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Do border collies have webbed feet

Do Border Collies have webbed paws? If you are the proud owner of a Border Collie, you must know all traits of your dog because this is the best way for you to look after him well. This article aims to answer if Border Collies have webbed feet and other qualities and traits they have.

Does a Border Collie have webbed feet

The simple answer is yes, Border Collies do have webbed feet. But, this webbing is not that prominent.

Do border collies have webbed feet

How do Border Collies benefit from their webbed feet

Webbed feet offer Border Collies a lot of exciting benefits and these include the following:

Webbed feet help Border Collies in digging

Dogs generally love to dig whenever they get the chance. They dig to hide a bone or anything else they fancy.

But Border Collies just dig to use up their energy most of the time. One of the key benefits of webbed feet is that this makes the process of digging easier and faster. Border Collies use their feet like that of a scoop every time they dig.

When this happens, it will be easier for them to displace the soil. It also means they can also dig faster.

Webbed feet make it easier for Border Collies to navigate and walk through snow

A Border Collie’s webbed feet also help these dogs to move through and around the snow. There is a similar working principle here as that of digging. As the Border Collie tries to move and navigate through the snow, their webbed feet will serve as the paddles.

The webbing allows frequent and quick small displacements so that the dog won’t have a hard time moving through the snow. It is also one of the main reasons why these dogs can handle colder temperatures well.

Webbed feet make swimming easier for Border Collies

Another primary advantage that Border Collies enjoy thanks to their webbing is that it allows them to swim more efficiently. Aside from this, their webbed feet improve their swimming speed. This webbing lets their feet function as paddles.

When this happens, it will be easier for a Border Collie to propel himself further with each move. With this, they will be able to get in the water and out of it in just a short time. It also reduces the amount of energy that they need to spend on swimming. Simply put, the webbed feet of Border Collies help them swim better and more efficiently and not feel tired as they do so.

Webbed feet make walking easier

One more benefit of webbed feet is that they also help a Border Collie to have a more stable walk. The webbing makes it easier for these dogs to move on all types of terrains. This means that it will be easier for Border Collies to walk even on uneven terrains or in forests.

In addition, webbing also helps them when running.

Any additional feature to the feet will help dogs gain more stability and control that will also increase their speed as a result. This is how webbed feet help Border Collies to run and walk more efficiently with no need to spend lots of energy.

You see, webbed feet offer a lot of benefits to Border Collies. Due to their important role in your Border Collie’s quality of life, it is important to make sure that the webbed feet of your Border Collie is well protected all the time.

How to take care of your Border Collie’s webbed feet

How to take care of your Border Collie’s webbed feet

Below are several tips that you can follow to take care of the webbed feet of your Border Collie.

  1. Clean your dog’s webbed feet after he comes inside

    If your dog has ever spent time in the snow, backyard, or the mountains, don’t forget to clean their webbed feet and dry them well when he comes inside. Any water, dirt, grime, or snow left in their feet’s webbing may cause diseases and even infections. To prevent these problems from happening, you must clean their webbed feet whenever they spend time outside.

  2. Consider snow boots

    Now more than ever, many pet owners should make their dogs wear snow boots. Just because your Border Collie has webbed feet doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t need to wear snow boots at all.
    These snow boots keep the feet and paws of your dog protected from moisture and harsh snow. You need to buy snow boots for your pup, whether you have a Border Collie or not.

  3. Always keep the webbed feet dry

    It is important to make sure that the webbed feet of your Border Collie is always dry. This way, it will be easier to maintain your dog’s feet’ health and hygiene.

  4. Don’t forget to check the webbing

    One more tip to remember is to always check your dog’s webbed feet now and then. Once you notice an injury or any infection or even the slightest discoloration, make sure that you call your vet immediately. Ignoring this issue might be detrimental to the overall health of your pup.

  5. Ensure that there is nothing stuck in the webbed feet

    One more thing to remember is that there shouldn’t be anything stuck in your dog’s webbed feet. If there is any, this may cause pain for your pet.

    This is why even if your dog is always indoors, it is still necessary to check his feet’ webbing. By doing so, you will be able to avoid any infection, pain, or injury that your dog may suffer from.

Follow these simple tips to make it easy and possible to take care of your Border Collie’s webbed feet.

Is something wrong with your Border Collie if there is no webbing on his feet

As mentioned earlier, the webbing in Border Collies is minimal and not prominent. But, there are also instances when a Border Collie might not have webbed feet at all.

This may indicate a few things, though.

For one, these qualities are almost always perfectly seen in pure-bred Border Collies. But, if your Border Collie noticeably doesn’t have even minimal webbing, this is an indication that your Border Collie is not a pure-bred one.

Although the presence or lack of webbing doesn’t mean much for Border Collies, it is important to consider this trait before you decide to get one.

Why do Border Collies lack prominent webbing

The Border Collie breed has the right structure and amount of webbing that they need for use. Their webbed feet make it easier for them to go about with their everyday activities.

Due to their tighter feet, Border Collies only need a minimal amount of webbing. Their tighter feet help ensure that they can also change directions fast and almost instantly.

Tighter feet and limited webbing allow better control and use lesser energy

A Border Collie’s tighter feet offer the dog greater control. This greater control will help ensure that if you love to go on hikes and you are looking for the perfect companion, Border Collies might just be the answer.

Aside from this, the combination of limited webbing and tighter feet also ensures that the Border Collie can handle uneven trails or even the steepest trails with ease.

The main reason for this is that the specific amount of energy they need to use for navigation the trail will only be minimal. It only goes to say that no matter how difficult the trail you are navigating might be, your Border Collie will be able to accompany you.

Meanwhile, as far as normal domestic living is concerned, the minimal webbing of a Border Collie means that it will not cause any serious obstruction.

The minimal webbing will also make sure that residue, thorns, and other forms of dirt will not end up sticking or gathering in their webbing. It means that infections and diseases will always be kept at bay.

Disadvantages of heavy feet webbing

If a Border Collie has heavy webbing, the specific amount of energy that they need to exert while swimming will also be higher. As a result, the distance they will be able to cover when swimming in the pond or pool will also be lesser.

They will end up using their energy too fast if they have heavily webbed feet. This means that it will be a disadvantage for Border Collies if they have heavy webbing.

The Bottom Line

Webbed feet are a trait that Border Collies are developed based on their body size, body weight, and level of activity. Through the years, their webbing also became minimal. The good news is that this minimal webbing has been a big help for them instead of being an obstruction.

If their webbing was heavier and more prominent, it might have led to some problems for Border Collies. This means that while Border Collies have webbed feet, these are not that prominent so it doesn’t cause them pain in any way.

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