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Can Rabbits eat Celery? Serving Size & Nutrition Facts!

Celery is a vegetable that boasts of a savory and rich taste and is often used as a base in soups and stocks. Aside from fiber and vitamin C, this veggie is also a good source of potassium, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins B6, B1, and B2. This is also rich in phytochemicals. But, can rabbits eat celery?

For a Serving Size of 2.35 stalk, small (5″ long) (40g)Nutrition Facts
Vitamin A8.8μg
Vitamin C1.2mg
Vitamin E0.1mg
Vitamin K11.7μg

Studies revealed that the phytochemicals in celery are effective when it comes to lowering blood pressure, preventing cancer, and probably reducing migraines. This is why celery is often considered a superfood that is a must-have in human diets.

Can rabbits eat celery

As for rabbits, the simple answer is yes, rabbits can eat celery. However, it is recommended to give them this vegetable only several times per week and cut them into small one-inch chunks in length or less. Many bunnies like celery and they don’t suffer from intestinal issues after they eat it. If you want to add celery to the diet of your bunny, you might want to begin with a tiny chunk or small amounts first then increase it little by little.

What part of celery can rabbits eat?

Although bunnies can technically feed on the different celery parts, the leaves are considered the best parts you can give them. The leaves don’t pose any choking hazard and there are also no long fibers like the ones found in celery sticks.

If you don’t want to feed a celery stick to your rabbit, see to it that your pet doesn’t eat more than half a stick daily. You might also want to cut the veggie into half-inch pieces to get rid of choking hazards.

Can rabbits eat celery leaves?

Yes, celery leaves are safe for bunnies to eat. In fact, this is the plant’s part that is much safer for them to consume compared to stalks since celery stalks have fiber strings that can potentially cause some problems. Many grocery stores cut off the celery leaves before these are sold since most people don’t really use these leaves anyway. You can also try to grow celery on your own or check at the local farmers’ markets to know if they have celery leaves.

Can rabbits eat celery stalks?

Yes, celery stalks can also be eaten by bunnies. The truth is that rabbits can even eat the whole celery plant. Celery stalks, roots, and leaves are all safe to feed to your rabbits as long as you give it to them in moderation. These celery stalks are rich in vitamins and fiber that rabbits require in their diet every day.

However, the whole stalk should never be given to your bunny. It will be better if you cut the stalks into smaller pieces to ensure that they don’t cause any choking hazards. 

Can rabbits eat celery tops?

Celery tops are perfectly harmless and could even be the best leafy greens to add to the diet of your rabbit. The tops are also more nutritious for bunnies compared to the stalks themselves. Celery tops contain lesser sugar and lower water content makes them ideal for your bunnies. Just make sure that you wash them properly to get rid of any traces of pesticides or soil.

Can rabbits eat celery root?

Yes, celery roots can also be given to rabbits just like the stalks and leaves. The only downside here is that the roots don’t taste as yummy as celery leaves. You can cut the celery roots into smaller pieces before giving them to your rabbit and if you are lucky, he might like it.

Can rabbits eat celery hearts?

Yes, you can give celery hearts to your rabbits. As stated earlier, rabbits can eat the whole celery plant. The hearts, roots, and leaves are all considered safe for consumption for rabbits as long as you give it to them in moderation. The hearts are rich in vitamins and fiber that rabbits may need daily.

Can rabbits eat celery sticks?

Rabbits can definitely eat celery sticks. This specific part of the plant that people munch on is also called the stem or petiole.

Does rabbits eat celery?

Does Rabbits Eat Celery

Yes, most rabbits eat celery and they even love it. But, if you are just getting started, it might be best to avoid giving a lot to your pet first. Start by giving a small amount to your pet first and observing him closely. If he doesn’t have any issues with digesting the celery well, you can then start increasing the supply.

There are usually no side effects as long as your bunny can digest it. Also, it will be better if you feed your rabbits organically grown celery. In addition, rabbits are known to be herbivores. This means that the main food elements that make up a rabbit’s diet include leafy veggies, grass, hay, and others.

Rabbits out in nature completely depend on green vegetables and grass. There are even times when they also depend on dry bark, particularly during cold weather.

This means that rabbits can and will eat celery. Being a nutritious vegetable, celery can also help your rabbit grow.

Is celery good for rabbits?

Is Celery Good for Rabbits

Celery is an ideal vegetable that you can give to your bunny several times per week. This is composed of around 95% water and helps ensure that your rabbit gets enough water daily. The vegetable is also packed with useful minerals and vitamins that your rabbits need. These include the following:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin K
  • Folate
  • Vitamin B6
  • Phosphorus
  • Potassium
  • Manganese

While hay and rabbit food contains most of the required minerals and vitamins of your rabbit, a little fruit and daily veggies can also be helpful. Veggies can help ensure that your bunnies get all of their nutrient requirements.

Celery is also rich in both insoluble and soluble fiber to help keep the digestive system of your rabbit working properly. Make sure that you only let your rabbits eat raw celery since they don’t have the ability to properly digesting cooked celery. The raw form of these veggies is some of the best things that your rabbit can chew on. It will help keep your pet’s constantly growing teeth worn down to the correct length.

Can rabbits eat celery everyday?

Can Rabbits Eat Celery Everyday

Celery must only be given to rabbits in moderation considering its high content of water. Thus, you might want to feed your rabbit celery not every day but every other day instead.

Experts recommend adult rabbits to eat a cup of packed greens for every two pounds of your pet’s weight. Of course, this will also depend on how your bunny responds to it after a slow introduction. Also, it would be wiser to watch out for bowel changes or habit changes every time you introduce a new food to their diet.

