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Can rabbits eat kale

Dark and leafy greens are important parts of the diet of every rabbit together with high amounts of filtered and clean water and fresh timothy hay. But, it is important to remember that not all greens are made equal. In fact, although some of these greens are great for the overall health of your rabbits, others are totally devoid of any nutrients or might even cause health issues for your pets.

How about kale, then? Can rabbits eat kale?

Can rabbits eat kale

Can rabbits have kale

Well, the short answer is yes, kale is one of those greens that your bunnies can eat. This will not cause them any harm provided that you serve it in reasonable amount.

This means that while kale is a nutritious and green veggie recommended for bunnies, there are several restrictions that must be considered.

Before you offer this vegetable to your pets, you should know some essentials and facts about kale first and the effects it has on rabbits.

For example, it is important to know the correct method of serving this veggie and the right frequency, quantity, and quality. These details will all be discussed in this guide.

Do rabbits eat kale

Yes, most bunnies actually like to eat kale. However, there are some outliers and might refuse the bitter kale stems. However, bunnies in general like it every time you give them kale.

Should rabbits eat kale

Kale is a superior veggie in terms of nutrition and it is very good for bunnies overall. Take note to offer this only in moderation to ensure that your bunny will stay in good health and shape.

Is kale good for rabbits

Nutrition FactsRaw Kale
Polyunsaturated fat0.2g
Net carbs3.5g
Vitamin A335μg
Vitamin B60.2mg
Vitamin C80.4mg
Vitamin E1mg
Vitamin K472.2μg
For a Serving Size of 1 cup, chopped (67g) raw kale

Yes, kale is actually very healthy and good for bunnies. Below are some of the advantages of feeding your rabbits with kale:

1. Calcium and magnesium

Kale has a decent amount of calcium and magnesium content together with other nutrients.

2. Iron

Kale is a great source of iron. It is an element essential for the diet of your rabbit since iron is responsible of carrying the oxygen that will be distributed all over the body. Iron also helps in the production of blood and other enzymes.

3. Energy boost

It is not a secret that rabbits tend to gain weight fast if they don’t perform some activities or exercise. Your pets are lucky if you give them kale. Kale can give them the energy they need for engaging in physical activities. Even a small amount of this veggie can help with fat loss as well. 

But, what is even more important is that kale contains an excellent amount of various vitamins such as K, C, and A.

Can rabbits eat kale daily

It is not really recommend for rabbits to feed on kale on a daily basis. It is because of the significant amount of calcium content that can upset your bunny’s stomach. This can also lead to some serious problems. Your bunny can eat kale twice or thrice a week as a part of their intake of leafy greens. You might want to lower the amount of kale that you give to your pet once you notice that it seems to cause abdominal bloating or soft stools.

How much kale can rabbits eat

Kale has relatively high amounts of calcium and oxalate and these two compounds can lead to kidney issues over time once eaten in excess amounts. An adult rabbit can feed on three small leaves of kale or 2 large leaves.

Although kale is regarded to be an excellent source of nutrients, it is among the veggies that might do your pet more harm than good once too much is consumed. 

Since there is a tendency for this leafy green to produce abdominal gas, you might need to introduce this little by little to your pet. You can give your rabbit one small leaf of kale together with some other foods that he is accustomed to.

You also need to watch out for any signs of diarrhea, bloating and discomfort for the next 24 hours. In case you don’t notice any adverse side effects, you could give your pet more next time and increase the amount again after that.  

Is too much kale bad for rabbits

There is no doubt that kale is not bad for rabbits as long as you serve it to them in reasonable amounts. It is important to always practice moderation because if you don’t, this may lead to some health issues, particularly digestive, gastric and kidney problems.

It is common for kale to upset the stomach of your pet. Too much kale can also lead to kidney stones, diarrhea, bladder sludge, and bloating.

Even though these issues are not necessarily fatal, these may cause severe discomfort for your rabbits. The possible reason for this is kale’s high amounts of calcium.

