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Can dogs eat ramen [Detailed Answer]

Ramen is famous in humans as they are delicious, nutritious, and economical. But can dogs eat ramen? Many dog owners who like to share their food with their pets want to know about it. So In this guide, I am going to talk about it. Keep reading till the end to get a deep insight.

Ramen is a Japanese noodle soup that consists of wheat flour, water, salt, and some additional flavors. These noodles are enriched with enough manganese and iron, but they lack necessary supplements, including protein, potassium, fiber, magnesium, and Vitamin B12.

Can dogs eat ramen

Top ramen flavors include Lime Chili Shrimp Flavor, Picante Chicken Flavor, Creamy Chicken Flavor, Roast Chicken Flavor, and the list goes on.

Dogs can eat ramen without added flavors as they are toxic to them. But too much intake can disturb your pet’s stomach and may result in a deficiency of essential nutrients.

Can dogs have ramen?

As ramen is a cheap and quick food for humans but is it foodstuff that is not dangerous for your dog?

Scientists have noticed that both humans and dogs have the same gastric makeup, but don’t put this Japanese noodle pack in the microwave so far. Let’s explore this canines’ anatomy more to understand what happens when they consume noodles.

First of all, similar to humans, dogs also have saliva, but it lacks the enzyme that necessitates breaking down cooked noodles.

Next, the dogs have a burly gag reflex.  So when they intake food such as ramen noodles that are not chewed properly, they can consider the noodle’s length and throw it back. While throwing up doesn’t mean your pet is not feeling well or dislikes noodles. Instead, it’s a way their body sends a signal that something is wrong.

Moreover, canines have three to four types of acidity. As a result, their stomachs often reach acid levels, such as the battery acid of a car.

Can dogs eat raw ramen?

Even though raw noodles are not dangerous for your dog, but try to avoid them. Sometimes it’s difficult for your dog to digest such crunchy food. And to end with, it will do more damage to the canine’s digestive system.

Can dogs eat instant ramen?

These instant noodles should not be feed to dogs because they are full of salt and flavor powder. But, if your pet has accidentally swallowed one or two noodle strands from your bowl, don’t worry. Keep an eye on its behavior and consult your veterinarian if you observe anything unusual.

Can dogs eat spicy ramen?

Spicy ramen is also referred to as seasoning ramen. In seasoning, spices such as white pepper, curry powder, cinnamon, red chili flakes, and even cumin are added to enhance the noodle’s taste. However, spicy foods are toxic to your dogs and cause stomach pain, gas, and diarrhea.  So it’s better to avoid your dog feeding spicy reman.

Can dogs eat plain ramen?

Plain ramen offers no crucial health nutrients as they consist of salt, water, and wheat flour. If you feed them to your dog, they are okay because they are non-toxic. But excessive intake may lead to stomach upset, diarrhea, and kidney problems, as they are enriched with sodium.

Can dogs eat chicken ramen noodles?

Yeah, dogs enjoy the chicken ramen noodles only if the chicken is added in plain noodles (without flavor). You also have to opt to add steamed or boiled chicken pieces to ramen. Some owners also want to give their dog’s canned chicken noodles soup which is not a preferable choice due to its high sodium content.

Can dogs eat ramen broth?

Ramen soup is so yummy. It is usually prepared from stock based on pork or chicken, with a range of ingredients such as soya sauce, salt, wheat noodles, and some others. It also includes pork bones, sheaf butter, and onions. In addition, some modern ramen soups may also contain vegetables.

So your dog, take the ramen soup prepared with chicken, not veggies. Serve this delicious ramen broth only occasionally and in moderation.

Furthermore, if you are making soup especially for your pet, it’s better to prepare it at home because store-bought chicken noodle soup has some ingredients that can harm your dog.

Do dogs like ramen?

Technically, most breeds of dogs can eat ramen noodles, but it doesn’t mean they should. As I discussed before, ramen noodles are non-toxic to dogs, but they are very salty and have a flavorful powder

These ingredients are not suitable for humans either, so let alone dogs. If your pet eats ramen while hiking or if he enjoys some ramen noodles at home), he’ll be okay. But you should absolutely not make it a routine to feed your dog ramen noodles, as long usage may lead to bad health conditions.

Should dogs eat ramen?

Your pet (dog) can actually enjoy ramen noodles. Giving your dog a small amount of well-cooked noodles without onions and garlic does not pose a severe health risk to your dog. It’s better to include ramen noodles as a supplement to your dog’s variety of meals.

In other words, as a responsible owner, you shouldn’t add ramen noodles, an essential item, to your dog’s food list. However, supplying your pet with a large number of ramen noodles can lead to health problems, including heart problems, pancreatitis, weight gain, hypertension, and diarrhea. So moderation is the key; you must consider it.

Are ramen noodles bad for dogs?

Although ramen noodles may have a delicious taste, they provide minimal nutritional value to your pet’s diet. The noodles are enriched with a lot of sodium, over 1,800 mg per pack, which shows that it’s not the best choice for your canine. Besides the dangerously high salt intake, ramen also lacks the essential nutrients and protein that are vital for your dog’s health.

Of course, dogs have unique health requirements that involve a high-nutrition and comprehensive diet. Your dog’s food list should include a balanced mix of vitamins, fats, minerals, carbohydrates, and proteins derived from natural food items such as whole grains, meat, and vegetables. Therefore, by serving your dog ramen regularly, you are depriving him of essential nutrients.

Moreover, due to intake of ramen, there is a possible allergy to your dog. For instance, if your pet is allergic to wheat or flour, you may observe the symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, recurrent ear infections, and Irritation or itching of the skin.

So if you notice these signs in your dog, it may be allergic to wheat. It is advisable that to stop serving wheat-based foods and make out if the symptoms are clear. It’s better to contact your veterinarian if your dog has frequent vomiting or diarrhea.

How often can dogs eat ramen?

As you know, excessive use of anything can be harmful. The same rules apply to your adorable dog’s food list.  Supply them healthy diet in a controlled amount to keep them fit.

Similarly, roman noodles can be fed to your pet 1 to 2 times a week, with some other healthy foodstuff.  So make sure to supply ramen noodles occasionally and as a bit of a treat, not as an ingredient of your pet’s daily diet.

Ramen noodles are not uncommon in pup’s food as their stomach acid can only break down the big pieces of bones and meat. Therefore, dog use of ramen noodles may lead to acid flow, diarrhea and gas bubbles.

Can dogs have ramen every day?

Ramens are not dangerous for dogs, and if you eat them from time to time (occasionally), your pet will have no problem. Such as you can supply ramen to your dog with some other healthy foods such as meat, chicken, and products that are easy to digest for them.

However, if these Japanese noodles are added to your dog’s everyday diet, he can suffer from long-term health complications, such as infections and illness.

Can puppies eat ramen?

Puppies, like most human babies, rise at a rapid rate. To develop a strong and healthy body, they rely on the proper nutrition that their canine mother or owners supply. They also develop digestive systems that are just becoming accustomed to the world around them and are extremely sensitive.

Adult dogs, on the other hand, are simply maintaining their body weight. Although this Japanese food is not the best for them, they can digest it more easily.

Before four weeks, the puppies should definitely not eat ramen noodles as they can’t consume solid foodstuff yet. In addition, puppies require a high-calorie diet to help them grow, and the small nutritional value of ramen is the opposite.


Hence, after a detailed talk, we come to the point that ramen is non-toxic to your dog if used in moderation. Since they add no nutritional value to your pet’s meal, you can occasionally provide to add taste. I hope you will find this guide useful and it will help you to update your knowledge.

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