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Can rabbits eat strawberries [Detailed Guide]

Strawberries are one of those delicious fruits that you surely love to munch on. But, will it be fine to share it with your bunnies? Can rabbits eat strawberries?

Can bunnies eat strawberries?

Yes, rabbits can eat strawberries even though you have to make sure that you feed strawberries to them only as occasional treats. Instead, you need to feed your rabbits with a diet mainly composed of hay and only supplemented with vegetables and pellets. There are several benefits associated with feeding strawberries to rabbits. These fruits are rich in water, antioxidants, magnesium, and vitamin C.

Can rabbits eat strawberries

Can pet rabbits eat strawberries?

Yes, your pet rabbits can feed on strawberries but as occasional treats only in moderation. It is ideal that rabbits must primarily eat hay and their regular diet must be supplemented with vegetables and pellets.

Can wild rabbits eat strawberries?

Yes, strawberries can be eaten by wild rabbits although they will also feed on other parts of the plant to balance off the high sugar content of the fruit. If you plan to give fruits to wild rabbits, you can consider giving them different varieties of berries aside from strawberries including blackberries, raspberries, and blueberries.

Can dwarf rabbits eat strawberries?

One whole strawberry fruit can already be considered as a feast for dwarf rabbits. This means that they can eat strawberries but you have to make sure that you cut the fruit into small slices to ensure that you don’t overload the digestive systems of your rabbit.

Can lionhead rabbits eat strawberries?

Lionhead rabbits are very fond of eating fruits. Fruits can be used as their desserts but must only be given in small amounts once to twice a week. Strawberries are among the good options for fresh fruits that you can give to your lionhead rabbit.

Can dutch rabbits eat strawberries?

Yes, Dutch rabbits can definitely eat strawberries. However, due to the high sugar content of these fruits, these should never make up a major portion of your Dutch rabbit’s diet.

Can checkered giant rabbits eat strawberries?

Yes, strawberries can be eaten by checkered giant rabbits. But, there is one thing that you need to remember when it comes to fruits and this is none other than portioning. Strawberries might be fine for rabbits but only in small amounts to avoid an upset digestive system.

Can rabbits eat strawberries leaves?

Yes, rabbits can eat the leaves of the strawberry plants. Strawberry plants that lie low to the ground are accessible for rabbits that let them use their incisors for destroying berry plants. Rabbits can nibble on the tender strawberry leaves. In fact, the leaves are considered to be much healthier compared to the fruits and these can also be added to the rest of the leafy greens you give to your bunny.

Can rabbits eat strawberries tops?

Since strawberries can be eaten by rabbits, does it mean that they can also eat strawberry tops? Strawberry tops include the fruit’s stem and the tiny green leaves. These tops are safe to consume for rabbits. But, you have to ensure that you wash the tops first before you let your bunny eat them. It will stop any dangerous chemicals or pesticides from getting to the stomach of your rabbit.

Do rabbits eat strawberries?

Do Rabbits Eat Strawberries

Many fruits, with strawberries included, are very sugary and sweet. This is why rabbits love them thanks to their nice taste. Bunnies are known to be concentrate selectors and this is probably why you might think that your pet is a picky eater.

It means that they will choose the tastiest parts of the food instead of simply eating every single part. This means that if you will give your bunny an option between juicy treats, such as a dandelion leaf and a strawberry, he will probably choose the strawberry.

Should rabbits eat strawberries?

Being herbivores, rabbits don’t eat meat and live off a plant-based diet instead. Rabbits need plenty of fiber as a part of their regular diet. This means that they should always have access either to hay or grass. These fibrous foods help them in grinding down their teeth that continue to grow.

Leafy greens, grass, and hay must make up most of the diet of your rabbits. Sugary and fruity treats such as strawberries must only be given every now and then.

Is strawberries good for rabbits?

Strawberries offer several benefits for rabbits aside from the fact that they find these fruits tasty and sweet. One of the primary advantages of strawberries is none other than their high water content at about 91% water can help in keeping your bunnies hydrated.

