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Do you tip groomers at petsmart

PetSmart is a fascinating place! They offer you a variety of beautiful pets and different pet-related products. That’s not the end because PetSmart also offers pet grooming services.

Their grooming services cover everything from a relaxing bath, clipping, brushing, etc. If you are very satisfied with the PetSmart grooming services then you might want to tip the PetSmart groomers, right?

Do you tip groomers at petsmart

Should you tip groomers at PetSmart? DoesPetSmart allow you to tip the groomers? We will answer all your questions in this quick article.

Should you tip groomers at PetSmart

The answer is yes! You should tip groomers at PetSmart if you are satisfied with the grooming services they have provided to your pet.

Normally, tipping the groomers at PetSmart is optional and not compulsory. You can do it if you want and you can also not do it if you want.

However, if you have enough money then the good practice is to tip the groomers as encouragement and appreciation for the hard work they have done.

Why you should tip groomers at PetSmart

Are you looking for some solid reasons why you should tip the groomers at PetSmart? Well, here is why:

1. For appreciating the hard work of groomers

It is a common practice that whenever someone puts a good effort into something, we appreciate them and encourage them to keep up the good work.

If a PetSmart groomer has provided excellent services to your pet then they surely deserve a tip for that.

It will work as an appreciation and encourage them to keep providing the same excellent services to everyone.

2. You can help them during tough times

Since you know that the whole world is going through a deadly and devastating pandemic.

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only affected the health of billions of people across the world – but has also weakened them financially.

Frequent lockdowns and other restrictions are impacting the income of people and they are seriously struggling to make both ends meet.

Therefore, tipping the PetSmart groomer can be your small contribution towards supporting them during these tough times and helping them financially so they can meet their expenses.

3. You should value the work of pet groomers

Pet grooming is not an easy job. If it was, then you and all other pet owners would’ve done that at home, right?

Pet groomers put special effort into making sure your pet looks perfect.

Therefore, you can tip them to show that you respect and value their work.

Does PetSmart allow you to tip the groomers

Yes, PetSmart allows you to tip the groomers.

 We know that different companies have different policies about tipping the employees. Some companies allow the customers to tip the employees while some of them do not allow that.

In the case of PetSmart, there is no restriction for tipping the groomers.

If you like the services provided by the groomers then you can tip them as a sign of encouragement and appreciation. It will motivate them to keep up the good work.

How much should you tip a groomer at PetSmart

Ideally, the tip for a groomer at PetSmart should be 15% to 20% of the total service cost.

For instance, let’s suppose the total bill for your pet grooming was $60 so the 15% of $60 is about $9 – $10.

However, if you feel like the groomer has put in some special efforts for grooming your pet OR your pet was very difficult to groom then you can tip higher as well like $20.

How to tip a groomer at PetSmart

The best way to tip a groomer at PetSmart is to give them cash so they can put it in their pocket straight away and later spend it on themselves.

What some people do is that they go to the counter and give the tip to someone else and tell them to give it to the groomer.

This is a wrong approach because some bad people do not give money to the groomer and instead, they put it in their own pockets.

That’s why we recommend you should only hand over the tip to the groomer because they are the only one who deserves it.

How much do the groomers at PetSmart earn

Before you tip the groomer at PetSmart, you might also be curious to know how much do the groomers earn at PetSmart?

Well, they earn 40% to 50% commission from the money you have paid. In more simple words, they get 40 to 50 percent commission per grooming session.

If the groomers are recruited based on hourly contracts, then they normally earn $17 per hour.

According to the famous Glassdoor website – the hourly wages of PetSmart groomers range from $7 to $28.

DoesPetSmart allow the groomers to accept tips

Yes, PetSmart allows its pet groomers to accept tips from customers. They have no restrictions regarding that.

However, it can also depend upon the will of the pet groom and whether they want to accept a tip from you or not.

Some pet groomers happily accept tips whereas some feel uncomfortable while accepting tips so they usually don’t.

But in the end, you must give them a tip for their hard work and effort.

How much money do the PetSmart groomers receive from the tips

Some people want to know if the groomers receive the full money from the tips or they just get a part of it?

Well, all the tip money goes to the groomers.

If you are giving cash directly to the groomer then be 100% sure that all the money will go to the groomer.

At some stores, they also have a tip jar where they store all the tips and then equally share them with all the employees at the end of the month or year.

DoesPetSmart facilitate debit or credit card tips

No, most of the PetSmart groomers do not have any facility for accepting tips through debit or credit cards.

Therefore, it is better that you give them cash so they can keep it and use it for their needs.


If the groomers at PetSmart have provided excellent grooming services to your pet, then you must give them a tip.

It will encourage them to work hard and also assure them that you love them and value their hard work. However, if you received poor pet grooming services at PetSmart then you have every right not to give a tip to the groomer.

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