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Is whiskas good for cats

If you are a cat owner then you are probably aware of the importance of feeding the right food to your cat. Just like we humans can get sick after eating the wrong food, certain foods can make the cats sick as well. Today, we are going to talk about whether if it’s safe to feed Whiskas to the cats. Is Whiskas good for cats? Lets’ move on and find it out.

What is Whiskas

Whiskas is a very old cat food brand whose origins trace back to 1936. They have several different cat food products in the inventory. Many cat parents often ask us whether if it is safe to feed Whiskas to their cat or not? If you are also one of them then keep reading because we’ll explain it all for you.

Is whiskas good for cats

Is Whiskas a good cat food

Well, Whiskas may not be a very healthy food for your cat.

The reason is that most of the Whiskas products contain grains, cereals, corn, soy, artificial flavors, preservatives, and meat by-products.

Cats are carnivores and their natural (primary) diet is meat. Their digestive system is built for digesting meat and not stuff like grains, cereals, grounded wheat, soybean meal, corn gluten, meat by-products, artificial flavors, preservatives,and salt.

Some cats might be allergic to corn gluten, grains, grounded wheat and develop medical problems.

Therefore, the question is that why would you be feeding wholegrain cereals, corn gluten, and grounded wheat to your cat when its primary diet is meat?

Feeding Whiskas to your cat every day is like going to McDonald’s every day and eating fast food. Both are junk food and not much healthy for long-term health.

Is Whiskas cat milk good for cats

Yes, Whiskas cat milk is good and healthy for cats.

The reason is that regular milk contains a lot of lactose and cats cannot tolerate lactose. If you will feed regular milk or other dairy products to your cat then it may suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. Therefore, chances are that a majority of cats (including yours) won’t like the regular milk or develop health problems after drinking it.

Whiskas milk is good for cats because it is specially designed for cats by reducing 98% lactose. If your cat will drink milk with 98% reduced lactose then it will not suffer from any digestive problems as it will be completely safe for them.

However, you should feed it to your cat in a small and moderate amount as well.

Is Whiskas wet food good for cats

Overall, Whiskas wet food is not considered much healthy for cats.

It’s because the Whiskas wet food products are usually very cheap as they use low-quality ingredients that are not good for your cat.

If you look at the ingredient label of Whiskas wet food products then you will find that they contain wheat, corn, and soy. Cats are carnivores and things like corn, wheat, and soy are not healthy for them at all.

Is Whiskas dry food good for cats

Whiskas dry food is not considered healthy for cats.

Always keep in mind that cats are carnivores and their natural diet is meat. Their digestive system is also built for processing and digesting meat.

If we take a look at the ingredients list of Whiskas dry food then you will find that they include grounded wheat, wholegrain cereals, corn gluten, soy, meat by-products, artificial flavors, and preservatives. All these ingredients have nothing to do with the natural diet of cats. Then what’s the point of feeding all this to your cat?

It can upset the digestive system of your cat and make it sick.

This is the reason that experts regard Whiskas cat food as junk food and feeding it to your cat is like sending it to the McDonalds or KFC every day.

Is Whiskas temptation good for cats

If we look at the ingredients of Whiskas temptations then we will find out that they are not healthy for our cats.

The Whiskas temptations include stuff like cereals, vegetable derivatives, vegetable protein extract, fats and oils, animal and meat derivatives, etc.

Since cats are carnivores and their natural food is only meat. Now look back at the ingredients of Whiskas temptations and you will see how many irrelevant ingredients are present in them.

Why would you feed cereals, grains, and vegetable derivatives, to your cat when they are not even a part of their natural diet. It would only make them sick and cause health problems.

This is why Whiskas temptations are considered junk food. We recommend you should look for another healthy alternative that has the right ingredients.

Even if you want to feed Whiskas temptation to your cat then it should only be given in very small amounts as a treat.

Is Whiskas perfect portions good for cats

Yes, you can feed Whiskas perfect portions to your cat.

However, make sure not to feed too much of it as it can also be unhealthy. We recommend you keep a good balance between dry and wet food because it is very important for the health of your cat.

Is Whiskas good for Persian cats

Yes, feeding the right amount of Whiskas to your Persian cat can be good for its health.

The reason behind it is that Whiskas cat food contains glucosamine that is very essential and beneficial for the good health of Persian cats.

When Persian cats get older, they are at the risk of developing a medical condition called hip dysplasia. Glucosamine can help save your Persian cat from developing it.

Is Whiskas good for diabetic cats

If your cat is diabetic then you need to carefully check the ingredients of the Whiskas food that you’re going to feed your cat.

If there are a lot of carbs and sugars present in it then you must avoid offering it to your diabetic cat because it is harmful to their health. For example, the gravy of Whiskas wet food contains a very high amount of carbohydrates. So, it can be dangerous.

If there are no carbs or sugar in the Whiskas food product then it is okay for your diabetic cat.

Therefore, you need to carefully read the ingredients label to know what you are going to feed your cat.

Generally, the Whiskas “grounded with” food products are considered to have low carbohydrates and are safe for diabetic cats. Such as, Whiskas grounded with rice & lamb, chicken, and tuna dinner, and chicken dinner will work for diabetic cats.

