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Can guinea pigs eat grass [Truth Exposed]

Being herbivores, guinea pigs are feed on plants. But, while they can consume many types and varieties of greens, it is still essential to be extra careful and know what is good and safe. On this note, can guinea pigs eat grass as well?

Could guinea pigs eat grass

Verdant green grass is probably one of the most favorite foods of guinea pigs worldwide. Giving them some grass will surely make them excited. A good handful of thick and lush green is a wonderful addition to the diet of your piggies.

Can guinea pigs eat grass

However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can just give them any grass that you find. You need to be extra careful when you feed your lovely guinea pigs with grass since many plants can be poisonous for them. Daisies and buttercups, for example, can be problematic. For this reason, you have to take a look around first if you will be giving your guinea pigs some grass to munch on.

Can guinea pigs eat grass from outside

Yes, guinea pigs definitely can eat grass from outside. Guinea pigs and both fresh and dried forms of grass can together well with carrots and peas. You might be used to feeding grass hay to your guinea pig instead of feeding fresh grass.

Grass hay for cavies is grass of different types that is dried and cured before it is baled. Feeding timothy hay or orchard grass for guinea pigs is quite common. This means that orchard grass and timothy grass are good options for your guinea pigs. This could be fed as nutritious parts of your guinea pig’s diet as long as you can give it to them in the right amounts.

Can guinea pigs eat grass from the garden

Yes, your guinea pigs definitely can eat grass from the garden. However, you have to make sure that it is still fresh and doesn’t contain any dangerous chemicals.

Also, make sure that you use scissors when cutting grass from your garden to give to your guinea pigs. Never use the lawnmower as this makes the grass undergo fermentation. It might also be a good idea to grow grass as well as other plants indoors to give to your cavies.  

Can guinea pigs eat grass from the lawn

Although it is fun and cute to watch your beloved guinea pigs munching on the grass from the lawn, this might not always be safe. There is a chance that the grass might contain some dangerous chemicals.  

To ensure that your lawns are green and lush, most of you probably use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and weed killers and all of these may leave behind toxic residues.

These residues could linger in the soils or on the grass for a very long time. Washing the grass is not enough to remove them. There might also be mold in the grass. Most pets, with guinea pigs included, are prone to mold poisoning. Since grass is among those plants that tend to attract molds, letting your piggies graze freely on your lawn is not a wise idea. Mold can cause some respiratory infections that can attack the internal organs of your guinea pigs.

Aside from molds, insect eggs, insects, as well as other dangerous things might be hidden on the soil or the blades of the grass.   

Can guinea pigs eat fresh grass instead of hay

Guinea pigs love grass a lot but this never changes the fact that hay is one important part of their regular diet. Hay offers more nutrition compared to grass since this is rich in fiber. Hay is also more robust compared to grass.

Although grass might be good for your piggies and you can feed it to them, you need to keep in mind that hay must consist 80% of their diet. Grass should only be used as a small and temporary substitute for hay, not a definite replacement.  

Can guinea pigs eat grass clippings

No, guinea pigs cannot eat grass clippings as these can pose potentially serious health risks. Just so you know, gathering one handful of grass is very much different compared to blending everything that has been chopped up on your lawn.

Your piggies might end up eating bird droppings, pesticides, and other dangerous things that might be present in your lawn. The grass clippings tend to ferment fast. Your guinea pigs might end up sick and bloated if you feed them fermented clippings.

Since grass clippings have already been torn, your cavies will no longer feel any need to chew them at all. However, grass clippings must still be chewed. If your guinea pig ends up swallowing the grass clippings whole, they might be become blocked up, causing them to get sick.

The best thing you can do is to feed your cavies with pesticide-free and freshly washed grass.

Can guinea pigs eat cat grass

Yes, your guinea pigs can also eat cat grass or also called wheatgrass. This is perfectly fine to give to your piggies.

But, if your guinea pig is not very familiar with it, you might want to serve it to them in very low quantity first. Letting them eat large servings right from the start may cause stomach issues in your guinea pig.

Can guinea pigs eat wet grass

Wet grass is a big no-no for guinea pigs. Letting your guinea pigs out on wet grass for a long period of time can make their bellies and legs get wet as well. It can cause the formation of different skin conditions such as hair loss, lesion formation, and fungal infections like ringworm.

