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Can rabbits eat cabbage [What You Need to Know]

Rabbits are often depicted to munch on carrots or steal cabbage leaves from a neighboring vegetable garden. But, is this really true? Can rabbits eat cabbage?

Can bunnies eat cabbage

Yes, you can let your bunnies eat cabbage. This is because rabbits can benefit from munching on some leafy greens. They also need some fresh vegetables and fruits on a daily basis. Cabbage, on the other hand, has been known to trigger digestive upsets and gas that rabbits may experience to a somewhat serious degree.

Can rabbits eat cabbage

Can rabbits eat red cabbage?

Red cabbage is one type of cabbage that has the same amount of minerals and vitamins just like the rest of the cabbage varieties out there. Your rabbit can feed on red cabbage in similar amounts as the other types of cabbages. However, it is important to remember that there are some bunny owners who have reported that red cabbage has turned the urine of their bunnies to green. But, don’t worry because this is normal and there is no need to be concerned or alarmed about this.

Can rabbits eat purple cabbage?

Purple cabbage has different color compared to the rest of the types of cabbage you could find. So, does its color mean that purple cabbage is a worse or better option of veggie for your bunny? 

Basically, purple cabbage contains higher amounts of antioxidants that make it a somewhat better option for your furry pet. Lighter or darker purple color is due to the level of acidity in the soil where this specific type of cabbage is being grown and cultivated.

Can rabbits eat cabbage leaves?

Yes, your rabbits can munch on cabbage leaves. However, you have to see to it that you only limit the amount of cabbage to only 5 pieces of leaves or even less and your pet will be perfectly fine with it. If your pet doesn’t seem interested in eating the leaves, make sure you don’t for him to do so. You may try switching the leaves of cabbage with hay then give the leaves some other time.

Can rabbits eat napa cabbage?

Napa cabbage, red cabbage, and the usual American cabbage all contain the same nutrient profiles and must be fed to your bunny only in moderation. This means that yes, your bunnies can feed on Napa cabbage. Make sure you only pick organic produce because this will help ensure that dangerous pesticides will be kept out of the digestive system of your rabbit. For good measure, it is important that you wash the Napa cabbage first under running cold water to get rid of any dirt.

Can rabbits eat green cabbage?

Yes, you can feed green cabbage to your rabbits. As you might already know, this particular type of cabbage is the one that is widely available in the market. Green cabbage is a good and safe choice in case you have plans of feeding this veggie to your rabbit. 

Once again, you have to make sure that your rabbit doesn’t have any sensitivity to this type of cabbage then mix it with other varieties of greens.

Can rabbits eat cooked cabbage?

Rabbits that are living undomesticated don’t feed on cooked veggies. This is because they like their vegetables raw. When you cook the vegetables, it will get rid of most of the essential nutrients that your bunny needs.  

In case you plan to give cooked cabbage to your rabbits, this is still something that you can do and they will surely be more than happy to eat it. However, it is more advisable that you let them feed on raw veggies. Rabbits like it better if they munch on fresh vegetables, not to mention that this will help keep their dental problems at bay. If the raw form of the food doesn’t require any cooking and is more nutritious that way, why will you even bother to cook it in the first place?

Can rabbits eat raw cabbage?

Rabbits in the wilderness have been used to feeding on completely raw food. Their bellies that are meant to digest fiber can handle this task with ease. In fact, rabbits mostly rely on crunchier foods and this is what makes cabbage such a great choice when it is raw.

Can rabbits eat chinese cabbage?

Another safe veggie choice that you can add to the diet of your rabbit is none other than Chinese cabbage. Also known as Bok Choy, Chinese cabbage isn’t readily available everywhere and this type of veggie is less known as compared to other types of cabbage.

Although Chinese cabbage contains lesser amounts of vitamin C compared to white, red, and green cabbage, it is still an excellent option for veggies to combine with some other vegetables.

If this is the first time that you will give Chinese cabbage to your bunny, you might want to begin with only a small quantity once per week.

However, if you notice diarrhea or strange behavior in your bunny after eating this veggie, make sure you remove this from his diet right away.

Can house rabbits eat red cabbage?

