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Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes [Video Exposed]

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes? Can they be used as tasty treats that you can share with Fido?

You probably heard of the health benefits that cherry tomatoes can offer to dogs. However, if given the wrong way, cherry tomatoes may also pose serious potential problems. There are some parts of tomato plants that can be toxic to canines. Unripe cherry tomatoes may even cause poisoning in dogs.

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes

Can I give my dogs cherry tomatoes? Read on below to know whether or not cherry tomatoes safe for your pooch, if they offer any nutritional benefits, and how it is best to serve them to your dog, that is, if it is even safe for them to eat in the first place.

Do dogs eat cherry tomatoes?

There are some specific scenarios when dogs eat cherry tomatoes. However, you should be able to weigh up all of their possible benefits and potential risks.

You should never feed green cherry tomatoes to your dog or tomato-based products that may contain ingredients that might disagree with your pet.

In most cases, giving your pet an occasional mature, red, and ripe cherry tomato treat can possibly improve his health in general.

However, there are minor cases when allergic reactions may be a potential risk.

Can dogs eat ripe cherry tomatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat red and ripe cherry tomatoes. One or two slices of raw, mature, and ripe cherry tomatoes served in moderation are perfectly fine for your pooch. There are even certain dog foods that include these red and juicy vegetables as a part of a wholesome and healthy recipe since they can serve as a great source of vitamins and minerals that can offer benefits for dogs.

Can dogs eat cooked cherry tomatoes?

Cooked cherry tomatoes are considered safe for canines similar to ripe ones. In fact, tomato pomace is one of the most common ingredients added to most types of dog foods.

Can dogs eat green cherry tomatoes?

If you are wondering if you can give green cherry tomatoes to your dog, the answer is a big no. You should not let your dog eat green cherry tomatoes. These contain as much as 5% tomatine and can be very toxic to canines.

If your pet has sneaked into your garden and manages to eat your green cherry tomatoes, it would be best to visit your vet right away. 

In case your regular vet is currently unavailable, it is best to take your pooch to a poison control or urgent care vet clinic as soon as possible.

Cherry tomatoes belong to the nightshade family of vegetables and they contain two dangerous components, tomatine and solanine. The sad news is that tomatine and solanine will not be washed off even after you run the cherry tomatoes under water.

Solanine can be found in the tomato plant’s green part, mainly the leaves and stem. Large amounts of solanine can be harmful for dogs. If you want to feed cherry tomatoes to your pet, they should be ripe enough and you should serve them chopped into easy to chew bites without any green parts.

Can dogs eat red cherry tomatoes?

If your veterinarian tells you that it is fine to let your dog eat cherry tomatoes, it will be better if you choose red and ripe ones with the vines, leaves, and stems removed.

You would also want to serve red cherry tomatoes to your dog fresh with no other additives such as salt because these can be dangerous for dogs. See to it that you also know where the cherry tomatoes came from so you can avoid herbicides and pesticides that could make your pet sick. 

The green parts of cherry tomato plant contain solanine and tomatine, both of which are toxins that could have detrimental effects on your pet. But, since solanine can be found in the plant’s green parts, feeding your pooch a ripe and red cherry tomato is perfectly fine. Provided that you only let them eat red cherry tomatoes as occasional treats, your pup will be safe enough if they ingest tomatoes.

Can dogs eat cherry tomatoes sauce?

It has been revealed that eating cooked tomatoes can aid with nutrient absorption, particularly lycopene that can offer a plethora of amazing health benefits for dogs.

However, be sure that you only let your dog eat cherry tomato sauce or cooked cherry tomatoes if you know that only mature, red, and ripe tomatoes were used during the preparation. You also have to make sure that you know the rest of the ingredients that were added to the cherry tomato sauce before you let your dog to lick some. For instance, two of the common complementary ingredients used in tomato-based dishes, garlic and onions are found to be toxic to canines.

Do dogs eat cherry tomatoes?

