Last Updated : November 12, 2022

Why does my dog keep sniffing my legs

Dogs, in general, are sniffers! They may be bred differently and as a result, they often display different personality traits, however sniffing is the only habit common to all dog breeds. Unlike humans, dogs can’t gather information through technology, hence they rely mostly solely on their ears, nose, and eyes for intelligence gathering.

Although sometimes, they go overboard with their inquisitive nature and go as far as smelling sensitive parts of their owners. Somebody parts they are notoriously known to smell are the crotches, legs, butt, and hands. Some even take it a bit too far by smelling their owner’s private part!

Why does my dog keep sniffing my legs

My dog is a culprit of this annoying act and I have decided to share my discovery after I researched about “why does my dog constantly sniff legs!” with you in this article, so read on.

Do dogs sniff legs

Yes, dogs sniff legs and they do it for a lot of reasons, a few of which will be highlighted and explained in detail later in this article. However, the underlying factor that best explains the reason behind this behavior in dogs generally is their hunting instinct.

For example, during the times when dogs were bred for hunting, they would sniff any of their pack member’s legs when they get injured.

This habit is passed down to domesticated dogs we have around today and that is why they may sniff your leg anytime you are injured.

Is it ok to allow my dog to sniff legs

Yes, it is completely fine to allow your dogs to sniff legs. It is not advisable to stop your dog from sniffing around anything because that will be tantamount to you disconnecting him from his environment and having fun altogether.

When you stop your dog from sniffing your leg or any other thing he has picked its scent, the feeling is similar to a human temporarily losing his sight, so it is ok to let him explore.

Should I be worried if my dog keeps sniffing my leg

No, you don’t have to be worried that your dog is sniffing your leg. Whenever your dog sniffs you, they don’t mean any harm.

Being an inquisitive creatures, they just want to do is gather enough information about you. Your canine companion just wants to know where you have been and what you have been doing, hence, you don’t have to panic.

How long do I wait before I stop my new dog from sniffing me

Unfortunately, there’s no direct answer to that, because there’s no fixed amount of time a dog must carry out the personal assessment of a new owner or new acquaintance. Although, if you are being sniffed by a new dog for a prolonged number of, you might be a little worried because you don’t know what the dog is capable of.

However, in general, it is normal for dogs to sniff people they are meeting for the first time. They do this to familiarise themselves with your saint to gather information about you.

What to do when I’m being sniffed by a new dog

If you’ve just gotten yourself a new canine companion, then you might be a little worried if all your new friend does is sniff you and your entire house all day.

Well, you don’t have to get yourself worked up over that because he’s just familiarising himself with his new owner and environment. The best thing you can do is help him make his job easy and faster by standing still and letting him sniff you until he is done with his general assessment of you.

Why does my dog keep sniffing my leg

When your pet dog sniffs your leg, they are not sniffing it for fun, ( I mean your leg is not a moving object that can trigger their natural chasing instinct) something must have caused them to do it. Here are a few reasons why your dog may be sniffing your leg.

1. Information gathering

There are lots of reasons why your dog might be sniffing your leg, but this will always be the first reason. Dogs sniff to collect as much information as they can about their immediate environment, and they would do the same to their owner or any member of the family or strangers. They do this most of the time to see whether they can pick up scents that can tell them where you have been to and what you have been up to.

2. He detects injury

Another obvious reason why your dog may be sniffing your leg is that you have a leg injury you don’t even know about. Well, don’t be surprised! Dogs’ noses are so powerful that they can even tell if a woman is a few weeks pregnant. Your dog may be smelling blood from a minor cut and will keep sniffing around that part until you become aware.

3. Picks up another dog scent

Your dog may be sniffing around your leg because he has picked up another dog’s scent from your pants. You can call them jealous, but they don’t care. All they want to do is know whether the dog you’ve petted at the park is familiar or not. This situation may be a little bit annoying if your male dog picks up a female dog’s scent because he is going to keep sniffing until he gets distracted.

4. Emotional response

Ever wondered why dogs are often referred to as best human friends? Well, that is because they are compassionate. With their incredible sense of smell, they can be able to tell what mood you are in at a particular time. Therefore, your dog may be sniffing around your leg just because he wants to relieve you of your silent pain or felicitate with you.

How to stop my dog from sniffing my leg

Well, sniffing is a natural habit of dogs, so you cannot stop them altogether. The best available option for you is to completely ignore him whenever he is sniffing around you. The reason why sniffing may become a perpetual habit of your dog is that you are encouraging it. Dogs like attention and every action you take while they sniff around your leg will be seen as an encouragement, even if all you do is shout at them.

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