Last Updated : November 19, 2022

If dogs could talk

What if your dog can tell you what is going through his mind? What if you know what Fido is thinking about every time he looks at you? If dogs could talk, wouldn’t it be a happier world?

Most of you will surely agree that dogs are some of the best things in this life. Dogs are trusting and loyal companions, friends, and family members. Dogs would have been perfect if only they could talk! Can you imagine a world where you can communicate with your cute pets using the same language?

If dogs could talk

If your dog could talk, every day will be a riot and a lot of things can happen. So, sit back, relax, and imagine the following scenarios that can happen if dogs have the ability to talk.

Barks no more

If your dog can speak, you will no longer be exposed to those piercing barks that often leave you wondering what else your pet wants after you walked, watered, and fed him. Instead, the two of you can enjoy a polite chat, discuss what the problem is, and find the best solution for it. Wouldn’t that be a simple and sweet conversation?

A more silent dinnertime

If your pooch can talk, you can tell him that dinner is served every 6 in the evening so you can be sure that they don’t whine at you as early as 4 in the afternoon onwards. Better yet, the two of you can even discuss what he wants for dinner.

Fido is probably starting to get fed up with the same old chicken-flavored dried biscuits that you give him every single night. After all, who wouldn’t? If he can talk, you can ask him directly about his likes and dislikes. This can then make dinner time a quieter and more exciting experience for both you and your pet. How wonderful is that?

A talk about walks

Can you imagine having a nice conversation with your dog about where he wants to go for a walk the next day? Maybe he fancies a walk around the nearby feet and you tell him that you would rather stick to the nearby park because the hill-climbing the previous day left your legs sore and painful. 

If this happens, there is no need for you to worry about why your dog pulls you back home so soon or acts sluggish than usual. All he has to do is tell you the reasons why. You can even talk to the other dogs around. You can take note of the friendly ones that your dog might be interested to play with. 

All of these will feel like you are living a completely different life. But, as expected, chats about walks will surely get your dog too excited.

Opinionated pets

How about knowing what your pet thinks about you? What can they say about the new shirt you bought? Most of the time, your dog can give you that look that you cannot tell whether they are hungry or they just find your outfit disgusting. If dogs could talk, you can just ask them right there and then in complete detail.

You can also ask your dog first about what he thinks about your friends or partners before you introduce them to each other. While you can easily tell who your pup likes and dislikes with no need for him to speak, being able to discuss such things with them can surely make your life so much easier.

Explanations made possible

If you need to leave the house and your pet looks at you with his adorable eyes that can easily leave you feeling guilty, it would be so much better if you can just explain to him where you will go and why. Informing him that you will only be gone for an hour will already make sense to him. Your dog will understand that you need to go to the office where he is not allowed to go although you might also want him to tag along. Explanations are hard for dogs that don’t even understand what you are saying. Imagine all the possibilities if only your dog could talk!

Your dog’s thoughts

If dogs have the ability to talk, you will be able to know what they really think about. What is going on in their heads? Do they only think of food, walks, and sleep? Would they be interested in conversations and if yes, how meaningful would these be?

You will also know how your dog feels when he is sick. Is he in pain? Probably one of the most difficult things about being a dog owner is to see your pet ill but you have no idea how they feel or what you can do to help. This problem can be eliminated if your dog can talk.

Your best best friend

A talking dog can be the best best friend you can ever have. You can be sure that he will be loyal, caring, and honest. Give voice to man’s ultimate best friend and your life is pretty much complete. Will you still need any other friends after this?

Are there possibilities of a talking dog?

Working on the joke for April Fool’s Day by Google, Amazon claims that they are indeed trying to come up with a collar that can detect the movements of a dog and produce action-based speech. This means that if the dog paws the door, the collar will say that he wants to go out. As a pet owner, you will surely work it out because it is not really rocket science. However, there is something more intriguing and impressive about Amazon’s claims as to what this collar can do.

Amazon suggests that the collar can actually translate dog barks into the English language. This means that your longtime dream of talking to your dog may soon turn into reality. However, there are some issues that might cause some hindrances to this much-needed form of technology.

Dog barks tend to be quite loud and there are suggestions that these loud barks might drown out any speech that the collar produces that it will ultimately be rendered useless. Also, there is concern about the numerous dog breeds out there. It would almost be impossible to have a universal collar. There are different sizes and shapes of dogs and all of them have unique characteristics. On top of that, it wasn’t even considered if dog barks can be translated. It is not likely for barks to represent phrases or words so how will these be identified.

Imagining a world where dogs could talk is great but for now, this is best left to the imagination.

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