How much celery can rabbits eat?

The diet of your rabbit must be made up of at least 75% hay. Leafy vegetables and pellets rich in nutrients can make up the rest of the diet of your rabbit.

You can add celery leaves and celery sticks to the diet of your rabbit. But, only half of a celery stick should be given to your rabbit per day. Excessive amounts of celery will mean that your rabbit eats less hay that is essential for their digestive system.  

Can celery kill rabbits?

All in all, no adverse effects will happen if your rabbit eats too much celery. But, if your rabbit eats more than the suggested amount of only half a stick per day, this means that he doesn’t eat as much amount of hay that he needs.

Hay must make up at least 75% of the overall diet of your rabbit. If you give other foods to your rabbit, this will decrease the amount of this staple food in their diet.

Excessive amounts of celery can also lead to some stomach-related problems such as loose stools or diarrhea. Once this happens, you might want to ease up on the vegetable for several days and give your bunny lots of clean and fresh hay and plenty of fresh and clean water.

A rabbit’s digestive system can be very sensitive so if you have plans to give celery to your rabbit for the very first time, you need to introduce this little by little with only some nibbles at a time.

The most important thing you need to remember every time you feed celery to your pet is to cut this into smaller pieces. Depending on your rabbit’s size, you can aim for half an inch to one inch. Through this, the celery’s long fibers will be cut up, thus eliminating the risks of choking.

Again, make sure that you only feed small amounts of celery daily to your rabbit.

Can baby rabbits have celery?

The digestive systems of baby rabbits are highly sensitive. It may take months before they can develop the necessary gut bacteria for digesting fruits and vegetables. Baby rabbits rely on eating the cecotropes or partly digested fecal matter of their matter to help with the growth of the said bacteria.

Until he reaches three months old, a baby rabbit can suffer from digestive problems if they consume the wrong foods. Baby rabbits’ digestive systems can handle just a small variety of substances. 

For up to two weeks old, newborn rabbits must only consume the milk of their mother or any suitable replacement formula. Then from two weeks and beyond, baby rabbits will be able to digest hay-based pellets and hay.

Together with water, such foods offer the necessary nutrients for baby rabbits until they reach twelve weeks old. If you decide to introduce something else prior to this point, including anything harmless such as celery, this might lead to some devastating consequences.

Baby rabbits can be very prone to cases of severe diarrhea. This is why celery should never be given to baby rabbits. Wait until they reach three months of age at the least.

Bonus: In general, you can feed almost all rabbits with Celery, however, it must be thoroughly washed off all chemicals before feeding it to your little bunny. Celery is not a sugary vegetable, but it is sweet enough for the enjoyment of rabbits in general. Also, before feeding Celery to your rabbit, the following tips should be adhered to to ensure that you are feeding them in the right way.

  1. Only feed your rabbit with raw Celery as they tend to have problems with digesting cooked Celery.
  2. Feed your rabbit most times with the leafy green part as they tend to before nutritious.
  3. Celery should be fed to your rabbit in small quantities, and therefore, it should only be a small part of the vegetable varieties you feed to them.
  4. If you are giving your rabbit celery for the first time, feed it slowly to them and it should be in small quantities.

Rabbits and Celery FAQs

Can mini Rex rabbits eat celery?

Yes, mini rex rabbits eat celery. A balanced diet is essential for the healthy growth of rabbits, and that is why varieties of different vegetables must be included in their dietary plan. It is recommended that 70% of their food intake must include grass hay and pellet; therefore, to ensure you are supplying your little bunny with an adequate balanced diet, you can also include fresh fruits, mangoes, carrot, lettuce, pear, leafy greens, and celery infrequently into their diet. Hence, you can safely feed your mini rex with celery.

Can lop-eared rabbits eat celery?

Yes, lop-eared rabbits can eat celery. Lop-eared rabbits are known for their floppy ears and small skull. But unfortunately, they are highly vulnerable to infections and infestation; one of the best ways you can ensure the speedy recovery of your little bunny friend is by putting them on a healthy diet. Apart from pellets and grass hays that are usually recommended in general for rabbits, you can also supplement their food with Celery.

Can Angora rabbits eat Celery?

Yes, you can feed your Angora rabbit with Celery. Angora rabbits are easily identified by their long furs which are used in making good quality wool. However, for an Angora rabbit to grow smooth and healthy furs, it must be adequately fed with a well-balanced diet, and one way to ensure that is by including vegetables like Celery and others into their regular diet.

Can Dwarf rabbit Eat Celery?

Yes, Dwarf rabbits can eat Celery. Although Dwarf rabbits are usually small, trust me, they also require the best dietary plan to maintain that small body of theirs you are looking at. Just like most other rabbits, Dwarf rabbit also requires a certain amount of fresh vegetables in their diet to grow well. Celery can make a perfect fresh vegetable for them without any consequence to it.

Can Lionhead rabbits eat Celery?

Yes, Lionhead rabbits can safely have Celery. Your Lionhead rabbit like every other rabbit enjoys eating pellets, hays, and drinking lots of water, however, your Lionhead rabbit will also benefit from feeding them with Celery and every other vegetable.

Can wild rabbits eat Celery?

Yes, you can feed your Wild rabbit with Celery. Although Wild rabbits by nature are not used to eating Celery as the vegetable doesn’t grow in their habitat (celery grows most in wetlands and marshy areas, which are usually not an ideal place for a wild rabbit) it can be safely added to their diet. However, when feeding your wild rabbit with Celery, make sure it is well washed and you give the leafy green part of it.


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