But, there is one good thing when it comes to rabbits. These animals don’t metabolize calcium in a complex way.  It means that you can easily monitor the calcium intake of your bunny.  If it seems that there is high calcium in their diet, you can cut back on the amounts of calcium-filled foods.

Can baby rabbits eat kale

Even though adult and young rabbits alike eat the same kinds of foods, their growing bodies’ nutritional needs and the extra sensitivity of developing digestive system are different. It means that young rabbits can feed on kale but only in small quantities.

Baby rabbits initially drink the milk of their mother and at around 6 to 8 weeks later, they can start to nibble on solids like hay.

It is how the digestive system of baby rabbits adjusts to solids from milk. It is this point that you can start introducing kale to their diet beginning with small amounts first to moderate amounts as they get older.

Rabbits and kale FAQs

Can rabbits eat kale stems?

If the diet of your rabbit includes fiber, kale stems can be given to them since this part contains more fiber. However, just make sure that you cut the stems into smaller parts to avoid any risks of choking.

Also, make sure that you don’t feed your rabbits wit molded or deteriorated kale leaves since these will do your pets more harm than good. Always remember that your rabbit’s stomach is sensitive to such foods. Finally, vegetables must never go beyond 10% of the foods you give to your rabbits.

Can rabbits eat kale sprouts?

In general, kale sprouts are considered safe for bunnies. Even though their primary diet should be any variety of hay, a moderate intake of kale sprouts can be great for rabbits. For instance, you can include a small amount of kale sprouts. In fact, it is said that eating sprouts is up to 40 times healthier compared to mature veggies.

Can rabbits eat rainbow kale?

While it is known that rabbits can eat rainbow kale, there is no sufficient information as to whether or not they can also eat rainbow kale. It is for this reason that it would be best to stick with kale. Although it might not be the best food option for rabbits, it is still an excellent source of calcium. But, high consumption levels can cause health problems such as kidney stones.

Can rabbits eat lacinato kale?

Out of the different kale varieties available in the produce sections in grocery store, there is not one type that stands out as the best one to give your rabbit. Since these different varieties such as Lacinato kale has the same nutrient profiles, the kale that you choose to give your rabbit is basically a matter of personal preference of your bunnies. You can try kale varieties but make sure you introduce this to the diet of your rabbit little by little.

Can rabbits eat baby green kale?

Yes, rabbits can eat baby green kale. This is thinner and tender in texture compared to the other forms of kale. In fact, humans can also eat raw baby green kale.

Can rabbits eat kale ribs?

Yes, rabbits could feed on kale ribs. Unlike most humans who don’t like to eat the ribs, rabbits can consume kale with its ribs without any issues. This is not harmful or toxic for them. It means that there is no need for you to remove the ribs before you feed them to your rabbits.

Can rabbits eat curly kale?

Yes, curly kale is good and healthy for your rabbits. This actually has higher fiber content compared to other forms of kale. Your bunnies will definitely enjoy nibbling on curly kale.

Can rabbits eat kale greens?

Rabbits can eat kale greens yet it should only be given to them sparingly. Kale is an extremely healthy food rabbits love a lot and can even enjoy some of the benefits they offer. But, always remember that it also has a few downsides that all rabbit owners should know.

Can rabbits eat russian kale?

Yes, your rabbits can also eat Russian or red kale together with its stems or stalks or even baby kale. The truth is that all kinds of kale are found to be safe for pets and won’t cause them any harm.  

As far as nutrition is concerned, this vegetable is rich in manganese, folate, and vitamins K, C and A. It also contains thiamine, riboflavin, vitamin B6, panthothenic acid, vitamin E, phosphorus, calcium, iron, potassium, magnesium, and others.

Can rabbits eat kale stalks?

Although most people prefer to remove kale stalks first, bunnies can actually eat kale together with the stalks without any issues. This is not toxic or harmful for them. This means that there is no need for you to remove these parts. But, while bunnies can consume the stalks of kale, this will not pose any issues to them. However, it is advised that you cut this into bits to prevent any risks of choking.


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