Last Updated : November 29, 2022

Can dogs eat funyuns

Any certified snack lover is familiar with Funyuns. Many of you can quickly devour an entire pack in just one sitting. As you go munching these treats, have you ever wondered if Fido can also eat them? Can dogs eat Funyuns?

Can dogs have funyuns

As expected, it is unlikely for Funyuns to be suitable food for your dog, considering that these snacks are meant to replicate onion rings, not to mention that they are also high in sodium and fat. All of these are big no-nos as far as canines are concerned.

Can dogs eat funyuns

While a chip or two might not cause a lot of issues, it doesn’t take more than this for them to pose some serious potential dangers to the overall health of your dog.

Can dogs consume funyuns

Funyuns is a branded company of flavored onion snacks that many people love eating during their free time. PepsiCo initially started the company in 1969 in the US. It was invented by George Bigner, an employee of Frito-Lay.

The name Funyuns sounds like an onion when pronounced slowly. This is a type of chip made with onion flavors and is mainly consumed during snack time.

Funyuns are not recommended for dogs to consume due to their onion flavor that is considered to be toxic for canines.

Does dogs like funyuns

It is rare to see a dog that will say no to snacks, especially chips and other crunchy treats. This is why it is safe to assume that most dogs will like Funyuns.

But, can they eat it? The answer is a big no. 

Even if you love your pup to bits, it is better to stick to the safe side and avoid the temptation of feeding your pet with onion-flavored snacks.

Your dog will not fall ill because of the onion flavoring or content. The truth is that there is not enough garlic or onion in the chips to make even small dogs sick, even if they finish an entire bag. The danger here doesn’t lie in the onion ring imitation.

What can make your onion ring imitation sick are the extremely high levels of sodium and fat present in Funyuns. Even just a few servings can quickly exceed the daily fat limit of your pet. It will just take 6 chips to exceed the sodium amount that your pup can safely eat in a day. 

Eating excessive sodium and fat can lead to salt poisoning and pancreatitis, respectively. Avoid the potential risks on your pet’s life and give him something healthier instead.

Should dogs eat funyuns

No, dogs shouldn’t eat Funyuns. There is no reason for them to do so. Many dog owners make the mistake of feeding their pooch the foods they eat. However, remember that the body structure of your dog is different from yours, specifically your digestive system. It is best to stick with foods that are safer and healthier for your pet.   

While an occasional piece or two might not hurt, going overboard can be dangerous and sometimes even fatal for canines. Funyuns are not among those snacks that dogs should be eating in the first place. 

Are funyuns OK for dogs

Only small amounts of onion and garlic powder are added to Funyuns that won’t probably be dangerous or harmful for dogs. The doses of onion and garlic flavor in the snack are pretty much negligible and you could hardly taste the two ingredients’ flavor. Dogs would have to consume several bags and bags or packages or Funyuns for these snacks to be truly unhealthy.

But when large amounts are consumed, Funyuns may put your dog at risk of onion poisoning. Onions and garlic are part of the Allium plant family and once dogs eat these in moderately large quantities, they may lead to some serious medical issues. There are instances when canines also have additional sensitivity right from birth, and in this case, even small quantities of onions can be almost fatal.

The good news for dog owners is that there is a very small chance for Funyuns to contain large quantities of onion powder. But, it is still better to err on the safe side and avoid letting your pet eat large amounts of this snack.

How often can dogs eat funyuns

Dogs should never eat Funyuns too often. Funyuns are made with fried cornmeal as the base together with MSG aroma and onion powder. The dough for making the onion rings doesn’t contain real onion. A small amount of onion powder is already enough.

These delish snacks may seem like perfect snacks for dogs but these contain high amounts of fat and sodium. These are the two things that make Funyuns negative for dogs. There is no issue with just a piece or two of onion rings but anything beyond this can lead to risks that can endanger the overall health of your pet. 

Can dogs have funyuns every day

No, dogs cannot eat Funyuns every day. The constant intake of garlic and onions can lead to inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract of dogs or even gastroenteritis.

Some of the signs that a dog might be suffering from this specific medical condition that owners must watch out for include diarrhea, excessive drooling, nausea, and vomiting. It doesn’t even take a lot of onions for these snacks to weaken their health or for the dog to become ill.

Can puppies eat funyuns

Even though consumption of large amounts of Funyuns doesn’t represent serious threats to the health of your pooch, dogs, including puppies should never eat Funyuns. Those dog owners who love their pets and are concerned about their health conditions should always resist the temptation of letting them munch on these snacks.

The different flavors or content of onion and garlic of Funyuns is not the reason why dogs get sick. The truth is that there is not enough garlic or onion in Funyuns to make canines sick even when they are only small breeds. While a dog may eat an entire bag of Funyuns, it will not pose a risk to the pup because onion rings are not harmful. The high sodium and fat content are what make dogs sick after eating packs of Funyuns.

Several servings of onion rings can easily go beyond a dog’s daily fat limit. Just 6 rings of onions from the snack are more than enough for dogs to exceed the sodium amount that is safe for them to eat per day.

While it won’t hurt for you to pamper your pets with tasty snacks like Funyuns, make sure you don’t go exceed the safe quantities to keep your canine healthy.

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