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Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food

Rabbits and guinea pigs share some similarities although they also have several notable differences. There are many pet owners who love keeping these two animals because they are just too cute and fluffy. How about their specific diets, then? Is it okay for guinea pigs and rabbits to share the same types of food? Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food?

Can guinea pigs have rabbit food?

No, guinea pigs cannot and should not have rabbit food for different reasons. On the other hand, it is perfectly fine for rabbits to eat foods for guinea pigs. Now, you might be wondering why guinea pigs cannot eat the exact foods that rabbits eat even if these two animals are both vegetarians.

Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food

Even though rabbits and guinea pigs both eat fruit and vegetables, guinea pigs need to eat foods that offer a significant amount of vitamin C since these animals lack the ability to store or create this particular vitamin on their own. This is why they turn to external sources to get their dose of vitamin C.

Vitamin C is essential in the life and survival of guinea pigs and it is because of the roles that they play. For example, this powerful vitamin can help maintain a robust and steady immune system for guinea pigs. This particular vitamin helps ensure that your cavies have received all the essential nutrients they need. Healthy guinea pigs will be able to live a long and good life.

Rabbit foods can be detrimental for your guinea pig’s life and may even result to some dire consequences. A guinea pig needs a very specific diet and this is the reason why anything that is out of the box might cause significant health concerns and risks. 

Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food nuggets?

Guinea pigs cannot eat rabbit food nuggets. This is because rabbit food nuggets lack vitamin C and this may lead to diseases and illnesses. Remember that rabbits and guinea pigs have notable differences including their dietary plan, behavior, and the specific nutrients they need.

Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food pellets?

They may look and smell the same so surely, guinea pigs can eat rabbit food pellets, right? If you have guinea pigs and rabbits, it might seem easier, simpler, and cheaper for you to order the same food for both. The sad news is that not all pellets are made equal. A guinea pig has unique dietary needs and the best pellet brands are especially made to give everything that they need.

Timothy hay-based and plain pellets are recommended for adult guinea pigs that are more than 6 months old. The pellet mixes with nuts, seeds, and colorful bits can be choking hazards, fattening, and induce selective eating. A guinea pig will pick out only the tasty treats while leaving behind the healthy pellets. Such icky forms of pellets are often alfalfa-based as well. Alfalfa hay has high amounts of protein and calcium. This can be a great addition to the diet of a growing guinea pig but this rich legume may also cause health concerns such as obesity and bladder stones if given to adult cavies on a regular basis.

Grass hay rich in fiber such as orchard or timothy is essential for proper digestion of a guinea pig. If you are really in a pinch, you can let you guinea pigs feed on high quality timothy-based rabbit pellets with no antibiotics added.

Can guinea pigs eat burgess rabbit food?

Most types of rabbit food such as the Burgess rabbit food lack vitamin C that plays an important role in the overall health of guinea pigs. Excessive vitamin C in guinea pigs gets excreted through their urine and doesn’t get absorbed into their body. Letting your guinea pig eat Burgess rabbit food can result to serious disease and sickness in guinea pigs because of the lack of vitamin C.  Once again, guinea pigs and rabbits may be the same in many ways yet their nutrient requirements are different.

Can guinea pigs eat dry rabbit food?

It is not really advisable to give dry rabbit food to your guinea pig. Guinea pigs and rabbits are both herbivores that need fresh water and hay together with a limited quantity of pellets, fruits, and veggies.

Rabbit foods have lesser vitamin C content since rabbits don’t need more amounts of vitamin C and consuming more vitamin C can lead to kidney damage in rabbits.

Guinea pigs, on the other hand, need higher amounts of vitamin C as their main source of energy and helps prevent diseases. 

Can guinea pigs eat a mix of rabbit and guinea pig food?

No, guinea pigs cannot eat a mix of rabbit and guinea pig food. Guinea pigs need vitamin C in the right form. Rabbit food might not contain enough amounts of vitamin C to meet the dietary requirements of your guinea pig. Thus, it is recommended to make sure that you feed your guinea pigs only with the right kind of food that are suitable for them.

Should guinea pigs eat rabbit food?

You should never let your guinea pigs eat rabbit food alone. Your cavies will end up getting used to this and it will make them inefficient when it comes to producing vitamin C on their own.

Guinea pig and rabbit foods have superficial similarities that make it very easy for owners to confuse them. Rabbits and guinea pigs alike eat pellets and hay. Even though it is safe to feed guinea pig foods to rabbits, this is not really ideal. It would be better for your bunny to eat only those foods especially made for him. Similarly, it is also better for guinea pigs to stick to their usual foods.

What happens when guinea pigs eat rabbit food?

If you let your guinea pigs eat rabbit food, you don’t just deny them of their vitamin C that can risk its immunity because it also creates the following risks:

  • Choking hazard
  • Allergic reactions
  • Too much protein and fat
  • Defects and illnesses
  • Presence of antibiotics
  • Some rabbit foods destroy beneficial bacteria in guinea pigs.

Can rabbit food kill a guinea pig?

If your guinea pig eats rabbit food for so long, he might end up suffering painfully from vitamin C deficiency down the road and may even die in the long run. Even diets specifically formulated for guinea pigs will soon lose the supplementation of vitamin C since this vitamin can degrade rather fast.

Can guinea pigs eat rabbit food, then?

No, it is best and safe not to let your guinea pigs eat rabbit food because it doesn’t contain vitamin c and may lead to some serious issues for your cute cavies.

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