Last Updated : December 2, 2022

Why does my cat smell my eyes [The hidden truth]

Every cat owner is curious to learn about the different behaviors of their cat. They need answers to every unusual movement of their cat. Today’s question is that why does my cat smell my eyes? What does it symbolize?  Is there any special reason behind that?

If you are also a cat owner and want to know why your cat is obsessed with your eyes then keep reading because this article is exactly for you!

Why does my cat smell my eyes

We’ll take a look at everything you need to know about the cats and their obsession with human eyes. It’s going to be an interesting read, so let’s go!

Do cats like human eyes

Yes, cats do like the eyes of their human owner.

Cats are loving animals. They keep the identity of their owner in mind. They know that their owner provides them food, water, shelter, and also plays with them. So, they return the same love and compassion to their owner.

This is the reason why they like your eyes so much and always sniff or lick them. They want to recognize you and show their love for you.

Why is my cat obsessed with my eyes

Cats show different behaviors and some of them are beyond our understanding. One of such behaviors is an obsession with human eyes.

There could be several different reasons behind why your cat is obsessed with your eyes:

1. She wants to recognize you

Cats have a great love for their owner. However, they cannot recognize you by your name. Instead, they check your appearance and smell.

Cats have a very strong sense of smell and that’s why they sniff or lick your eyes to check if you are their owner or not.

2. She is seeking your attention

Cats love to interact with their owner and want their attention. However, they cannot tell you that by speaking. Instead, they communicate by licking or sniffing.

If your cat is sniffing or licking your eyes then it probably means that she wants your attention.

3. She loves the scent of tears

Have you seen videos of cats comforting their owners by licking their tears?

Well, it’s because cats are attracted to the salty odor of tears present in your eyes. This is the reason why they are so obsessed with your eyes and keep licking/sniffing them.

So, whenever you will have tears in your eyes, your cat will naturally get attracted to them and start licking them.

4. She wants to relax

Whenever cats are feeling uncomfortable, they like to be close to their owner for relaxation.

Therefore, if your cat is unusually sniffing or licking your eyes then it means that she just wants your company for relaxation. It is completely normal.

Why does my cat lick my eyebrow

It’s trying to groom you.

If your cat is sniffing or licking your eyebrows then it could be a symbol that your cat has a very strong bond of love and affection with you.

She is just trying to groom you and make you look better. It is one of many ways used by cats to express love for their owners.

Why does my cat lick my eyes when I’m sleeping

There can be multiple reasons why your cat licks your eyes while you’re asleep.

1. Trying to keep you clean

Cats have a natural habit of licking their children and keeping them clean. They do so to save them from infections and diseases.

If your cat is licking your eyes while you are sleeping then it might be trying to keep you clean. This is all because it loves you as a pet.

They are trying to tell you that they are satisfied with you.

2. Just saying hello

Sometimes, the cat is asking for attention and wants to communicate with you. It can only do that by licking or sniffing you.

Because, the cat cannot speak a language and say, “Hey! I need your attention, come and play with me”.

Instead, it will lick or sniff your body to convey a message that she needs attention.

3. Salty odor

Cats have an extremely strong sense of smell. They also like the smell of salt.

If your cats are licking your eyes while you’re asleep then maybe they have smelled a salty odor from that region.

It can be your sweat or it can be your tears or anything similar that is attracting the cats to lick that region.

Can humans get eye infections from cats

Yes, you can catch an eye infection from a cator get sick if they are licking your eyes.

The reason is that the cats use their tongue to touch or lick various places. It can be your floor, your garden, your toilet, and even the butt of the cat. 

Thus, it can become a potential growth zone for different germs, bacteria, or viruses. When the cat will lick your eyes then those harmful germs can transmit into your eyes and cause infection.

This is why experts recommend that you should discourage your cat from licking your eyes.

Can you go blind if a cat licks your eyes

Yes, you may get blind if a cat is licking your eyes.

Wondering how?

Well, your cat is free for most of the day. No one is keeping an eye on it all the time. The cat can touch different surfaces without you even knowing such as the dirty floor, the toilet, the shoes, and the garbage basket, etc.

Due to this, the cat’s tongue can possess a lot of dangerous germs and bacteria. Now if the cat will lick your eyes with that germ-containing tongue then its infectious saliva will cause eye infections and make you blind.

Therefore, we recommend you always stop and discourage your cat from licking your eyes.

How to prevent cats from licking my eyes

Here are the tricks you can use to prevent the cats from licking your eyes

Total Time: 10 minutes

  1. Distract her

    Try to distract the cat and make her focus shift somewhere else. For example; you can start playing with it, you can give it some food, or you can give it some toys to play with. This way the cat will stop licking your eyes and focus on something else.

  2. Leave the room

    If the cat isn’t getting distracted then you should leave the room. The cat will automatically get busy with something else and then you can come back again.

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