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Can dogs eat nutella [What You Need to Know]

One of the most flavorful foods there is Nutella. It works great on pancakes, waffles, toast, bagels, apples, and ice cream. In short, it’s just about anything. So when you consume Nutella, it’s like a delight for your taste buds. But can dogs eat Nutella? If yes, then how do they affect your dogs? Let’s move to discuss it in detail.

Nutella is a sweet hazelnut cocoa cream produced by Ferrero, an Italian brand that is the third major chocolate producer worldwide. It can be consumed in various ways and generally used as a topping for pancakes, breakfast toasts, or other food items.

Can dogs eat nutella

As chocolate is dangerous for dog’s health, and it is the main ingredient of this spread. Chocolate may include numerous toxic elements such as theobromine, caffeine, fats, and others, which cause rapid heart rate, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Can dogs have nutella?

It is a spreadable cream or pastes made with milk, sugar, cocoa, and hazelnuts. All of these ingredients are potentially dangerous and unnecessary additions to your dog’s food list. So any foodstuff that has chocolate should be avoided to feed to your dog.

Dogs can’t feed Nutella as in the best case; it adds zero value to their diet and can cause weight gain or other long-term consequences. While in severe cases, your pet may suffer from dangerous inflammation such as pancreatitis and gastroenteritis.

The paste’s main ingredient is cocoa, which is highly toxic to dogs. Therefore, although the amount is not enough to affect the health of an average dog, it is suggested that canines not be eat anything containing chocolate, even in a small amount.

Moreover, sometimes it’s hard not to share your delicious food with your beloved puppy, especially when they stare at you with big pleading eyes. So to take care of their health and keep them happy, you can use a trick to provide them with healthy dog snakes and share the best moment with your furry companion.

Can dogs consume nutella?

Nutella is a mixture of numerous toxic ingredients, which may lead to a range of health conditions.

In fact, any food item containing chocolate should not be eaten by your dog. It is harmful to your dog as it has theobromine. The side effects of this chemical are comparable to coffee because it is an excitant. If consumed in large quantities by a dog, it may lead to vomiting, internal bleeding, agitation, increased heart rate, and seizures.

Even though it is quickly metabolized in humans, dogs are not capable of it, meaning it increases their body mass and makes it toxic. Some dogs breeds also find that the lactose, cocoa butter, and sugar in cocoa give them a stomach upset. So generally, dogs get a lot of saturated fat and other nasty things to eat safely in Nutella.

Does dogs like nutella?

Dogs like sugary and sticky food. Naturally, your dog is attracted to chocolate, and for the same reasons, you are! Chocolate contains a toxic chemical compound, which makes your pet and stomach upset. That’s why our dogs will defiantly love to consume Nutella, which is not suitable for their health.

If you are also a Nutella spread lover and your dog is also addicted to it, you can try a trick to get rid of the habit. For instance, if you skip toast or any other food item spread with Nutella, your pet is more likely to throw it away too soon!

The main problem is that Nutella is high in sugar, fat, and other ingredients. And it may be possible that the product may contain xylitol, an artificial sweetener that is highly toxic to dogs.

Should dogs eat nutella?

This delicious cream spread is specially designed for humans according to their internal body system. While dogs are different from humans so try to avoid them with this food.

As Nutella is full of cocoa, certain chemicals are found in it, known as Methylxanthines- caffeine, and theobromine that are risky to consume for the canine. However, two tablespoons of Nutella include less than 64 milligrams of methylxanthine per ounce. Therefore, it represents that an ounce of Nutella for a healthy 10-pound dog does not cause any severe symptoms.

Moreover, if you utilize 64 mg as a moderate estimate of the Nutella’s concentration, more than 3.5 ounces could cause considerable issues, including the heart and CNS (Central nervous system). ) Any amount of Nutella may lead to stomach upset.

The most common indications linked with chocolate consumption include: Hyperactivity, Speedy heart rate, Diarrhea, Restlessness, Tremors, Seizures, Panting, and even death may occur.

Is nutella ok for dogs?

The answer is obviously no. Nutella provides no nutritional value for your pet and can be more harmful than good if consumed daily. Furthermore, as I already discussed, the main components are not suitable for your pet, although small amounts will not harm your dog.

Making a Nutella as a treat for your dog, daily or weekly, may cause some severe long-term consequences and compromise their health.

Sugar and Fats

There should be no place for sugar and fats in a healthy diet plan for your dog. This is because they have a hard time digesting fats, while fats have the same effect on your pets as humans: they will also cause them to gain weight.

Apparently, it is not a severe problem. Still, it would help if you considered that a chubby dog is at high risk of developing chronic diseases, including diabetes mellitus, which requires lifetime therapy and shorten its life.

Obese dogs can easily cause cancer, heart disease, and other conditions. Your veterinarian should review your pet’s medical history; it will help him to recommend the best and healthy diet for your dog.


Chocolate powder or cocoa is toxic to dogs because it has theobromine and caffeine, which can badly affect dogs ‘nervous systems and heart health. This ingredient can also be found in tea bags and even in some cookies.  In addition, it can make your pet sick and even deadly to them.

Dogs that consume cocoa in large amounts may experience increased heart rate, high blood pressure, and seizures. But Nutella contains a minimal amount of chocolate, which is so tiny that it may not concern with your dog’s health at all.

This fantastic paste looks like a chocolate paste, but it’s actually full of sugar and hazelnuts. The reason for this is that when Perio Ferrero first prepared it, there was a scarcity of cocoa in Italy due to the global conflict, so he was looking to find an alternative.

However, still, there is a certain quantity of cocoa in Nutella, so it’s not dangerous for some breeds of healthy dogs if consumed in small amounts. But a small percentage of cocoa can put already sick dogs, puppies, and old dogs at high risk.

How often can dogs eat nutella?

As Nutella is a specified human food, it should not be shared with pets. But one teaspoon of this spread should not put your dog at risk of severe chocolate poisoning. An average dog (16 lbs) will have to consume more than 5 ounces of milk chocolate to be in danger of severe toxicity.

In the worst case, your canine may experience vomiting or diarrheas, which can usually be treated at home with a petite fast, followed by a small, frequent quantity of modest food until the signs resolve. After that, gradually move towards the regular diet.

 Moreover, observe for restlessness, increased heart rate, loss of appetite, lathery, and persistent stomach upset.  Your veterinarian should notice these indications as they are the symptoms of chocolate poisoning.

Can dogs have nutella every day?

Due to a large amount of sugar and fat, even a small amount of Natella can cause stomach pain or itching in your pouch. In addition, overdose can cause serious health problems in your dog, such as pancreatitis, increased heart rate, internal bleeding, irritability, and seizures.

Regular use of sweet hazelnut cacao paste may cause obesity, overweight, and heart diseases in your pet due to high sugar content. Therefore, it is recommended, if you want to add it to your pet food menu, give it in small quantities as a combo with other foods.

Can puppies eat nutella?

When it comes to puppies, Nutella is dangerous for their gentle stomach. They just require healthy foodstuff containing all essential nutrients at an early age, which helps them grow fast. While Nutella adds no nutritional value and is dangerous for your adorable little pets. Keep them away from foods containing toxic ingredients such as chocolate or hazelnuts.


Hence, Nutella spread is not suitable food for your dog, as it may lead to severe health conditions. So it’s not good to serve your dog with Nutella regularly. In addition, it is fat and contains no vitamins or minerals that your dog may need. We suggest you provide your pet with healthy stuff only.

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