Do Dogs Eat Cherry Tomatoes

There are dogs that eat cherry tomatoes but there are also some that don’t. For dogs that eat cherry tomatoes, there are several things and exceptions you have to know and remember before giving them to your pet. Generally speaking, ripe and plain tomatoes free of leaves and stems are safe for canines to consume but make sure to talk to your vet before you share any human food with your pet.

Can small dogs eat cherry tomatoes?

A yes and a no can be an answer to this question. Ripe cherry tomatoes are nontoxic for small dogs and you can feed it to them in moderation as occasional snacks. However, you should avoid tomato plants and unripe tomatoes. It would be a wise idea to keep your tomato plants, if you got any, away from your dog. You can fence off the garden area or carefully supervise your dog when he is out in the garden.

Can puppies eat cherry tomatoes?

Yes, puppies can also have cherry tomatoes. The health benefits of cherry tomatoes are too numerous to limit their intake to adult canines alone, puppies can also benefit from it. However, you should know that the stomach of puppies is very sensitive, and therefore, you should be cautious of the quantity and how often you feed them to them.

Are cooked tomatoes good for dogs?

Yes, you can serve your dog with cooked tomatoes. However, make sure not to add ingredients that can cause your dog a bit of discomfort. Examples of such ingredients to avoided include, Onion, pepper, garlic, and salt.

Can i feed my dog cherry tomatoes everyday?

Even though cherry tomatoes are good for dogs, these should never be a part of their everyday meals. It wouldn’t be a wise idea that you serve cherry tomatoes to your pet daily. Similarly, there might be undesirable effects on your pet’s health if you don’t moderate the amount you give them. This means that excessive amounts of cherry tomatoes might not be good for your pooch.

The best thing that you can do is to serve cherry tomatoes or an irregular basis or every other day. You could serve other types of healthier foods in between these times. On the other hand, you could try serving the fruits in little bits or as treats together with the main meals of your pet. Just remember that moderation is important as far as serving cherry tomatoes to your pet is concerned.

How to feed cherry tomatoes to dogs

You do not need any special skills to feed your dog with cherry tomatoes. However, before you do, make sure the tomato is ripe, remove all the green parts (stem, leaves, and vines), and lastly, cut it into half before feeding them to your dog to prevent choking.

Dog tomatoes treats frequently asked questions

Can dogs eat baby tomatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat baby tomatoes because it offers some health benefits. Baby tomatoes were also known as the Cherry tomato are very rich in Lycopene, a food nutrient that can help to fight against free radicals that can trigger diseases. They are also a good source of vitamin A, which could help build your pooch’s body tissue.

Can dogs eat yellow cherry tomatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat yellow cherry tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes come in different colors, all these colors including yellow are safe for your canine companion to eat. However, they also belong to the Solanaceae family, and therefore, must be given to dogs in moderation to protect your dog against certain health discomfort.

Can dogs eat heirloom tomatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat heirloom tomatoes. Just like your dog will benefit from eating other varieties of tomatoes, giving them heirloom tomatoes to eat will also impact positively on their health as well. Just remember to give them in moderation.

Can dogs eat honey tomatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat honey tomatoes. Honey tomatoes as long as they are ripe should be safe for your dog to eat. However, giving them too much of it may hurt their health.

Can dogs eat Angel sweet tomatoes?

Yes, dogs can eat Angel sweet potatoes. Angel sweet tomatoes are low in cholesterol, fat-free, rich in both vitamins A and C, and are low in sodium, which means your dog will benefit a lot from eating it. Also because it is a good source of beta Carotene, it can help prevent your dog from cancer.

Can dogs eat sardines in tomato sauce?

Yes, dogs can eat sardines in tomato sauce. Apart from the fact that sardines in tomato sauce can make an excellent source of protein for your dog, it also has a good taste and can be easily digested by your hound.

However, some experts believe that even though sardine may not contain any toxic ingredient, there is a high possibility that it might contain some bad substances that could be harmful to your dog. Therefore, it is advisable that you give to your dog moderately and also, make sure to take advice from your vet before feeding it to your dog.


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