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Can Guinea Pigs eat Crackers? [Risks, Facts & More]

If you are a guinea pig owner, it can be tempting to share your favorite crackers with your cavies. Previously article we already share how dog can eat crackers but, can guinea pigs eat crackers too?

Guinea pigs are one of the cutest and most adorable pets in the world. What makes them even more lovable and endearing is how they tend to munch on their foods.

Can guinea pigs eat crackers

This is why many guinea pig owners usually get carried away that they end up feeling their pets with anything and everything they get their hands on.

However, there is one crucial thing you need to keep in mind. Guinea pigs cannot eat cooked or processed human food, which only means that they cannot eat junk food.

Crackers are typically confused as snacks. Unfortunately, while crackers are tasty snacks for humans, they can pose health hazard for your cavies. Read on below to know more about different types of crackers and whether or not you can let your guinea pigs eat them.

Could guinea pigs eat crackers

Crackers are baked foods often made from flour. Seasonings or flavorings like salt, seeds, herbs, or cheese may also be sprinkled on top or added to the dough before the crackers are baked. Crackers are usually branded as convenient and nutritious ways to consume a cereal grain or staple food. 

You can eat your crackers on their own or these can also be combined with other food items like meat slices or cheese, dips, and soft spreads including peanut butter, jam, and butter. 

But, here is the thing about these human snacks – guinea pigs cannot and should not consume crackers either in heavy dosage or even in moderation. 

Crackers can contain flour, oil, cheese, and salt that can cause different health issues in guinea pigs. It has also been proven that crackers are unfit for the digestive system of guinea pigs and can cause gas, bloating, and many other digestive issues.

The reason for this is quite simple – guinea pigs cannot digest snacks and sugary food unlike humans and some other house pets. 

Can guinea pigs eat saltine crackers

Saltine crackers ( also known as soda crackers )  are a type of crisp and thin crackers made with yeast, oil, wheat flour, and different flavorings. The traditional saltine cracker version is sprinkled with some salt on the top, which explains the name saltines.

These crackers with otherwise bland favors are consumed together with cheeses, salads, and soups. The crackers are usually crumbled then mixed with butter to be used as toppings over baked vegetables or casseroles. 

But, guinea pigs cannot eat saltine crackers for the obvious reason that they contain high levels of sodium content, that are not recommended for these cute pets. Large amounts of sodium can cause serious health problems such as heart disease, stroke, kidney stones, and high blood pressure. This is why you should never give saltine crackers to your cavies.. 

Can guinea pigs eat animal crackers

Animal crackers are a specific type of small cracker or cookie that is baked in the shapes of different animals, often those animals seen in circuses or at the zoos, such as elephants, tigers, bears, and African lions.

The most common and popular variety is slightly sweet and light-colored although there are also colorful frosted and chocolate-flavored varieties available.

Even if animal crackers are made with layered dough just like crackers, their flavor tends to be sweet but technically, it is still a cracker instead of a cookie.   

Once again, guinea pigs cannot eat animal crackers so you should never purposely give or feed them to them.

Can guinea pigs eat graham crackers

Graham crackers are sweet-flavored crackers made using graham flour. This originated in the US during the mid-19th century and its commercial development started around 1880. This is eaten as a form of snack food often with cinnamon or honey flavor and is also used as an ingredient in certain food recipes. But, no, guinea pigs cannot eat graham crackers at all.

Can guinea pigs eat ritz crackers

Ritz Crackers is the brand of snack crackers that Nabisco introduced in 193. The brand of Ritz Cracker is made by the subsidiary of Mondelēz International outside the US. These crackers are lightly salted, disc-shaped, have a finely scalloped edge, and have seven perforations. The sad news is that guinea pigs cannot eat Ritz Crackers. 

Can guinea pigs eat prawn crackers

Prawn cracker, in the English-speaking world, is the generic term used to refer to the fried puffy crackers that usually accompany Chinese takeout food. These crackers are usually white or even off-white even though it is also common to see multi-colored variants because of the different food colorings used. But, these unhealthy snacks are also a big no-no for your guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat goldfish crackers

Goldfish Crackers are the fish-shaped crackers produced by Pepperidge Farm, the division of Campbell Soup Company. These crackers are available in numerous varieties and ever since 1962, about 40% of these crackers contain a tiny imprint of a smile and an eye.

The current marketing, as well as product packaging of the brand, incorporate this particular feature of this product. This product is also marketed on the label as a baked snack cracker with different varieties and flavors. While these crackers are popular, it doesn’t mean that you should be giving them to your guinea pigs. 

Can guinea pigs eat cream crackers

Everyone loves having cream crackers at home and many of you surely eat these snacks all the time and every chance you get. Many even adore these crackers and would be willing to munch on them throughout the day.  

The best thing about cream crackers is that you can put almost anything and everything on them and these are great savory snacks. 

However, your guinea pigs cannot eat cream crackers.