Do cats like Whiskas

Yes, Whiskas is a very popular cat food brand across the world and cats do like Whiskas as well.

However, many experts suggest that Whiskas cat food contains certain low-quality ingredients that the cats should not be eating regularly.

If we look at the ingredients of Whiskas cat foo then we will see wholegrain cereals, grounded wheat, corn gluten, meat by-products, artificial flavors, preservatives, vegetable extracts, and derivatives. Whereas, the primary and natural food of cats is meat.

Therefore, the question is that why should a cat be eating all that stuff when its natural food is meat?

Some cats are allergic to all the ingredients mentioned above and can get sick after consuming them.

Why do cats like Whiskas temptations so much

The reason why cats like Whiskas temptations so much is that they are made with additional ingredients like colorants, salts, and flavoring agents that make the temptations more tasty, delicious, and addictive for cats.

However, health problems can also arise due to eating these Whiskas temptations.

It’s equivalent to eating junk food. When we go to McDonald’s or KFC then we like the food there so much and become addicted to it. However, if we keep eating it every day then it will hurt our health.

Similarly, if your cat will be eating too much Whiskas temptations then it can also suffer from health problems.

Moreover, there are certain ingredients in Whiskas temptations that are not even a part of the diet of your cat such as vegetable extracts and derivatives, corn, wheat, and cereals, etc. Cats are carnivores and they don’t need such things in their diet.

Whiskas cat food ingredients

Here are the common ingredients found in a majority of Whiskas cat food products:

Meat by-products, Corn gluten, Ground yellow corn, Soybean meal, Wheat, Animal fat with preservatives, Bone meal, Pork meat, Chicken, Natural flavors, Vitamins, Proteins, Minerals, Taurine, Folic Acid, Various sugars, and much more.

Since Whiskas is commercial cat food, therefore, it also contains certain artificial colorants and preservatives that are considered to be unhealthy for cats.

Does Whiskas cat milk need to be refrigerated

Yes, once you have opened up the Whiskas cat milk packet then you are recommended to keep it in the refrigerator.

It will keep the cat milk preserved and prevent it from spoiling.

When you want to feed the refrigerated Whiskas milk again to your cat then you should let its temperature come back to room temperature for maximum enjoyment.

How much Whiskas to feed my cat

The amount of Whiskas you should feed to your cat depends upon its age. Here’s what you need to know about that:

For Kittens (weaning to 12 months)

When the kittens are 4 to 5 weeks old then they get everything need for survival from their mother. After 4 to 5 weeks, they are ready to eat special food like Whiskas.

When the kittens are about 4 months old then one pouch of Whiskas is enough for one meal.

You should feed them about 3 to 4 meals per day until they turn 6 months old.

For adults (1 to 7 years old)

When the kitten is 1 year old then it is considered an adult. If your cat is a healthy adult then it’ll need at least 240 calories every day.

You can give it by providing wet food to your cat inthe morning and night and dry food in between the day.

For seniors (older than 7 years)

If your cat is older than 7 years then you should feed it the same amount of Whiskas food but choose the onethat has more taurine. Because taurine will help prevent health problems among cats due to old age such as poor vision, heart and skin problems, etc.

Is Whiskas cat milk good for kittens

Whiskas cat milk should only be given to kittens that are more than 6 weeks older.

We recommend you keep the Whiskas cat milk refrigerated after opening it and use it before 6 days.

Final Verdict

Whiskas cat food contains certain ingredients that can be allergic for some cats and cause health problems. Such as artificial colorants, flavors, preservatives, corn gluten, soy, and animal derivatives, etc.

Many Whiskas cat food users have reported that it made their cat sick.Their recipe and ingredients are not much healthy for your cat.

Overall, the quality of Whiskas cat food is considered below average as compared to other cat foods out there.

Whiskas cat milk FAQs

Does Whiskas cat food contain taurine

Yes, Whiskas cat food does contain taurine.

If you are curious about the impact of taurine on the health of cats then let us tell you that taurine is completely safe and healthy for cats.

It is an essential amino acid that cats need to stay healthy and perform certain normal body functions.

Studies have shown that taurine is very important for cats to maintain a healthy pregnancy, normal vision, smooth functioning of heart muscles, normal development of fetal, and a healthy immune system.

The deficiency of taurine in cats can cause health problems like cardiomyopathy, abnormal development and growth, and retinal degeneration.

Does Whiskas cat food contain sugar

Yes, many Whiskas cat food products contain sugar and carbohydrates.

You are recommended to read the ingredients label to understand what exactly you are going to feed your cat.

If the food has high amounts of sugar and carbohydrates then feeding it in excess can make your cat obese. Then obesity can cause diabetes, hypertension, and heart problems.

Therefore, you need to keep things balanced and controlled.

Does Whiskas cat food contain pork

Yes, a majority of Whiskas cat food products do contain pork.

Does Whiskas have catnip

Yes, a lot of Whiskas cat food products do have catnip present in them.

Eating catnip in the right amount is beneficial for your cat. But at the same time, consuming an excess of catnip has its drawbacks and side effects on the health of your cat.

You are recommended to feed a controlled amount.

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