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Do guinea pigs like music

A lot of researches state that music can be helpful in calming our pets. But do Guinea pigs like music? Which type of music do they like? How do they react? These are some questions, which answers must be known by a guinea pet owner to keep their pet calm and comfortable, so let’s start talking about them in detail.

Will guinea pigs like music?

No doubt, Guinea pigs are magnificent pets. They are fun-loving and easy to play with, which makes them fabulous pets. When homeowners listen to music, it is not surprising that Guinean pigs enjoy music, and if they do, is it precedence? That’s why many pet owners have questions, particularly if they love music so much.

Do guinea pigs like music

Numerous guinea pig owners like play musical sounds around their pet guinea pigs to make them feel relaxed and peaceful. Some of them consider that their pets enjoy it, while others claim that they do not. Soft music calms some guinea pig pets, and that’s something you should adopt. It’s better to avoid rock and loud music as it may spoil their temper.

As guinea pigs live with humans, and they are compelled to listen to music at any point. But are guinea pigs like music? Several owners claim that their pets (Guiana pigs) like certain types of music, while others state that their pigs are afraid of certain songs.

No in-depth scientific study has been done on this issue. However, it is possible that “Guinea pigs like music?” depends on how they communicate.

Can guinea pigs listen to music?

Pets are an essential ingredient of our lives, and if you love to listen to music, it is comprehensible that Guinean pigs like to listen to music.

Because we usually share a living place with our lovely pet’s guinea pigs, so it increases the possibility that your guinea pig will be exposed to some kind of music in their life.

Most significantly, it is imperative to note that hearing in Guinea pigs is very advanced. Actually, they are very responsive to noise and sound as compared to humans. Guinea pigs developed a sensitive auditory system that aids to listen to potential predators. It is an adaptation for survival in the wild.

Because of this, guinea pigs can listen to music and react differently than humans. Some pigs may get pleasure from music, whereas others may suffer from unfamiliar and loud sounds.

There are a number of ways to determine if your guinea pig is enjoying music or not, including.

  • Their closed eyes
  • Jump in the air (Pop corning),
  • Keep eating as long as the music is playing,
  • Noise on materials (such as cleaning),
  • Be as active as in their everyday routine.

If the music is playing, your guinea pig feels overeating, which can indicate discomfort. Likewise, if your guinea pig is not busy with its normal activities or does not feel like it may be a sign that music is playing, then they are in trouble.

Which type of music do they like to listen to?

Which type of music do they like to listen to

As I discussed earlier, guinea pigs usually have a strong sense of hearing and do not enjoy loud music or noise. The loud, unexpected, or extended sounds can frighten your pet’s guinea pig, and constant exposure to loud noise can hurt their hearing.

In the wild, these rodents are prey. Their sturdy sense of hearing has developed as a defense mechanism to avoid potential predators. Therefore, guinea pigs’ hearing is pretty sensitive than humans.

Because of this, sounds, especially music that is considered normal for us, can be too fast or unbearable for guinea pigs. This discrepancy in sound sensitivity is considerable to adding music to your pet’s living place or its surroundings.

Soft and quiet music, including the sound of water, instrumental cover of your preferred songs, and the chimes, are considered incredibly soothing for your Guiana pig. Even guinea pig owners have claimed that their pet’s pigs have various tastes and preferences in the style of music.

When you have to choose the type of music that your guinea pig can enjoy, always select soft and calm music. In this way, your pet guinea pigs will be less likely to be stressed and feel relaxed and satisfied while listening.

How do they react to music?

How Guinea pigs react to music? It depends on their personality. Some guinea pigs like the music, while others can be very stressed. The music type also plays an imperative role in determining whether or not your guinea pig-like it. Repeating the same sounds/music over and over again often calms the guinea pig.

Every time they hear the same sound, they get accustomed to it. Their response to music depends on two other factors: the early day’s exposure and the uniqueness of the Guiana pigs.

As every human being has his own personality and has his own preferences, likes, and dislikes, so do guinea pigs. Some guinea pigs are going to enjoy music, and some are not.

There is not much we can say about their personality. The only part we have is a music show. Exposure at a young age also plays an essential role because they are very adaptable at an early age. If they listen to music these days, they will probably respond better than the other guinea pigs that came out later.

Does music calm guinea pigs?

While there is currently no specific scientific evidence to confirm or deny this, owners have claimed that certain types of music have a soothing effect on their pet guinea pigs.

Especially when music is left with your guinea pigs because they are very social animals, low volume and soft music are usually what we suggest when you have to cam your pet.

Music such as water sounds, piano music, bells, and relaxing music playlists. If you’re comfortable with soft music which is not too loud, your guinea pigs are more likely.

Do Guinea Pigs like to hear loud music?

Guinea pigs do not like loud music or noises. Their hearing sense is quite sensitive, and they can hear am extensive range of sounds.

As guinea pigs are more sensitive to sound than humans, so they utilize this ability in the wild to avoid predators. Even the slightest movement that humans can’t think of will escape through these rodents.

On the other hand, it also means that what seems trivial to us can be heavy for them and what is noisy for us can be agonizing for them. Therefore, it’s better to avoid loud sounds around guinea pigs, while the mild music works great for them.

The accurate volume level to play music for Guinea pigs

As mentioned earlier, Guinea pigs are more sensitive to sound than our humans. The guinea pigs’ hearing range is roughly 54 to 50.00 Hz. It means that loud or high-pitched sounds can be stressful and annoying for them.

Music can be destructive to your guinea pig’s ears, such as scream, rock, or anything that is louder or has too much base.

If you want to play this genre of music, it’s best to do it in low volume or when you are far from your pet guinea pigs. Therefore, we recommend that you play music at a moderate volume, loud enough to be heard, but not if you leave the room.

Numerous guinea pig owners know that because they are friendly animals, so they can often like to listen to music or leave the radio on as a company for them if they stay alone for extended periods all the day.

Moreover, if you are playing music for your guinea pet in the background, it should be very gentle and calm for them. And now you can find exclusive Guinea pig playlists on most famous platforms such as YouTube, Amazon Music, and some others that have suitable melodies for your pet to play with.

Do Guinea Pigs are scared of Music?

Claiming music is leaves a soothing effect on your guinea pigs. But they may be scared and frightened by music when it is too fast or have a too heavy tempo. It also relates to other fast-paced, loud sounds and high-frequency sounds.

As a responsible owner, you should always try to protect your guinea pig’s sensitive hearing from loud and aggressive sounds, such as the sound of your doors, alarm clock, subwoofers, loudspeakers, and screaming people.

Many different noises can be out of your control as a Guinea pig owner, so you need to raise awareness and limit the incidence and effects of such noises as much as possible.


In the end, I conclude that soft and calming music can make your pet guinea pig feel relaxed, enjoyed and give amazing company. In contrast, loud music can be harmful to them because of their sensitive hearing. So be choosy when it comes to picking a playlist for your pet guinea pig; otherwise, they will lose their hearing.

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