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Can dogs eat pumpkin pie

Thanksgiving is one of the most wonderful times of the year where you get to spend time with your family and loved ones. For Fido, this also means that there are some leftovers he can gobble up. But, while there are people foods that are nice and safe treats for dogs, some might do them more harm than good. Pumpkin pies are a staple during Thanksgiving. But, can dogs eat pumpkin pie and enjoy it as much as you do?

Do dogs like pumpkin pie?

While it is true that every dog is different, most pooches do like pumpkin pie. But, just because they like it doesn’t mean they should also be eating them in the first place.         

Can dogs eat pumpkin pie

Can dogs eat pumpkin pie filling?

No, dogs shouldn’t eat pumpkin pie filling because of its high sugar content, not to mention that the spices in the filling might cause stomach upset. Dogs can eat plain pumpkin but the moment you add cream, sugar, and other ingredients, you are actually making something that is not recommended for your dog.

For starters, natural sugar and processed sugar are two completely different stories. While your dog needs sugar, it should only come from whole food sources like blueberries or bananas that may contain other nutrients together with the fruit’s natural sugars. If your dog consumes refined sugar, this is filled with empty calories that may cause metabolic changes, weight gain, and even diabetes over time.  

Can dogs eat pumpkin pie spice?

Pumpkin pie spice may contain different types of spices that are safe for dogs to consume in small amounts. But, nutmeg in particular is bad for your pooch since it contains the compound known as Myristicin that can be toxic to canines once consumed in high amounts. The good news is that your dog will not likely get exposed to this toxin if they eat a slice of pumpkin pie although he might suffer from an upset stomach because of the spices.

Can dogs eat pumpkin pie mix?

As mentioned earlier pumpkin itself is fine for dogs. However, the danger lies in the sugars, additives, and other items in a pumpkin pie mix that might be toxic or dangerous for dogs. The sugars in these mixes are not good for canines in the first place, not to mention the preservatives. Also, remember that pumpkin pie mix is something meant for human consumption and not for dogs.

Can dogs eat pumpkin pie crust?

No, dogs shouldn’t eat pumpkin pie crust. While pumpkin offers nutritional benefits for Fido, pumpkin pie crust might contain sugar that is definitely not recommended for dogs. If your pooch managed to grab a bite of your Thanksgiving pie, don’t worry because chances are he is okay. Pie dough may cause vomiting or diarrhea but this is not toxic like bread dough. His stomach might also become a bit upset but he didn’t eat anything toxic. Just make sure that you keep the pumpkin pie crust out of his reach during holiday dinners in the future.

Can dogs eat pumpkin pie ice cream?

Pumpkin on its own may be good for your dog because this contains fiber and helps regulate the digestive system of your dog if he is suffering from diarrhea or constipation. However, it is best to avoid pumpkin flavored desserts such as pumpkin pie ice cream because of the sugar content, not to mention that there are dogs with lactose intolerance.

Will pumpkin pie hurt my dog?

If your pet manages to grab a piece of pumpkin pie when you are not looking, you don’t have to be too alarmed. Your pet may show some symptoms of an upset stomach like diarrhea or vomiting although this should pass in a matter of hours. But, in case your dog continues showing symptoms and looks like things are getting worse, you might want to take him to the vet for an assessment.

Contact your vet if you notice the following symptoms in your dog:

  • Increasing diarrhea
  • Continuous vomiting after over 2 hours
  • Whimpering or crying
  • Lethargy

If your dog eats a whole pumpkin pie, it is best to watch out for some signs of toxicity, particularly if your dog is a small breed such as a dachshund or a pug.

The signs of nutmeg toxicity include disorientation, increased heart rate, seizures, and hallucinations.

Is pumpkin pie filling good for dogs?

No, pumpkin pie filling is not good for dogs. This is never healthy for them and might even make the sick. It can even be toxic depending on the amount that your dog ingested. There are some ingredients found in pumpkin pie filling that might be toxic to canines and this is why it is not really a good idea to give your dog something meant for human consumption.

Pumpkin spice is often used to flavor pumpkin pie filling and this is a combination of spices that often includes nutmeg, ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. While small doses of ginger is safe to give to dogs and if it is under the direction of the vet, nutmeg and cinnamon are a completely different story.

There are some who believe that small doses of Ceylon cinnamon is fine for dogs and may offer several health benefits when administered correctly. But, you should never give cassia cinnamon to dogs.

Nutmeg can also be very toxic to canines and this is something you should never give to your pet. There are instances when it might even be fatal. Nutmeg may make your dog suffer from health issues such as seizures. 

Nutmeg makes up a large part of the taste of pumpkin pie filling and is also a key ingredient. This is why pumpkin pie filling is never good for dogs to ensure that you don’t expose your pet to its nutmeg content.  

Clove powder is another common ingredient found in pumpkin pie filling and while it is unsure if small amounts of this can harm your pet, it is best to avoid giving this to your dog.

The high sugar content of pumpkin pie filing can make your pet sick and make him gain weight, putting your dog at risk of suffering from diabetes, pancreatitis, or heart disease if he gets a high sugar content. It can also cause an upset stomach in dogs.

Can i feed pumpkin pie to my dogs everyday?

You should never give pumpkin pie to your dogs during the holidays nor should you let them gobble on it every day. Their stomach may end up suffering because of the refined sugar and spices, some of which are found to be toxic.

Can puppies eat pumpkin pie?

No, puppies should never eat pumpkin pie because its content might be toxic for them just like with adult dogs. Remember that nutmeg can be toxic for dogs and high doses of this may cause increased blood pressure and heart rate, disorientation,  dry mouth, abdominal pain, hallucinations, and even seizures.

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