Last Updated : November 27, 2022

Can rabbits eat kangkong

We all know that in all households, greens or vegetables are considered an essential part of a diet to eat at least a few times a week if not regularly. Various greens can either be used as cooked food or you can just eat raw as salad. One of such greens is kangkong and it is quite popular in various regions of the world, especially in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and a major part of Europe and the USA.

It is in the nature of humans that if they like something, the desire to share it with their loved ones and pets also falls in this category. Kangkong is one of such greens but the question is, can rabbits eat kangkong? Or do rabbits eat kangkong? Well, continue reading this article as it will bring you a bunch of information that will answer almost all your questions related to rabbits and kangkong.

Can rabbits eat kangkong

Do rabbits eat kangkong?

Kangkong is one of the few vegetables that can be fed to rabbits in various conditions such as cooked, raw, washed, etc. Kangkong is filled with various kinds of nutrients and the best thing about this vegetable is that it has a minimum amount of fiber which makes it an appropriate food for rabbits.

Experts recommend adding kangkong and related vegetables into the diet cycle as it will only bring benefits. Make sure you don’t just rely on kangkong only because its nutrients are still not comprehensive and rabbits need other foods as well that can provide them with all kinds of nutrients and proteins they require.

Is kangkong with green and white stems the same?

There is not much difference in both these kangkong types. It can be said that the only difference is the color which is solely the result of different kinds of conditions.

The kangkong which is grown and cultivated in normal conditions has green stems while the plants that grow in moist soil in an aquatic tropical area will most probably have white stems.

The color difference can also occur depending upon the age and ripeness of the kangkong. One thing is constant that rabbits can eat both types of kangkong without facing any health issues.

Do keep this fact in mind that you should only feed leaves to rabbits as stems are difficult to digest and may cause stomach issues.

Is kangkong safe for rabbits to eat?

Kangkong itself is completely safe for rabbits as it includes not a single toxic part in its whole composition. Experts recommend that rabbits can safely eat flowers and leaves of the kangkong without facing any issues.

One thing to care about is the place where kangkong was seeded, grown, and sold. This is important because most people use pesticides at the time of growing kangkong while some stores also use such products to keep vegetables fresh for a long time.

Such pesticides and products can cause harm to rabbits. This is the reason that washing kangkong before feeding it to rabbits is considered an essential factor.

Can rabbits eat kangkong every day?

No matter how good a food is, rabbits cannot eat one diet on a regular basis. Start giving kangkong in small quantities too, after skipping a couple of days.

Rabbits may feel some issues in digesting kangkong in the beginning but once their stomach becomes used to it, you are authorized to feed kangkong to rabbits about 2-3 times a week.

As far as “every day” is considered, kangkong or any other vegetable should never be given every day instead you can create cycles by adding 2-3 vegetables to the list.

How much kangkong can you give to rabbits?

It is better to combine kangkong with some other vegetables or diet as just feeding a full cup of kangkong may cause issues and if not, it may never be able to bring benefits that will come from feeding multiple vegetables.

Experts recommended that you should only give about 2-5 leaves of kangkong depending upon the size, age, and stomach conditions of the rabbits. Feeding in excessive amounts can sometimes lead to health issues such as diarrhea, bloating, gas, and an upset stomach.

How to serve kangkong to rabbits?

The first thing is to never impose kangkong on an immediate basis. You can start by feeding smaller quantities on an occasional basis and then keep on increasing the quantity and frequency on a continuous basis.

Also, feeding alone as a regular diet can lead to health issues so it is better to just add it into its other diets. So, if you are feeding rabbits 2-5 vegetables, simply adding 2-3 leaves of kangkong will be a good way to serve rabbits.

Why is feeding kangkong recommended for rabbits?

There is no doubt that the world is full of different kinds of greens and vegetables but why kangkong and some other vegetables are highly recommended by the experts while you can feed any other as well. The simple and straight answer to this question is its safe composition and zero toxicity.

Apart from this, it is claimed by various veterinary doctors that feeding kangkong doesn’t cause gas in rabbits’ stomachs which is a big relief because gas is one of the things that can cause rabbits to bloat on an immediate basis and can lead to death as well.

Keeping safety factors aside, kangkong has various kinds of protein and nutrients that are essential for the better growth and good health of rabbits.


  1. Do rabbits like kangkong?

    It cannot be said that kangkong comes on top of the list of rabbits’ favorite foods but they do like eating kangkong. Experts claim that rabbits have been found eating kangkong in the wild and their behavior after eating them gives clear indications that rabbits do like kangkong and enjoy eating it.

  2. Can baby rabbits eat kangkong?

    The answer to this question is not straightforward as it mainly depends on the age and condition of the rabbits. If your rabbits are under the age of 12 weeks, they should be fed any kind of vegetables as their stomach is too delicate for such foods.

    After they have crossed the 12 weeks mark, you can give them kangkong in very little quantity and observe their behavior. If they go on good with it, you may give kangkong to them on an occasional basis before you officially add it to their weekly or monthly diet cycle.

  3. Can rabbits eat early harvested kangkong?

    Rabbits not only eat early harvested kangkong but enjoy it to the fullest. The average time of harvesting kangkong after the time of plantation is about 45-60 days but some people harvest it quite soon as it is soft and can be cooked easily. The same is with rabbits as they love to eat kangkong that is harvested after 15 to 30 days after plantation because it is easy for them to chew and digest as well.

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