Strawberries also contain high amounts of vitamin C but unlike humans, rabbits have the ability to produce vitamin C on their own from glucose. This is why it is not really a compelling reason to always give strawberries to rabbits. But, it is recommended that rabbits that feel anxious, depressed, or stressed may benefit from vitamin C-enriched fruits.

You have to be aware, however, that excessive amounts of vitamin C may make rabbits prone to kidney damage so it is always recommended to limit their intake of vitamin C unless the vet has specified it.

Strawberries also have very high amounts of antioxidants or compounds that protect the cells from free radicals. The truth is that strawberries are always ranked among the top 20 foods rich in antioxidants.

Among the antioxidants strawberries are popular for is none other than anthocyanin that is responsible for their gorgeous red color. It is believed that this antioxidant helps in the prevention of heart disease in animals and humans alike.

Strawberries are high in magnesium as well. Magnesium is essential for rabbits since they are at risk of developing bladder sludge, a condition where there is excess calcium and this accumulates in their urine.

The said phenomenon may be due to the fact that, unlike many mammals. Bunnies absorb the calcium content in their diet and not just the specific amount they need. They only rely on urine excretion to eliminate excess calcium.

Bladder sludge symptoms can include blood in urine, straining to urinate, visible sediment in the urine, and frequent urination. There are propositions that rabbits at risk of bladder sludge may be able to benefit from their diet’s increased magnesium for a long time.

Can rabbits eat strawberries daily?

It is not advisable to let your rabbits eat strawberries every single day. These fruits contain lots of sugar and they don’t offer most of the nutrients required by bunnies unlike leafy veggies, greens, and plants

Strawberries should be chopped up and given to rabbits only as occasional treats. In general, one piece of medium-sized strawberry is already enough for each serving.

How much strawberries can rabbits eat?

You should avoid feeding your bunnies with over two tablespoons of cut-up strawberry fruit at a time that is about your thumb’s size.  Again, a single medium-sized strawberry will already be enough for your rabbit. You should never feed them to them in excess amount as this can lead to some serious problems in their tummies.

Is too much strawberries bad for rabbits?

Even though strawberries are not considered toxic and are safe for rabbits in general, there are several downsides associated with feeding strawberries to rabbits.

The high sugar content of strawberries is their main con. Rabbits follow a very specialized diet. It is because they don’t have a peristalsis or the constant stomach movement helping rabbits with food digestion. 

This is the reason why rabbits need a diet rich in fiber with extremely low sugar content. Even if humans consider strawberries as sweet treats, they are even more so for rabbits.

In the standard of rabbits, many fruits are desserts that are decadently sweet. Since the digestive system of rabbits is not designed for handling plenty of sugar, high amounts of this can lead to gas, bloating, stomach pain, and diarrhea in most rabbits. In addition, excess sugar can result in health issues such as tooth decay, diabetes, and heart disease.   

You should feed strawberries only in moderation as a training tool or an occasional treat.

An average amount of strawberries that depend on the size of your rabbit is a single medium strawberry given to the bunny more than two times. 

It is also important to avoid feeding your rabbits with strawberries daily not just for limiting sugar but also because most rabbits will usually refuse to eat their hay if given strawberries every day. Strawberries are apparently quite addicting to bunnies.

Instead, strawberries should only be considered as a rabbit’s version of ice cream. Will you still eat your vegetable if you were given strawberry ice cream every day? Definitely not.

Strawberries should only be given to your rabbits after they have finished eating their regular hay first.

It is also important to wash the strawberries properly first to help get rid of any pesticides or chemicals that might be dangerous for your rabbits and cut this into chunks to avoid choking.

Also, it is not a secret that the stomachs of rabbits are quite sensitive so it is recommended that you introduce new food little by little to your rabbit. Similar to humans, there are also rabbits that have allergies to strawberries.

Can baby rabbits eat strawberries?

It is only when they are more than 8 weeks of age when baby rabbits can start to eat the same types of foods as their parents. This means that rabbits that are less than 8 weeks must never eat strawberries. Once your rabbit is more than 8 weeks, he can then start to eat a similar diet as that of his parents made up of hay, leafy greens, and grass.

Make sure you avoid giving sugary treats to baby rabbits from an extremely young age. If they start to eat fresh foods, make sure you only stick to healthy vegetables and leafy greens.

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