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Can Dogs eat Mustard? Risks of Feeding Mustard to Dogs

You probably heard about mustard and the health benefits it offers to dogs. However, other owners might have told you that it is actually dangerous to canines. Which is true between these two claims, then? Well, it turns out that both are true. Can dogs eat mustard? Is it safe for canines to lick on some mustard you forgot on the counter?

There are some forms of mustard that is healthy for dogs while others might be toxic. Read on to know more about mustard and dogs.

Can dogs eat mustard

Do dogs eat mustard?

There are various types of mustard out there. While dogs eat mustard, the specific variety and the amount that they eat affect whether or not it will pose danger for them or not.

Can dogs eat mustard greens?

Yes, dogs can eat mustard greens. There are no mustard seeds in these leafy greens that make them a safer choice for dogs.

The truth is that mustard greens are healthy for canines. These are good sources of vitamins C and A. But still, you need to watch out the amount that your dog munches on. Excessive amounts of fiber, including healthy fiber, can make your dog suffer from loose stools.

However, make sure that you only let your dog eat cooked mustard greens. Steaming the leafy greens is the best way of preparing them. This can soften the leaves and make these easier to digest for your dog.

But, you should never let Fido munch on raw mustard greens. The body of dogs is not meant for digesting raw veggies. This might upset their stomach when they end up eating a lot of raw vegetables.

Can dogs eat mustard seeds?

Although it is fine for canines to eat cooked mustard greens, you should never let your dog eat mustard seeds. These seeds contain several compounds found to be toxic for dogs and eating them may cause diarrhea or vomiting. If you love feeding table scraps to your dog, make sure that there are no mustard seeds on them. Call your vet if you suspect that your canine accidentally ate mustard seeds and seems ill. 

Can dogs eat mustard powder?

Mustard powder is often used for inducing vomiting in canines. This is the reason why you should keep it out of your pet’s reach. They might feel a bit queasy or vomit if they accidentally consume mustard powder or whatever that contains mustard powder.

Can dogs eat mustard oil?

The United States has banned mustard oil for human consumption due to euric acid’s toxicity. This only means that you also need to keep this as far away from Fido as possible. You might also want to avoid it yourself.

Can dogs eat mustard sardines?

No, your dog cannot eat mustard sardines for various reasons. Mustard can be potentially toxic while sardines may suffer from the different dangers that prevent canines from eating tuna fish. For this reason, you should never feed your dog sardines with large amounts of mustard and take note of the sodium levels indicated on the ingredients list. Sardines usually come packed in oil and though you might find it yummy, this won’t benefit Fido. It might also potentially harm them if you feed them too many.  

Can dogs eat mustard condiments?

To give a straight answer, no, dogs cannot eat mustard condiments. In fact, many condiments are also considered as unhealthy for canines because these are loaded with calories, fat, salt, and sugar. However, mustard is not like other condiments because these can be very dangerous. It is because the primary ingredient in mustard condiments, mustard seeds, may contain compounds toxic to canines and may cause heavy vomiting.

What to do if my dog ate mustard

In the unfortunate case that your dog ate mustard sauce or mustard seeds from your kitchen leftovers, it is best to avoid feeding him with anything for a few hours. It is recommended that you don’t feed your pet for 12 hours after vomiting. If he ends up eating something after throwing up, your dog will only vomit more and this can aggravate the stomach lining of your pet.

Once 12 hours have passed, you can give your dog rice and boiled chicken. If there is no available chicken at home, you can opt for other kinds of lean meat but make sure that you thoroughly boil it.

It is only normal for your pet to lack appetite and not show any interest in food even when you give him all of his favorite treats. You can try feeding him only a spoonful or very small amounts at a time. Continue to give your pet a bland diet until he regains his normal appetite.

In case your dog also shows other symptoms aside from vomiting, you might want to contact your vet right away. He might give your pet a Pepcid AC for treating the stomach of your pooch.

For dogs, the danger from eating mustard will depend on the amount they ingested. If your pet consumed about 20 seeds or less, there is a possibility that he will suffer from an upset stomach. However, if your pup consumed a lot, you might need to visit the vet right away.

If your dog acts normal but has vomited one or two times already, you can administer Famotidine such as Pepcid AC. It is a vet-approved medication used for the treatment of gastric reflux in canines. Even if it is safe and vet-approved, it is still important that you inform your vet about it.

The dosage for Pepcid AC is 0.5mg for each pound of the body weight of your dog. Never give an antacid such as bismuth subsalicylate to your dog that is sold under the name Pepto-Bismol because the drug’s new formulation has salicylates that can worsen the stomach irritation of your dog.  

Aside from persistent vomiting, some other symptoms you should watch out for include diarrhea, lethargy, lack of appetite, and intestinal tract inflammation.

Can mustard kill dogs?

It can be fatal if a dog eats mustard, shows some signs of gastroenteritis, and is left untreated. The dog may become dehydrated or the inflammation may lead to infection. It is almost similar to how a person may die because of the flu.

Can dogs eat mustard, then? Cooked leafy greens are the only ones safe for your pooch to eat.  Mustard seeds, condiments, powder, oil, and sardines are a big no-no. Remember that your dog counts on you to pay close attention to any signs of discomfort or illness so make sure you always keep an eye out on possible problems if they end up consuming these foods.


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