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Can guinea pigs eat pears

No doubt pears are the favorite fruit of all of us. Not only their fresh sweet and juicy taste refreshes everyone, but they also have plenty of health benefits due to the healthy nutrients they contain. 

Can guinea pigs eat pears? Are pears good for guinea pigs? These are the questions every guinea pig parent asks us. Well, we got answers to all of your questions here in this article, so let’s dive into it to find out.

Can guinea pigs eat pears

Can guinea pigs have pears

Can guinea pigs have pears

Yes! Guinea pigs can also enjoy the fresh slice of Pears. As you know that the primary diet of guinea pigs is hay, but you have to supplement their diet once in a while to keep them fit and healthy. When it comes to a supplementary diet, there could be nothing better than Pears because Pears contain all the necessary minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and nutrients that will keep the guinea pigs healthy.

However, when we say that Pears are good for the health of guinea pigs, it does not mean that you should be feeding them Pears all day and night. Keep in mind that Pears have an acidic nature therefore you should only offer them a calculated and limited amount of Pear only. 

Can guinea pigs eat pear skin

Now if you are wondering if guinea pigs can eat pear skin then the answer is yes! Guinea pigs can eat pear skin. However, keep in mind that pear skin also contains some amount of sugar, and feeding too much pear skin can also cause serious trouble to the health of guinea pigs.

Can guinea pigs eat frozen pear

Yes! Guinea pigs can eat frozen pear but due to the breakdown of enzymes during freezing, they don’t have many nutrients left in them. Still, frozen pear can be a great treat for guinea pigs in summer. 

Can guinea pigs have canned pear

No! You should not feed canned pear to guinea pigs because canned pear contains artificial flavors, chemicals, and preservatives that can be dangerous for the general health of guinea pigs. Instead, give them fresh and organic pear.  

Can guinea pigs have pear juice

Serving pear juice to guinea pigs can be a bad idea. Why? Because pear juice contains a higher concentration of sugar that can cause diarrhea, diabetes and other complications in the guinea pig.

Other fruits that guinea pigs can eat

If you don’t have pears in your area or your guinea pigs are not interested in eating pear then you can feed the other fruits like apple and oranges. They also contain healthy ingredients and are safe for guinea pigs.

Benefits of eating pears for guinea pigs

Nutrition FactsRaw Pears
Net carbs12.1g
Vitamin A1μg
Vitamin A IU25IU
Vitamin C4.3mg
Vitamin E0.1mg
Vitamin K4.4μg
For a Serving Size of 100 grams (100g) raw pears

Pears have a lot of health benefits for guinea pigs and some of them are given in details below:

  1. Pears contain 84% water, which means that feeding Pears will keep the guinea pigs healthy and hydrated all the time. Staying hydrated itself has many benefits like clear skin, good growth, and much more.
  2. Guinea pigs cannot produce vitamins themselves. Pears are enriched with vital vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin K that play an important role by supporting the immune system of guinea pigs and protect them from different diseases. Fruits and vegetables are the perfect diets to fulfill the demand for vitamins in guinea pigs.

What is the right quantity of pear for guinea pigs

Normally, the ideal quantity of Pear you should be feeding guinea pigs is 1-2 small slices per week. However, if you are going to offer them Pear for the first time then you are advised to give them a very small quantity only and carefully observe if they liked it or not because guinea pigs may prefer some other fruits as well. If they are not eating the Pears then you should not force them to eat because they have their own choice. 

However, if the guinea pig is showing an allergy or any other adverse effect after eating Pears then you should immediately discontinue feeding pears. 

Is there any negative impact on health of guinea pigs after eating pears?

It is a well-known fact that excess of everything is bad. No matter how many health benefits Pears have, if you will feed them in the wrong quantity then they will surely hurt the health of guinea pigs.

Pears contain fibers that ensure the smooth working of the digestive system of guinea pigs. However, pears are acidic at the same time and may lead to conditions like sour mouth and diarrhea. Pears have a sweet taste, which means that they also contain some levels of sugar. So, if you will feed too much pear to guinea pigs then they will have an excessive amount of sugar in their body which can lead to obesity, diarrhea, and diabetes, etc. 

Tip: If you observe that your guinea pig is becoming more and more obese since you are feeding pear then it is a sign that you should cut down the quantity of pear you are offering to it.

How to serve pears to guinea pigs

If you have no idea about how you should serve pears to guinea pigs, don’t worry! We will teach you everything:

1. Thoroughly Wash the Pears

Always keep in mind that you should never offer pears to guinea pigs without washing them properly. The surface of pears may contain some harmful pathogens along with some chemicals that if consumed, can have a terrible impact on the health of guinea pigs. 

2. Cut the Pear into Small Slices

The next step after washing is to cut the pear into small slices. It is very important because if the slices are too big, guinea pigs may have trouble eating them. 

3. Remove the Seeds

Don’t forget to remove the seeds from the pears before offering them to the guinea pigs. Why? Because the seeds present in pears contain cyanide which is dangerous for the health of guinea pigs.

4. Put the Slices in their Bowl

Now your pear is ready to be delivered, so put it in the bowl of guinea pigs and let them enjoy.

5. Remove the Old Slices

Make sure to remove the old pear slices after a few hours otherwise it will become a hub of bacteria, germs, flies, and make the life of guinea pigs miserable. 

Final Words

Guinea pigs can eat pears and pears are very healthy for their health as they contain vitamins, minerals, and other healthy nutrients. However, make sure to offer them a calculated and limited amount of pear, ideally, 1-2 slices per week because pears are acidic and also contain sugar, so if you will over-feed pears then they will have an excessive amount of sugar and acid in their body which can lead complicated medical problems. Do you feed your guinea pig cantaloupe?


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