Last Updated : December 1, 2022

Can dogs eat ranch [The hidden truth]

One of the most versatile dips perfect for salads, chicken nuggets, and pizza is none other than ranch. But, due to its milk content, there are fur parents who cannot help but wonder if they can also share it with their pups. Can dogs have ranch, then?

Can dogs have ranch

No, dogs shouldn’t have a ranch. Although small amounts of it are safe for pets to consume, ranch happens to contain some ingredients that are toxic for canines, specifically garlic and onions.

Can dogs eat ranch

On top of that, ranch also lacks any nutritional benefit for dogs, with its high amounts of salt potentially causing them to become sick. This is the reason why you have to make sure that you keep ranch out of your dog’s reach.

Is ranch bad for your dog

Yes, ranch may be bad for dogs. This delish dip is not appropriate for canine consumption due to its ingredients that can make them get sick. Most of the time, ranch contains garlic and onions, two of the top things that dogs should never have at all cost.

There is also no reason for dogs to eat ranch in the first place. After all, it doesn’t offer them any nutritional benefits. All that you can find in ranch are calories, fat, sodium, carbs, cholesterol, and zero traces of protein.

For most dogs, the caloric content of ranch is just too much while the amount of salt is downright dangerous. If ever you have a smaller pooch, it is more likely for your pet to suffer from an upset stomach even from just eating ranch in small servings.

You also have to remember that ranch doesn’t have any protein at all and as you already know, protein is one of the most essential nutrients that dogs need.

Does ranch have healthy ingredients for dogs

The truth is that ranch doesn’t have a lot of ingredients that can be considered healthy for dogs. So far, out of the most common ingredients that you can often find in ranch dressing recipes, dill happens to be the sole ingredient that dogs may be able to consume with no caveats.

Meanwhile, the rest of its ingredients can be considered as either okay for dogs but may contain excessive amounts of unhealthy fat while others are just downright toxic and must be avoided whatever happens.

But, most importantly, many recipes must only be used for making ranch for your consumption. There are some human foods whose homemade versions are said to be better and safer for dogs because you can decide what goes into them. However, the same rule doesn’t apply to ranch. This means that even made at the home ranch might be equally dangerous for your pup in many ways.

On the other hand, the commercial type of ranch that you can find in local food stores is often packed with all sorts of preservatives and ingredients that you would never want near your dog either.

What are the dangerous ingredients in ranch for dogs

There are a lot of dangerous ingredients for dogs in ranch that will depend on the specific flavor and brand that you buy. Many of these products contain herbs, salt, garlic, onion, and milk. Consumption of these ingredients in large quantities will make your dog suffer from an upset stomach.

You should also avoid giving ranch to your pup if he is lactose intolerant. Onions and garlic can also be quite toxic for canines so you need to make sure that they don’t eat them. Below is a quick overview of the more dangerous ingredients found in ranch:

1. Herbs

Although some herbs are safe for dogs to eat, there are a lot of harmful herbs out there. Dogs should never eat ginger, chia seeds, oregano, and chives, just to name a few. Depending on the specific flavor of the ranch dressing that you chose, these herbs may be found in the dip.

2. Mustard

Mustard is something that comes from the seed that is quite toxic for canines. Eating mustard can make your pup suffer from vomiting, stomach pain, gastroenteritis, or diarrhea. Contact your vet right away if your pet has consumed a large amount of mustard or ranch unintentionally.

3. Onion and garlic

Onion and garlic are ingredients that can be very toxic for all dogs, small and large alike. These two ingredients come from a similar food family and both contain high levels of thiosulfate. This substance is highly toxic for canines that may endanger their red blood cells and lead to anemia. It is important to contact your vet if your pooch seems lethargic and weak.

4. Salt

It is very likely for sodium-ion poisoning to occur if your pet consumes excessive amounts of salt. As it so happens, ranch dressing can contain enough sodium that can be dangerous for puppies and even small dogs. You need to get in touch with the pet poison helpline right away if you suspect that your dog suffers from salt poisoning.

Can your dog have ranch dressing

No, your dog should never have ranch dressing. There are several websites online claiming that a small amount of ranch dressing will not be harmful to your beloved pet.

Well, it might be true that small amounts of ranch dressing are fine for canines. But, you should not allow your pooch to consume ranch dressing in large amounts since it contains certain toxic ingredients that may have negative effects on the overall health of your dog. Ranch dressing doesn’t offer any health benefits not only for dogs but even for you.

This is why it is always recommended that you keep this type of salad dressing away from your fur baby. It means that you have to be careful when throwing away those ranch leftovers in the trash since the last thing that you want is for your pup to rummage through your garbage bin and get access to that ranch you weren’t able to finish after last night’s dinner.

Can your dog have chips with ranch flavor

No, dogs should never eat chips with ranch flavor or any other types of foods for that matter with ranch as one of their ingredients.

Ranch chips are even much unhealthier for canines because they have higher amounts of salt compared to the ranch dressing itself. Your dog can get sick if your pooch consumes an entire bag of ranch-flavored chips.

In general, any form of ranch dressing is bad for dogs. Some people seem to assume that chips are fine because they used the powdered form of the dressing. But, the powder itself still contains all of the ingredients of the dressing, making it extremely unhealthy for your dog. Instead of letting your dog eat ranch-flavored chips, it is best to look for other snack alternatives that are safer and healthier for them.

What do the vets have to say about ranch for dogs

According to the vets, there is no reason for worries unless your dog eats large amounts of ranch. Your dog will be alright if he just eats one to two spoonfuls of this dressing. This is because there is not enough salt, garlic, or onion in a single tablespoon to make it dangerous for your dog. But, you still need to be ready because you might need to deal with diarrhea or vomiting.

If your pet looks healthy otherwise, try giving him bland food for several days. Also, it is more important to keep a closer eye on small dogs since even a tiny concentration of dangerous substances may already have some significant effects. But, most of the time, it won’t be that much of an issue.

When should you bring your pup to the vet after eating ranch

If your pup is sick, it will always be a wise idea to contact your vet and ask for their professional opinion. Your vet will ask you to go to the clinic if they notice any concerns. However, if they don’t see the need to see your pup in person, they can still you give some advice on how to deal with the problem.

But, it might be necessary to bring your pooch to the vet if he starts showing signs or symptoms of poisoning such as:

  • Agitation
  • Excessive drooling
  • Exhaustion
  • Intense thirst
  • Panting
  • Pale gums
  • Vomiting or nausea
  • Weakness

But, if your dog only consumed a small amount, it might not be likely for him to get sick. Most of the time, the only time to worry is if your pet consumes an entire bowl of the dressing.

So, the next time you decide to grab some ranch for dipping your favorite chips, never leave the room with the dressing accessible to your pup. This way, you can have peace of mind knowing that your dog doesn’t consume any of the toxic ingredients found in ranch.

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