If you are living in a place that stays quite damp for a long period of time, there is also a possibility that the grass might be moldy. Moldy wet grass is not safe for your guinea pigs to eat.

Can guinea pigs eat orchard grass

You can give your guinea pigs orchard grass if they refuse to eat timothy hay. Just make sure that it smells fresh and is still green before you give it to them.

Can guinea pigs eat cut grass

You should never feed cut grass to your lovely guinea pig as these cuttings may cause some digestive issues in your pets.

Can guinea pigs eat grass seeds

It is not safe for guinea pigs to eat grass seeds. These contain high amounts of fat that may result in obesity in your pets. If you like to feed your cavies hard cereals, you might want to consider corn flakes, cheerios, and oats. However, these should only be given in smaller quantities to avoid rapid weight gain.  

Can guinea pigs eat grass roots

Grassroots are the starting level of the grass. Since there is no concrete evidence yet as to whether or not you can serve these to your guinea pigs, it would be better for you to stay on the safe side and never feed these to your cavies.

Do guinea pigs eat grass

Yes, guinea pigs love eating grass. In fact, it is even safe to say that grass is the ultimate favorite food of piggies and the good news is that it is among those foods they can enjoy with total abandon, that is, after they have gotten used to it. 

Guineas definitely do eat grass, especially fresh ones. They will readily munch on them every day, day if you leave them to their own devices.

Should guinea pigs eat grass

Yes, guinea pigs should eat grass as it is one of the most important parts of their diet. Grass offers several benefits to cavies and some of them are the following:

  • Grass helps get rid of free radicals as this is rich in different antioxidants and many other nutrients. These free radicals are the culprit behind many forms of diseases and illnesses.
  • Grass can also lower the cholesterol levels in the body of your guinea pig. Cholesterol is a dangerous wax substance present in the body of both animals and humans. Cavies can also suffer from the harmful effects of this substance so they require protection from it. Although the body needs cholesterol, too much of this is harmful. Grass can help lower the risks of cholesterol levels rising in the body of your guinea pig.
  • Grass can also help regulate blood sugar. This is because grasses don’t have high sugar levels. High blood sugar levels can be fatal to guinea pigs so keeping them low as much as possible is important.
  • Grass has been shown to prevent inflammation as well as speed up recovery. 
  • Grass can also aid with weight loss in your cavy.
  • Grass helps fight off infections, viruses, and diseases that regular antibiotics might not be able to address and solve properly.
  • Grass can also help alleviate stomach aches or stomach pains and it also helps address other digestive concerns like diarrhea.

Is it safe for guinea pigs to eat grass

Grasses don’t pose a lot of risks on cavies because these could even be served as your pet’s primary foods. But, there are some rare instances when potential dangers may arise.

If your cavy shows signs of allergic reactions like diarrhea or vomiting, stop feeding grass until your vet gives you clear advice on what you can do next. 

Grasses are also prone to mold attacks. It can end up destroying the potency of grass and turn into a potential poison to your pet. It means that you need to carefully examine and properly wash the grass first before you feed it to your guinea pigs to prevent any risks to your cavy’s life.

How much fresh grass should guinea pigs eat

Guinea pigs can eat fresh grass as this will not affect them in any way. Grass and hay must constitute 80% of the diet of your guinea pigs. Once again, make sure that the grass doesn’t contain any chemicals or pesticides.

How often can guinea pigs eat grass

If your cavy does have any allergic reactions, you can feed him grass as often as every day as this is not dangerous. However, it is important to remember that hay must still make up most of its diet. Grass can be served with some veggies to achieve nutritional balance and for your guinea pig to get all the essential nutritional benefits.

Can guinea pigs have grass every day

Since grass is good for guinea pigs and with it being the cornerstone of their regular diet, guinea pigs can eat grass every day.

This is something you can feed to them as much as they want. Make sure you serve it to them only in the right amount since this contains a moderate quantity of vitamin C as well as other important nutritional requirements.

Grass contains moderate amounts of nutrients but with very low fiber content. Just remember that hay must still make up a significant part of their diet. There are also guinea pigs that depend mostly on a high-fiber diet. Grass can also be served with other vegetables to balance their nutritional requirement. 

Can baby guinea pigs eat grass

Yes, baby guinea pigs can eat grass but only a few pieces should be given to them. One heaping helping of grass can be one of the most perfect and appetizing foods for your baby cavies.


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