The fat, phosphorus, sugar content, calcium, and oxalate content should always be your main concern when looking for foods to feed your guinea pigs.  It is also a must to make sure that your cavies get a decent quantity of vitamins C and A.

Unfortunately, in the case of cream crackers, these contain high grams of fat, and this alone means that your furry friend must stay away from them as far as their healthy diet is concerned.

You might feel that it is a shame that your guinea pigs cannot eat cream crackers. But, this will be for their safety and it will be better if you let them munch on the right foods that are healthy and good for them.  

Guinea pigs might nibble on cream crackers when presented to them but these are a big no for your pets. So, it is best to just keep your cream crackers to yourself and never feel guilty if you cannot share them with your cavy.

Can guinea pigs eat peanut butter crackers

No, guinea pigs can’t eat crackers with peanut butter. In the first place, peanuts are unsafe for guinea pigs due to their high fat and acid content. Aside from peanuts themselves, peanut butter crackers and peanut butter are both bad for guinea pigs so make sure that you don’t give any to your pets. Peanut butter is chewy and sticky so it may pose some choking hazards to your cavy.

Can guinea pigs eat cheese crackers

Crackers with cheese are one type of cracker that is prepared with the use of cheese as the main ingredient. Some other additional ingredients are also typically used in the crackers including flour, grain, salt content, leavening, shortening, and different seasonings. All of these ingredients are then formed into the dough to prepare the individual crackers. This time, the answer is still a no. Guinea pigs cannot eat cheese crackers. 

Can guinea pigs eat oyster crackers

Oyster crackers are tiny salted crackers that are usually round with a diameter of around 15 millimeters although it is also common to find slightly smaller varieties in a hexagonal shape. These crackers are usually served with clam chowder and oyster stew and contain the same ingredients as those of saltine crackers. And for that very reason, guinea pigs cannot eat oyster crackers.

Do guinea pigs eat crackers

Guinea pigs are guinea pigs and for sure, they will eat crackers if you give them to them. But, while guinea pigs do eat crackers, it doesn’t mean that they can and they should eat them.

Should guinea pigs eat crackers

No, guinea pigs shouldn’t eat crackers. These foods are just too dense for your cavies and the caloric content of these dense foods may lead to rapid weight gain. This is dangerous as this can result in many diseases for your pets.

Crackers are also not the healthiest foods. These should only be snacks for humans and are not necessarily good or healthy choices. Guinea pigs aren’t supposed to feed on these foods since they don’t contain essential nutrients that are important for their overall health.

Are crackers good for guinea pigs

Are crackers bad for guinea pigs? There is only one good thing about crackers and that is the fact that they don’t contain calcium. It might be good for guinea pigs since calcium can result in kidney and bladder stone formation in guinea pigs. But, this single benefit doesn’t mean that crackers are beneficial for guinea pigs. Besides, there are a lot of nutrients that lack in crackers so it is nothing but a minor and unimportant benefit.

Here are other reasons why crackers are not good for guinea pigs:

Digestive problems

One of the risks of feeding crackers to your guinea pigs is that these foods have high-fat content. A guinea pig’s digestive system is delicate and they will suffer from an upset belly after they eat crackers. Guinea pigs cannot consume excessive amounts of salt as well. Crackers have too much salt, guinea pigs won’t be able to digest it well and this may lead to salt poisoning or stomach upset.

The additional flour, oils, and salt will also cause excessive thirst, gases, bloating, or constipation, all of which can have deadly consequences for your pets.

Lack of vitamins A and C

Crackers don’t contain essential nutrients that guinea pigs need for optimal functioning and health. For one, these foods don’t contain the most essential vitamin C. This is a crucial vitamin for cavies and without this, they may suffer from various health problems and illnesses. Guinea pigs that lack vitamin C may also develop scurvy, a disease that results from vitamin C deficiency.

Crackers don’t contain vitamin A, a crucial antioxidant that protects them from free radical damage. It is also a vitamin that fights off inflammation that also helps improve the eyesight of your piggies.

How much crackers can guinea pigs eat

Guinea crackers should never eat even a single piece of cracker for them to stay safe and healthy.  

How often can guinea pigs eat cracker

It is never recommended to feed crackers to your guinea pigs not even once a month or even once a year.

Can guinea pigs eat crackers everyday

Crackers might not be toxic but they are also not healthy so your guinea pigs should never eat crackers, much less daily. There are still a lot of healthier and safer foods that your cavies can eat daily and crackers are not among them.

Can baby guinea pigs eat crackers

No, both adult and baby guinea pigs cannot eat crackers. It might be riskier for young cavies to eat these foods because of their small and delicate bellies.

The Bottom Line

While other pets are lucky enough to eat and snack on foods to their heart’s desire, the same thing doesn’t apply to guinea pigs. So, to answer your question, no, guinea pigs cannot eat crackers. Crackers do not have much nutritional benefits to guinea pigs. Fresh vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and carrots are always a better option.

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