pizza bread might be safe for your dog to eat but it is not really the healthiest treat to give to Fido. The sugar, calories, and carbs in bread may only lead to more weight gain instead of nutritious eating. On the other hand, bread dough is a completely different story.

This is why it is not safe for dogs to be munching on pizza bread dough. If your pet gets a taste pizza bread dough or rising bread, drop whatever it is you are doing and head to the vet’s office immediately. The issue is with yeast that can pose major threats to the digestive system of your dog.

Can dogs eat cheese pizza?

No, dogs probably shouldn’t eat cheese pizza. Most cheese pizzas contain garlic or onion either in the sauce or crust, even without the rest of the toppings. Garlic and onion are both dangerous to dogs so you have to be very careful with checking all ingredients. Dogs might also have lactose intolerance and might have intolerances or allergies to wheat. Make sure to keep a close eye on your dog if they end up consuming cheese pizza.

Can dogs eat pizza bites?

No, dogs shouldn’t be eating pizza bites or better yet, they shouldn’t consume any kind of pizza as a whole. Although there might be nothing toxic in the pizza bites, these are not really a healthy option for your pet either. Toppings like pepperoni are not recommended for dogs. Even if you get rid of the toppings and just feed your dog with those that are safe, this is still not a very wise idea. It is not also good for your pet to eat the crust or the raw pizza dough that might potentially lead to a fatal situation.

Can dogs eat vegetarian pizza?

If you wondering if your dog can eat vegetarian pizza with toppings like peppers and mushrooms, the answer is still a no. Pizza doesn’t offer any health benefits. The vegetables in a pizza slice offer very little food, if there is any at all. Vegetables might be good for your own health and even the overall health of your dog. However, the moment you put them on white flour and fat cheese, they end up losing their positive effects.

Can dogs eat pizza pockets?

Dogs should not really eat pizza pockets. While these pizza pockets may seem harmless at first, you have to remember that they may contain high amounts of sodium, cholesterol, and carbs just like your regular pizza. The fillings may also have plenty of fat and this is definitely not good for your pet. Pizza may also contain cheese that poses issues to most dogs. Of course, there is the fact that seasonings like garlic or onion are toxic for dogs.

Can dogs eat pizza bagels?

While there are bagels that dogs can safely eat, it is typically recommended to avoid letting your dog eat pizza bagels. Once again, the ingredients are not safe for canines. This means that if you want to give a piece of bagel to your dog, it is better to stick with plain bagels without additional seasonings, flavoring, and toppings.

Can dogs eat pizza? No, it is not wise to let Fido eat pizza. Pizza has very minimal nutritional value for canines and also contains high amounts of sodium. Even though your dog may be able to tolerate tiny amounts of pizza, it will be wiser and better to simply avoid it at all cost. You will not always know what ingredients are there, not to mention that you can always go for safer options for treats.

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