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Can Rabbits eat Cherries? What’s Safe And What’s Not?

Delicious, sweet, and juicy, cherries are my favorite treats when summertime comes. If you’ve got some fresh cherries in the fridge, you are probably wondering if you can also give some to your bunny as a refreshing treat. Can rabbits eat cherries, then? If yes, what kind of cherries can they eat? Are cherries safe for rabbits, too?

If you are worried because your bunny already ate a cherry or you are just wondering out of curiosity, the simple answer is yes, rabbits can eat cherries. However, there will be limits to how many cherries you can let your rabbit eat and how often they should be enjoying such a special treat.

Can rabbits eat cherries

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Can bunny eat cherries

Can Bunny Eat Cherries

Yes, you can let your bunny eat fresh cherries and pretty much all types, such as dark red, black, bing, and Montmorency cherries. The only concern here is how much you let your rabbits eat.

Generally speaking, bunnies love sweet foods, that there is even a tendency for them to overeat anything sweet. As the owner, it is your responsibility to know and be informed of what is safe and best for your pet. Cherries have a high sugar content that might be too much for your bunny. These fruits also have this mushy texture, and your rabbit’s digestive system is not meant to handle this in larger quantities.

So, while rabbits can have cherries, these sweet fruits must never make up a big chunk of the diet of your bunny. However, cherries are excellent as occasional treats.

You have to be careful with how you feed your rabbit with cherries. Since the pits of the fruit are pretty hard, they might end damaging your rabbit’s teeth. Serious digestive concerns may also occur if your pet accidentally swallowed a cherry pit. More importantly, cherry pits also contain small traces of cyanide that can be poisonous to bunnies.

Should rabbits eat cherries

Only adult rabbits should be allowed to eat cherries. Start with just half a cherry at first and if your pet is doing well after that, you should never give more than one cherry per serving. The suggested frequency should not be more than twice a week. Just four pieces of cherries can already be considered as an enormous amount for rabbits, for instance. Avoid giving such a large quantity as it is always better to be safe than sorry.

If your rabbit ends up eating too many fruits, he might end up suffering from digestive issues such as changes in stool frequency or appearance, loss of appetite, and behavioral changes. It is best to avoid feeding your rabbit any kind of vegetable or fruit. Try to stick with only hay and some high fiber pellets now and then. If you continue to feed your bunny veggies or fruits, it can pose a crucial health concern for your rabbit.

Do rabbits like cherries?

Yes, most rabbits like cherries. Many of them like these fruits so much that they will even beg you for more. But, even if your rabbit pleads with you with his adorable eyes, it is best to not always give in. Excessive sugar may make your bunny suffer from an upset stomach.

Can wild rabbits eat cherries

Yes, wild rabbits eat cherries although they might not have the opportunity of feeding themselves with lots of fruits. They might nibble only on blueberries or blackberries when they are in season. But, other than that, they can pretty much survive without cherries.

Are cherries safe for rabbits

All in all, cherries are considered safe for rabbits. Aside from the fact that they shouldn’t be eating the cherry pits, the fruit in itself is actually really good for rabbits. It also contains some nutrients that can support the overall well-being of your bunny. Once again, make sure to give only small amounts of cherries because anything excessive can be dangerous.

Rabbits and cherries FAQs

Can rabbits eat dried cherries?

No, rabbits cannot and should not eat dried cherries. Dried fruits in general are three times sweeter compared to fresh fruits. It is not recommended to give cherries in a dried form to your bunny. This is never the best way of satisfying your rabbit’s palate.

Rabbits may even find a few mint leaves as a better treat compared to dried cherries. So, it would be best to avoid making assumptions about what your rabbit likes and dislikes.

When introducing something new, try to feed only a small amount first and wait for 24 hours to check if your pet can tolerate the new treat.

Can rabbits eat maraschino cherries?

Although there are lots of chemicals and sweeteners in maraschino cherries that might not be good for your bunny, it is safe to say that there will be no long-lasting consequences for your pet if you only give him one piece. Just make sure that you keep a close eye on your pet for the next 6 to 8 hours and ensure that he is still pooping and eating well. However, it would be wiser to stay away from these sweet treats since pitted natural cherries are safer and more recommended.

Can rabbits eat rainier cherries?

Yes, rabbits can eat rainier cherries. But once again, you should only give it to them in moderate amounts. And while the flesh of cherries is not really toxic to your pet, you need to offer them with extreme caution. This is mainly because cherries pose an inherent danger to your bunny, specifically the cyanide found in the pits, leaves, and stems. It is true for all varieties of cherries and not only rainier cherries.

Can rabbits eat ground cherries?

Yes, it is safe to let rabbits eat ground cherries but make sure that you only give it to them in small quantities and never feed them the pits. Cherries may be good sources of potassium for bunnies but since these have high fruit sugar content, you should only give them to your pet as treats. The maximum quantity of cherries for an adult rabbit weighing 6 pounds is about 10 cherries with the pits removed.

Can rabbits eat cherries stems?

No, you should never let your rabbit eat cherry stems, twigs, or leaves. The plant itself contains cyanide that makes it poisonous for your pet. This only means that the fruit is the only part of the cherry plant that is considered safe for rabbits.

Can rabbits eat cherries leaves?

No, never give cherry leaves to your rabbit. Just like the pits and stems, the leaves of cherries also contain cyanide. Once again, it is advised that you feed only the cherry flesh to your bunnies.

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