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Why does my dog cry when he sees another dog

Dogs usually love to play with other dogs especially if they are living in a house alone for a very long time. While they get excited and happy most of the time, they can sometimes have issues as well. If you host a visitor or guest at your home who comes with their dog as well, you may notice a strange behavior of your dog.

Sometimes they just start crying when they see another dog and you will remain surprised. A question will start revolving in your mind: why does my dog cry when he sees other dogs?

Why does my dog cry when he sees another dog

This guide will surely provide you with authentic reasons and useful information as well.

Why does a dog cry when he sees other dogs

There could be many reasons if your dog cries whenever he sees another dog. Experts and specialists claim that this thing should be taken with proper care as there could be some serious issues that need to be resolved. Below are the most common and basic reasons that cause dogs to cry, bark extremely loud, or sometimes become aggressive as well.

1. Your dog is afraid or scared

Dogs can get afraid of other dogs especially if they are bigger or have been showing signs of aggression. Your dog is living with you in a peaceful environment and coming in contact with an aggressive or unfamiliar dog will make him a bit scared that will eventually lead him to cry.

One of the basic reasons behind dogs’ fear is that the other dog has barked or snapped towards him. This is the part where your dog can completely lose its calm while starting to cry or in worse cases, they may try to get aggressive and attack as well.

2. The other dog mistreated him

If your dog is still a puppy or hasn’t encountered other dogs, there are possibilities that he may start to cry if he is mistreated by the other one. Some dogs have a habit of playing and annoying small puppies just for fun but this thing may not be liked or appreciated by small puppies or some adults as well.

If your dog has suddenly started crying, you should check if the other dog has done something wrong to him. The other dog can mistreat your dog, usually touching his paws, opening his mouth to scare him, attacking your dog with his sharp nails, or sometimes may even go for an actual fight.

3. Your dog is too much excited

Crying is not always a sign of negativity but your dog can start crying if he is too much excited. Lonely dogs can sometimes become extremely excited to see another dog.

You can check out whether the dog’s cry is because of excitement or fear simply by analyzing the other body parts’ movements such as his wagging tail in the air.

4. Your dog is being jealous

Dogs love their pet parents and they usually don’t like to share that love with another dog, even if it is for a little period.

Your dog will tend to cry, it may even bark as well if he is being competitive and jealous of the other dog.

Apart from just crying, they can come in between you and the other dog so that you cannot get close to them.

5. The dog is being submissive

Some dogs are submissive while some tend to show signs of submission when they see another dog.

The gesture of submission can be shown by various factors such as lowering down their tail, sitting with cross paws, or lowering their head.

Crying after seeing another dog can also be a solid gesture of being submissive.

6. Crying has become a habit

Crying can also develop as a habit while seeing another dog. This habit usually develops when pet parents care more or provide their dogs with extra food in front of other dogs.

As this fact makes a place in the dog’s head, they tend to cry without any reason whenever they see another dog so that they can get your attention and treats as well.

How do I know the actual cause of my crying dog

Knowing the actual reason is necessary so that you can overcome the situation and help your dog to stay calm and relaxed.

Analyze the movement of your dog’s body’s different parts:

Analyzing the body language or movement of your dog is probably the best thing you can do. This factor can easily give you clear indications of why your dog is crying while being with another dog.

Your dog is scared of the other dog if:

  • Your dog is moving his tail in the air.
  • The dog has opened his eyes to a wide-angle or more than the normal range.
  • Ears have been raised.
  • Dog’s mouth is wide open and the tongue is out.

Your dog is showing a submissive gesture if:

  • Ears are down or fold back.
  • Eye contact is not very much.
  • The dog has hidden his tail.
  • Your dog is lowering down his body or maybe sitting down completely.

Notice the breeds or kinds of other dogs:

Knowing the breed of other dogs could be helpful as it will allow you to analyze whether your dog only cries in front of big size dogs or some specific breed.

Your dog is afraid to start crying while seeing big dogs or may need behavior training if he does so with any dog breed. There are also possibilities that some breeds are liked by your dog and he cries with excitement when he sees them.

Remember when your dog first cried after seeing a dog:

One of the best things is to recall whether your dog has cried while seeing other dogs before or if it is the first time. If your dog is crying for the very first time, the cause may be the mistreatment or naughtiness of the other dog.

If your dog has a habit of staying calm with other dogs, there are huge chances that the mistake is of another dog but not your’s one.

How to make a dog stay calm with other dogs

1. Discourage this behavior

The best thing you can do is to discourage your dog so that he can leave this bad habit. You should give him some treats or the things he loves if he stops crying. This will slowly but eventually help him to get rid of the crying habit and make a friendly relationship with all other dogs.

2. Train your dog to stay positive

Training your dog so that he can stay positive requires a lot of time but not much effort. Experts claim that dogs can begin to stay positively around other dogs, even if their pet parents adore and love them in front of guest dogs.

3. Consult a dog behaviorist

If you are not able to get this job done by yourself, getting help from professional dog behaviorists is probably the best and final option. Such experts better know the situations and have a better experience on how to stop a dog from crying when he sees another dog. They can also provide you with some tips that can be useful for your problem.

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