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Do dog nipples shrink after spaying

Spaying is one of the most common practices that is being implemented almost all around the world.

Spaying is the process of removing the organs from the dog’s body that contribute to reproduction. As spaying is being done in all regions of the world, there are surely huge benefits of it but like all other procedures, spaying also has some issues and you may have to face consequences if you do not pay attention to them in an appropriate manner.

Do dog nipples shrink after spaying

Although there are some other considerations as well, the most common question to ask is: will my dog’s nipples shrink after being spayed?

Why do dog nipples shrink after spaying

There are not so many reasons but the major ones that cause nipples to shrink after spaying are briefly discussed below for a better understanding of the issue.

1. Due to hormonal changes

Hormonal changes in the basic and probably the most common reason behind the shrinkage of a dog’s nipples after spaying.

Hormonal changes are the actual cause behind the increasing size of nipples and once this process has stopped, there is no other way for nipples other than to come back to their previous size. 

2. No heat cycles

If a dog’s body is in normal condition, it will go into the heat and these heat cycles enhance the size of nipples. This happens because heat enlarges the mammary glands which keep on pushing the nipples that ultimately increase their size in the long run.

As heat cycles are very common, you assume that the visible size of nipples is their actual form but once your dog gets spayed, the nipples will get back to their actual size probably equal to what they were before the dog’s puberty.

3. Natural phenomenon

In most cases, you will notice that your dog’s nipples have shrunk after saying but if they haven’t, this is normal as well.

If the spaying process is done when your dog was just a puppy and hasn’t gone through a heat cycle, its nipples will remain the same as they were before as a puppy.

There are also possibilities that if your dog has experienced various heat cycles, reached old age, or has given birth to puppies, their nipples will have a large size and it may not shrink at all.

Why do dog nipples swell after spaying

Although spaying is completely safe and has been done for years, some dogs can still experience some issues after the process.

Swollen nipples are one of the major issues but there’s nothing to worry about because these issues are temporary and will be cured without any treatment.

You should only contact a vet if nipples have swollen to a greater extent, days have passed without any improvement in the condition, or a thick fluid (combined with or without blood) is coming out of the nipples.

Can dog nipples become large after spaying

There is no chance that the dog’s nipples become large after they have been spayed. Hormonal changes do not occur after the surgery, this factor stops the natural process of nipple enlargement.

Apart from this, the major cause of nipple enlargement is giving milk to the puppies which are also not possible after the spaying procedure. So all the factors that can cause nipples to grow are wiped off from the body.

If you still notice that your dog’s nipples are increasing in their size, it is highly recommended to consult a vet and get your dog examined properly. 

Mastitis Bacterial Infection:

If your dog’s nipples are increasing after the spaying process, Mastitis bacterial infection could be a solid reason. This infection can lead to some serious problems or maybe be proved as fatal as well, especially if you don’t start treatment during the initial stages.

This infection causes the nipples to not only grow but in serious cases, nipples can get swollen while discharging blood or puss as well. Antibiotics can be used during the initial stages to end this infection before it gets worse.

Signs of cancer:

The increasing size of nipples or swelling can also be a sign of cancer and this is the reason that contacting a vet is highly recommended by the experts.

Although there are minimal chances of getting mammary glands cancer after the dog has been spayed, it is beneficial to get your dog examined to clear your concerns or avoid any mishaps.

Can dog nipples invert their direction after spaying

Neither dog nipples can get inverted nor become straight after the spaying process. Many pet parents believe that inverted nipples can be treated with the spaying process but this is a wrong assumption.

Dog’s nipple can be of any size or shape because it is a natural factor. One thing that should be kept in mind is the inverted nipples are normal and there is nothing you should worry about.

The only issue that you may face is that inverted nipples are considered more prone to getting infections as they provide bacteria with a safe place to stay, breed, and grow. This thing can easily be stopped by keeping your dog clean.

Major advantages of spaying your dog

  • Probably the biggest benefit of spaying your dog is that its life span can increase too many folds. Reproductive organs and mammary glands are the most basic spot where cancer and other fatal diseases can breed. Removing these parts will mitigate the chances of disease as well.
  • One of the major advantages of spaying your dog is that your dog will not get pregnant. This will protect pet parents from getting unwanted puppies especially if they don’t have space for them.
  • If you can only afford one dog, spaying your dog will protect you from various expenses of newborn puppies. There is no doubt that the cost of surgery is fairly low as compared to taking care of puppies.
  • Female dogs can go through heat cycles very often. When they are going through such a situation, they usually howl a lot during the night. This can disturb your sleeping time. Spaying can allow you to bring ease to both you and your female dog as well.

Major risks involved in spaying your dog

  • Infections in the urinary tract are probably the biggest risk that can come with spaying surgery.
  • Your dog may discharge blood and pus from the urinary tract. You should contact a vet if the issue goes on for a long time.
  • Some dogs can become a little bit more aggressive after going through spaying surgery. This mainly happens because of less estrogen in the dog’s body.
  • Dogs can easily gain weight after being spayed and this is the reason that experts and vets suggest changing their diet accordingly.

Are there any alternatives to dog spaying

There are other alternatives to spaying as well but nothing can be as comprehensive as spaying in terms of satisfying the intended purpose.


In this surgery, only the ovaries of the female dog are removed from its body. The uterus remains intact with the body which means that the dog will not be able to feel or show any hormonal behavior or to reproduce.


This is almost opposite to the above surgery as the ovaries are not disturbed while the uterus and related tubes are cut off from the body. In this way, the dog will be able to produce hormones but can’t get pregnant.

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