Last Updated : November 12, 2022

Why does my dog stretch like a cat [8 REASONS]

Dogs are a lot more different than cats and they are extremely active and energetic in their daily routine, except for some of its species.

Because of their non-stop activities, there are fewer chances that you will see your dog stretching or doing things like this. Still, they can stretch but people usually tend to wonder when they see their dog in a weird yoga position while stretching. The first thing that comes to their mind is, why does my dog stretch like a cat?

Why does my dog stretch like a cat

Is it common for dogs to stretch their body

It is almost common in all species of dogs that they usually stretch just like cats and there is no harm in it as well. This is just like taking the tiredness out of the body as we humans do in the morning. The difference is that dogs can do stretching like cats for various other reasons as well.

A study was conducted on dogs for this reason and it was concluded that dogs usually stretch their body just like dogs at least once a day on average. This factor can vary depending upon the species of dogs and the condition in which they are living.

Major reasons behind dogs stretch like cats

As said earlier, there could be plenty of reasons behind this stretching and you should take care of this factor as your dog may be asking for a favor from you. This is the reason that analyzing and then realizing the reason behind stretching should be interpreted.

Your dog just woke up from a long nap

The major reason behind their stretching could be their tiredness. They tend to stretch more if they have slept for a long time in the same position without moving too much. They can also stretch like cats if they have just come from a long walk and now want to sleep.

Your dog feels comfortable with or around you

There are possibilities that your dog may only stretch like a cat in front of you but if there’s some guest in the house, your dog will stop this activity. This thing shows that your dog is comfortable with you and shows you this by stretching his body mainly right near your legs.

Your dog may need more exercise

Some species of dogs are extremely energetic and all they want is to use this energy while doing some stuff. If you are noticing that your energetic dog has begun to stretch like a cat more often, it could be a clear indication that he needs some activities to do. They need exercise and you should fulfill this need by playing with him or taking him for a walk.

Your dog may want to stretch his back or spinal cord

Dogs’ spinal cord can begin to hurt if they are sitting in the same posture for a very long time. As they cannot stretch as we humans do, they will tend to follow the same scenario of stretching as cats do. Not just for the spinal cord, dogs stretch like a cat to relax other parts of their body such as legs, hips, etc.

The dog is just trying to cool down his body

On hot summer days, your dog may want to cool down its body, and stretching like a cat is one of the best techniques for this purpose. They extend their legs to the front while laying down on the floor. This factor protects their lower part from absorbing heat thus keeping the body temperature fairly low.

Your dog is just greeting you

In most cases, dogs stretch their body like cats when they are extremely happy and want to greet you. Dog loves you and there is nothing he can speak to tell you about. If you come home from work after a long time or even after a few hours and see your dog stretching at the door as soon as he sees you, it is a clear indication that he is just greeting you and telling you that he missed you, a lot.

Your dog is experiencing an upset stomach

This is not so common but a dog’s stomach can also become upset sometimes basically when gas builds in it. This gas causes the stomach to extend which puts pressure on other organs. Your dog can starch to decrease this unpleasant situation or to make the discharge of gas easier.

Your dog may need a partner to mate

Your dog can also stretch his body while having paws touching the ground and the backside of his body staying above the ground, in the air. Dogs can do this if they need a partner to mate with. This is not so common but if your dog hasn’t mated with a partner for a long time, this could also be an authentic reason behind a dog stretching like a cat.

Should I be worried if my dog is stretching like cats

Stretching is a natural factor and honestly, it brings various benefits to your dog’s body. This is the thing that allows your dog to keep his muscles active and make them get to work properly after a deep long sleep.

So, there is nothing to be worried about, instead, you should adore them while they do so in front of you.

You should only be worried if your dog feels any pain or is not able to stretch properly. This could be an indication of an injury or inner pain. You should consult your pet doctor and get your dog’s examination done thoroughly.

What to do if dogs stretch very often just like a cat

There is nothing you can do or you should do if your dog is stretching a lot. The only thing you can do is to take them for a walk or let them exercise. The best way is to analyze the reason behind your dog stretching like a cat and then proceed with the best solution.

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