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Can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts [5 Amazing Benefits]

More and more people are now getting guinea pigs because aside from being fluffy and cute, these creatures are also friendly. They also feed on cheap and accessible food options, most of which are vegetables that you can commonly buy from the market. But, since guinea pigs are vegetarians, does it mean that they can eat all kinds of vegetables? Can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts, too?

Can my guinea pigs eat bean sprouts?

Yes, you can let your guinea pigs eat bean sprouts. Bean sprouts are known to be very healthy and nutritious for your cavies. However, there are some piggies that are not really fond of its taste. This is probably because bean sprouts don’t taste sweet like carrots. It is the reason why your pet’s diet should include various veggies so that he won’t end up eating only a few select vegetables.

Can guinea pigs eat bean sprouts

You can also try preparing a salad including some bean sprouts, lettuce, and carrots. But, one very important thing to remember here is to make sure that you only give raw bean sprouts to your guinea pigs. It is actually not recommended that you cook the vegetables first before you let your pets feed on them.

The digestive system of guinea pigs is not meant for processing cooked foods. So, make sure you avoid giving cooked bean sprouts to your cavies. Also, never let your pets eat too much of these veggies to prevent some potential health risks.

Can guinea pigs eat mung bean sprouts?

Yes, guinea pigs can eat mung bean sprouts. Mung bean sprouts are the main ingredient used in different continental dishes. These veggies are used often because of their high content of different nutrients. Considering the nutritional needs of cavies, it is safe to say that they can eat mung bean sprouts. But, make sure that you only serve it to your pets one or two times a week. This is due to the acidic content of these vegetables.

Can guinea pigs eat baby bean sprouts?

Baby bean sprouts are good for digestion and can be digested easily provided that you serve it to your cavies in moderation. Among the common risks of excessive amount of bean sprouts include imbalanced digestive health or imbalanced digestion. Letting your cavy eat too much of bean sprouts can result to gas buildup or bloat.

Do guinea pigs eat bean sprouts?

Yes, guinea pigs eat bean sprouts. However, these are not really one of the top favorites of most cavies. As mentioned earlier, guinea pigs also have their own preferences and it so happened that bean sprouts can be found at the bottom of their list of favorites. Aside from that, the diet of your pet should be mainly water and hay.  Fruits and vegetables must be served only as occasional treats.

Are bean sprouts good for guinea pigs?

Yes, bean sprouts can be considered good for guinea pigs. These vegetables offer the following benefits for your cavies:

  1. Good for heart problems and eyesight

Bean sprouts are great for a guinea pig’s eyesight and can even help prevent the development of heart problems. Your pet can also have healthier bones and this gives you the assurance of his good health as he grows bigger.

  1. Rich in vitamins

Probably the most important benefit of bean sprouts of guinea pigs is that it is rich in vitamin C, which is crucial for a guinea pig’s overall health and survival. As you might already know, guinea pigs don’t have the ability to naturally produce vitamin C in their bodies. They also lack the capacity of storing this vitamin so they need enough intake of foods loaded with vitamin C. Vitamin C deficiency in guinea pigs can lead to scurvy.

  1. Prevents bladder and kidney stones

There are lots of useful minerals present in bean sprouts. For example, their leaves contain vitamins K and C. Some of its mineral content can help stop the buildup of calcium since too much of this can cause the formation of bladder and kidney stones.

  1. Offers protein and carbohydrates

Bean sprouts can also offer protein and carbohydrates. Thanks to these nutrients, your cavies can get all the energy they need for playtime the whole day. There are no fats in bean sprouts and this helps keep the cardiovascular system and blood vessels of your pet very healthy.

  1. Rich in fiber that helps with better digestion

Your pet’s digestion will also be better if you let your pet eat moderate amounts of bean sprouts. Bean-like foods contain lots of fiber that can promote better digestion.

Are bean sprouts bad for guinea pigs?

While it is true that bean sprouts can benefit your guinea pig’s digestive system, this will only be possible as long as you give it to your pet in moderation.

Now that you know what makes bean sprouts good for guinea pigs, this time, you also need to know the different risks involved if you overfeed your cavy with bean sprouts. 

  1. Can cause indigestion

One of the most critical things that you should know is that excessive amount of bean sprouts can make your pet suffer from imbalanced digestive system or indigestion. Your beloved guinea pigs may suffer from gas buildup or bloat that can definitely make them uncomfortable and sick.

  1. May lead to the development of kidney and bladder stones

Excessive amounts of these minerals may make your guinea pig develop kidney and bladder stones. This is something you need to avoid since the last thing you want is to see your pet sick.

  1. Urinary infections

Calcium and phosphorus are closely associated and can lead to urinary problems and infections in your beloved cavies. You need to remember that healthy kidneys must have a balanced and healthy amount of phosphorus and calcium.

Can i feed bean sprouts to my guinea pigs everyday?

Having said all of these, it is safe to conclude that you guinea pigs can eat bean sprouts. Bean sprouts have a very unique taste and this is probably the reason why there are cavies that don’t really like eating them.

A standard serving of vegetables must be less than a handful for their meal plan. However, it is best to avoid giving these to your cavies every day. And just like with any other type of food for guinea pigs, moderation is important to keep your pet healthy and safe from different illnesses. Remember that too much of anything is never good for your pets. It is recommended that you just let your cavies feed on bean sprouts one or two times a week.

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