Last Updated : November 21, 2022

Do Cats eat Centipedes? [Be Surprised!]

Centipede is a hundred legger predatory arthropod commonly found in all continents except Artantica (most likely because of the extreme weather condition). They are great borrowers and can be found living in soils or under rocks, trees, and leaf litters in your yard or garden.

Unlike their closest cousin, the millipede, who has two pairs of legs on each segment of their body, centipedes have only one pair of legs on each segment and are dangerous because they are poisonous.

Do cats eat centipedes

Although a centipede’s bite is not fatal to humans and can only cause sting-like pain, it can be fatal to smaller animals. Since centipedes are poisonous, and they cannot be completely controlled, most pet owners are always worried and ask questions like; “Do cats eat centipedes?”, ” is my cat safe from centipedes bite?”

These questions and some other related ones are the focus of this article, so read on!

Can cat sense centipedes

Yes, cats can sense centipedes. Cats have an incredible sense of smell they can use to sniff out strange scents from the tiniest insect in their territory. Although they might not have the best eyes during the day, their ears just like their nose have no limitation. They have a powerful sense of hearing that is a million times better than that of humans. Their ear is so proficient that they can detect scurrying and buzzing pets from a distance even if they are moving about in the house and not concentrating on the sound.

By deploying any of these senses, they can proficiently detect and chase out intruding bugs, spiders, mice, rats, centipede, and every other rodent.

Do cats like centipedes

No, cats don’t like centipedes. It is completely unimaginable to ever think cats will like centipedes. Apart from the fact that and will always trigger the curiosity of cats, which could cause them to chase and kill them, they also fall in the category of small animals cats love to hunt for food.

Cats are natural hunters and are no actual friends to any small animals. Even the hamsters and Guinea pigs homeowners keep as pets are not completely safe from cats as they can pounce on them at any time. All that is required is a reaction from any of the two that could trigger the hunting instinct in cats and they are dead even though they have been trained and properly socialized.

Centipedes and cats are not friends by nature, and for the most part, they are not kept as pets, therefore, no situation could cause both of them to bond together as playmates. As a result, it wouldn’t be a fact taken too far if one says they both have zero percent chances of being friends.

Do cats kill centipedes

Yes, cats kill centipedes. While some animals, for example, the likes of Toad, Birds, Domestic chickens, Badgers, or Shrews will kill and eat centipedes for their nutrients, cats will always kill just out of curiosity and fun. And this will further substantiate my zero chances of a likely brotherhood relationship can exist between these two. Cats will always kill centipedes and every other intruding insect like the ever-annoying bugs just to have fun.

Will cats eat centipedes

Yes, cats eat centipedes. Although the primary objective behind a cat-killing centipede or any other insect is never to eat them. They hunt them down just because they trigger their curiosity and hunting instinct just by being around them and would chase them just for entertainment and fun. You may give your cat toys to play with, but that is not a natural way for them to have fun, they find hunting more natural and better.

Even though cats won’t hunt down centipedes or any other insects just to eat them, they are just not humans, so they cannot tell the difference between nutritional food and one which is not. Hence, they always end up eating almost every of their kill most especially when they are hungry or when they are suffering from nutritional deficiency. Centipedes and every other tiny could make a quick snack for your cat.

Is it ok for cats to eat centipedes

It is ok if your cat eats centipedes, but you should be concerned when he does it almost on the daily basis. Centipedes’ bodies contain poisonous fluids they use to hunt down their like; Ants, Roaches, and Crickets. This poison is only potent enough to harm or kill smaller insects and not strong enough to hurt or kill small mammals like cats.

However, your cats are only immune to the poison on the body of the centipede, and not the venom from a bite. Your cat may suffer serious health complications if he is bitten by a centipede.

Should cats eat centipedes

No, cats should not eat centipedes. Although cats may be immune to the poison on the body of a centipede, you shouldn’t allow them to eat. Some cats suffer allergies from eating centipedes, that is why some of them would vomit after consuming it.

If you notice that does this, you should prevent him from eating centipede because allergies could lead to other health complications and I am sure you don’t want that for your pet. Why allow your cat to eat centipedes when there are lots of nutritious foods you can get from pet stores anyway?

What should I do when my cat ate a centipede

If your centipede throws up from eating a centipede, then you should make sure to keep him hydrated. If he suffers any other illness from throwing up, you should consider taking him to the vet.

Do cats keep centipedes away

Yes, cats keep centipedes away. It might interest you to know that some pet owners get cats not as a companion but as pest controller. Cats will help you keep away centipedes and every other like cockroaches, ants, spiders, and bugs by hunting them down and killing them.

How to prevent cats from hunting centipedes

The truth is, you cannot stop your cat from hunting down centipedes or any other insects. They will always go after them unless you put your cat in a confined place where his movement will be completely restricted, which is not a good idea.

Your best bet is to get a very effective pesticide that can kill centipedes but is not harmful to your cat. An example of this kind of pesticide is the Diatomaceous Earth pesticide.

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