Yes, house rabbits can feed on red cabbage. Once again, there is no harm if you sparingly give red cabbage to your rabbit. However, nutritionally speaking, it doesn’t offer your bunnies anything much.

The reason why red cabbage is an excellent choice for humans is that this is a great source of vitamins K and C. Rabbits, on the other hand, don’t really need any supplemental vitamin C. Meanwhile, the extra vitamin K is only required by breeding sows. So, red cabbage basically gives your bunny something else to use for wearing down their teeth.

Do rabbits eat cabbage

Do Rabbits Eat Cabbage

Experts actually recommend leafy greens for your rabbits. But, even though there are some rabbits that love to eat cabbage, others might not take any liking to it.

Should rabbits eat cabbage

Yes, your rabbits should eat cabbage as a part of a balanced and healthy diet. But, you have to take note that there are some rabbits that might not like the vegetable. This means that if this is the first time that you are introducing this veggie to your pet, make sure that you introduce only a small quantity on your first try.

For rabbits to be able to digest their food well, rabbits count on bacteria and significant changes to their diet have the tendency of making rabbits suffer from stomach upset. If your bunny eats the cabbage after you introduced it, you have to make it a regular part of his diet as this will help ensure that your bunny’s gut will continue to digest it well.

Is cabbage good for rabbits

Nutrition FactsRaw Cabbage
Total Fat0.1g
Net carbs3.3g
Vitamin A5μg
Vitamin B60.1mg
Vitamin C36.6mg
Vitamin E0.2mg
Vitamin K76μg
For a Serving Size of 1.12 cup, chopped (100g) raw cabbage

Cabbage is considered healthy and safe for rabbits because it is rich in the following:

  • Calcium – This keeps your bunny’s teeth and bones strong. However, too much calcium can thicken the urine of your rabbit and may also cause infections. 
  • Fiber – Since they are herbivores, the digestive systems of rabbits have adapted well to breaking down foods that contain fiber. Cabbage has plenty of fibers that can keep the good gut bacteria of your rabbit healthy and happy. 
  • Potassium – This can protect the nervous system and heart of your bunny.
  • Vitamin B6 – This is involved in the body’s protein breakdown. This mechanism is essential for the proper function of the muscles, particularly in domesticated bunnies that get less exercise compared to their wild peers.
  • Vitamin K – It is essential for breastfeeding or pregnant does.

Cabbage is an ideal snack also because it is crunchy. Bunnies are at risk of overgrown teeth, which means that they will need crunchy foods to help prevent this problem.  

Can rabbits eat cabbage daily

Yes, you can let cabbage be a part of the daily diet of your rabbits. But, while cabbage could be a part of the daily vegetable intake of your rabbit but it shouldn’t be the sole veggie that you let your rabbit eat. The best practice here is to mix cabbage with some other herb greens and leafy vegetables.

How much cabbage can rabbits eat

A good rule of thumb here is to give your pet a cup of greens for every 5 pounds of your rabbit’s weight. It is ideal to give three different kinds of greens to your rabbit daily and among these three could be any variety of cabbage. 

Depending on the size of your rabbit, about 1/3 of the daily vegetable intake of your bunny can come from cabbage alone. If this is the first time that your rabbit will be eating cabbage, you can introduce this in a small quantity once a week.

Is too much cabbage bad for rabbits

While it is not likely that cabbage itself will kill your pet because this is nontoxic for rabbits, the digestive system of rabbits can experience sensitivity that may lead to some serious health concerns. Cabbage can also cause gases and bloating that might cause discomfort in your rabbit

If your rabbit happens to be sensitive to this vegetable but you continue to feed it to him and you feed it in excess amounts, after some time, gases and bloating may result in severe problems in his digestive system, and in some cases, it might even be fatal.

Can a baby rabbit eat cabbage

It is not really recommended for baby rabbits to feed on cabbage or other types of veggies right away. It is recommended by the experts for rabbits to stick mainly to the milk of their mothers during the initial seven weeks of their lives.

After this period, they may start to eat pellets and alfalfa hays. Once they reach six months of age, they can then start eating grass hays. During this point, young rabbits can also ease up on pellets. This means that cabbage must only be introduced to rabbits once their first year has ended.


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