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Can guinea pigs eat apples [VIDEO PROOF]

Guinea pigs are cute, fluffy, lovable, and small furry animals. Ask any cavy owner and they will surely tell you how wonderful companions a guinea pig can be. Just like any pets, it is important to take care of your pets to prevent health problems. Of course, you would surely want to give them only the healthiest foods like apples. But, are apples really healthy for guinea pig? Can guinea pigs eat apples?

Since you were a kid, you have definitely heard of the old adage that an apple a day can keep the doctor away. Everyone also knows how healthy and delicious apple can be. However, can your cute little furry balls eat apples, too? Continue reading below to get all the answers to your questions. 

Can guinea pigs eat apples

Could guinea pigs eat apples?

Yes, you can let your guinea pigs munch on apples as long as you give it to them only in small quantities. Apples, as well as other types of vegetables and fruits like carrots and blueberries, must only be given to guinea pigs as simple treats instead of a full course meal.

The specific size of your guinea pigs will determine how many apples you can let your furry pets eat. However, you still have to make sure that it only makes up a small part of their regular diet.

The questions below will get into more details about your question on whether or not guinea pigs can eat apples.

Can guinea pigs eat dehydrated apples?

The answer for this will depend on how the apples were dehydrated. If the process was done with the use of acidulated water, it wouldn’t be a wise idea to let your guinea pigs eat dehydrated apples.

Can guinea pigs eat green apples?

Yes, your guinea pigs can eat green apples. Green apples are rich in vitamin C that can help prevent scurvy. Cavies can eat all kinds of apples but it is not recommended to give them the most acidic varieties since these can lead to mouth sores and digestive issues. Also, don’t forget to follow the guidelines for proper feeding to get rid of the toxic seeds and to safely serve up apples to your pet.

Can guinea pigs eat apples with skin?

Yes, you can let your guinea pig eat an apple with its skin. The skin, flesh, and core of this fruit are all considered safe to digest for guinea pigs. However, you need to avoid the seeds at all costs since these can pose choking hazards, not to mention that they also contain a type of compound known as amygdalin that can deteriorate into hydrogen cyanide.

You also need to remember that even if guinea pigs can eat apples with skin and it is something safe for them to consume, don’t forget to wash the fruit first before you serve it to your pet to remove pesticides that might be lingering there. 

Can guinea pigs eat whole apples?

While it is fine for guinea pigs to eat the flesh of this healthy fruit, it is still best that you avoid feeding your guinea pig a whole apple. The way you feed apples to your guinea pigs is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind. It is best that you cut the fruit into small chunks such as a quarter of an apple before you give the pieces to your pet for them to nibble on. Letting your guinea pig eat whole apples may turn into choking hazards.

Can guinea pigs eat honeycrisp apples?

All types of apples including Honeycrisp apples that are safe for you to eat are also some of the best choices for your cavies. Your guinea pigs will be able to find their specific preference choice for apples if you try giving them different types. If you are not really sure what type of apple your piggies will like, doing a choice test first is a good move.

Can guinea pigs eat white star apples?

It is best to avoid eat white star apples because this is not really a type of apple. It is best to stick to apple varieties to stay on the safe side.

Will guinea pigs eat apples?

Will Guinea Pigs Eat Apples

It is not a secret that guinea pigs love vegetables and fruits. This means that unless your little furry ball is a particularly fussy one, there is very little chance that your pet will not enjoy getting a good time munching on an apple. However, since every guinea pig is unique and individual and if your cavy doesn’t like to eat apples, it would be better to give him something else instead.

Should guinea pigs eat apples?

Go ahead and give your cavy some pieces of apple. Apples are rich sources of vitamin C. Apple peels also contain fiber not to mention that their leaves are also excellent sources of calcium.

But, it is important to remember that this fruit also has high sugar content. It means that apples should only be given as treats. Aim for no more than a small amount one or two times a week and don’t forget to discard the seeds and core first.

While it is not possible for guinea pigs to overdose on apples, it is still important to use these fruits only as supplementary to the main hay-based diet of your guinea pig instead of a core part of it.

Are apples good for guinea pigs?

The sweet and short answer is yes, apples are good for guinea pigs provided that you only serve them in moderation. 

The nutritional needs of guinea pigs that should be met are rather specific. One of their requirements is none other than vitamin C. As it so happens, apples contain high amounts of vitamin C.

This means that these fruits are great to let your cavies get their good dose of vitamin C. Both humans and guinea pigs are the same in the sense that they don’t have the ability to produce vitamin C on their own. This is why you have to make sure that your guinea pigs will get the correct amounts of this particular vitamin.

The method that is most common is giving your cavies nutritional pellets that they can eat or use additional supplements. You can also give it to them in the form of treats such as fresh vegetables and fruits.

Vitamin C is important for guinea pigs since it can promote the wellness and health of their skin, their joints, and the mucosal surfaces like the gums. This is also crucial to help your guinea pigs heal in case they sustain an injury. 

An inadequate amount of vitamin C can make guinea pigs more prone to skin issues, infections, and even scurvy. Some of the common signs that a guinea pig lacks vitamin C are the following:

  • Swollen feet or joints
  • Rough hair coat
  • Not eating well
  • Bruises or bleeds easily 
  • Refuses to walk
  • Has ulcers on gums or skin

You need to seek the help of your vet at the soonest time possible if your guinea pig shows any of the above signs.

Depending on the health of your guinea pigs, they need a minimum of 20 to 40mg of vitamin C daily. It also depends on the condition of your piggies. For example, a stressed or pregnant guinea pig will require more vitamin C than one with optimal health conditions. 

You see, apples are ideal for your guinea pigs to get their much-needed dose of vitamin C. But, guinea pigs should not consume fresh veggies and fruits daily as this can make them more prone to developing diabetes or becoming overweight.

Are apples safe for guinea pigs to eat?

To put it simply, yes, it is safe for guinea pigs to eat apples. But, due to the sweetness of these fruits, you need to monitor how much sweet fruits you give to your pets.

One apple a day can be considered as more than enough for guinea pigs because this contains fructose that has been proven to be dangerous if such a tiny creature eats it in high amounts.

Too much sugar may lead to hair loss and itching. It can also make them overweight, increase their risks of diabetes, cause digestive problems, and even shorten their lifespan. 

This is why it is necessary that you regulate how much apple you give to your cavy.

Can baby guinea pigs have apples?

A baby guinea pig should feed on formula or milk for at least their first six weeks. Afterward, you can then start introducing pellets and easing them to a diet composed of vegetables and fruits like apples.

Can guinea pigs eat apples everyday?

Can Guinea Pigs Eat Apples Everyday

Making your guinea pigs eat apples every day will not only be expensive for you as it can also expose them to high amounts of sucrose. Guinea pigs require food that they could chew on for a while as this is important for their dental health. Unfortunately, apples will not be able to fulfill this need.

It is also not a good thing to feed apples to your guinea pigs every single day. There are around 10 grams of sugar in an average apple and a single apple slice already contains around 1 gram of sugar. This 1 gram of sugar daily will already be too much for a guinea pig.

As such, apples must only be given as snacks for guinea pigs instead of staple foods that they eat every day. Apples contain a fair sugar amount and this is the reason why it overfeeding your cavy with apples can lead to digestive issues like bloating.

How much apples can guinea pigs eat in a week?

As a treat, you should only feed a few small apple slices to your guinea pig two times a week combined with other types of fruits and a balanced and stable diet. 

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