Last Updated : November 26, 2022

Why do cats want you to watch them eat

Cats are cute and lovely creatures. They are so much adorable that you can easily adjust them in your family in a short time. Cat owners always have so many interesting questions to ask about the behavior of their cats. One of the similar questions that we have been asked is that why do cats want you to watch them eat? Is there anything special behind that? If yes, then what is it?

If you also need answers to these questions then keep reading because we are going to tell you the whole chemistry of relation between cats and their food. Let’s start it without any delay.

Why do cats want you to watch them eat

Do cats protect their food

Yes, cats do protect their food.

Generally, it depends upon the behavior of the cat and how it was brought up.

 Some cats are very aggressive and fierce. They protect their food in every possible way and don’t let any other pet come close to it. You will even find them attacking other pets around and snatching their food as well.

Whereas, some cats are submissive. They don’t fight over the food and instead, they quietly move away from the spot.

Therefore, the difference is in the way how cats are brought up. If a cat is taught to hunt in childhood by its mother, then it will be more aggressive towards the protection of its food.

If the cat is not taught to hunt then it will be less protective and less aggressive towards the protection of its food.

Why do cats protect their food

For survival!

Cats have an instinct of survival saved in their mind.

Whenever they see food, their brain reminds them of survival. It tells them that you have to protect and eat your food. Only then you can survive and live. Otherwise, you will die.

This is why cats protect their food because they want survival.

Do cats like to be hand-fed

Yes, some cats do like to be hand-fed and it is completely normal.

Different cats show different behaviors. You will see that some of the cats want the attention of their owner. Theywill like to be hand-fed.Whereas, some cats do not want any attention. So, they like to eat on their own.

If your cat is asking you to feed it with your hand then there is nothing wrong with that. You can surely hand feed your cat as it has a lot of benefits.

Benefits of hand feeding the cat

When you will hand feed your cat, it will form a strong bond of love, trust, and compassion between you and your cat.

The cat will start recognizing you as its parent who gives food, shelter, and love to the cat and also plays with it.

Therefore, you will be able to form a strong bond with your cat by hand-feeding it.

Why does my cat want me to watch her eat

The reason why your cat wants you to watch her eat is that it makes her feel safe and secure. Such cats are affection-eaters who love to eat in the company of their owner. 

There could be many more reasons behind it:

  • She needs attention

Some cats have a natural habit of getting attention. They’ll like you to keep watching them while they eat.

  • She has a fear

Your cat might have a fear of some incident or anything else in the surrounding. So, she wants your company while eating because it makes her feel safe and secure.

  • She trusts you

Cats have an instinct of watching their surroundings and closely monitoring everything.

 However, when cats are eating, they cannot keep up with the surrounding. They are completely focused and lost in eating the food. At that moment, they are completely vulnerable to threats from their surroundings.

As a result, your cat wants you to be around her because she trusts you. She knows that you will be watching the surroundings and protect her from threats while she is eating. This is why she wants you to watch her eat.

Why does my cat eat only when I’m watching

Do you like to eat alone? No! you don’t, right?

Most of the time we want to eat with our friends, parents, kids, or other family members.

Some cats have a similar characteristic. They also do not like to eat alone without their owners. They want your attention and like you to watch them while they eat. It just gives them a feeling of satisfaction, importance, safety, and security. Such cats are called affection-eaters.

Cats trust their owners and feel safe when they are around them. It makes them feel that you are hereto save them from all the threats while they are busy eating food.

This is the reason why your cat only eats when you are watching.

Why does my cat only eat when I feed her

Here’s why:

  • She is an affection-eater

It’s because your cat might be an affection-eater. Cats who like to eat in the company of humans or want to be fed by humans are called affection-eaters. They just have natural psychology that they feel safe and secure when their human owners are around. They know that their owner will protect them from any kind of threats and dangers in the surrounding.

  • It’s her habit

You know babies have different habits in their childhood which often go away with time. For example, putting the thumb in the mouth.

Similarly, cats may also have certain habits like eating only when the owner feeds them. It may go away with time as well.

  • Check her health

Whenever a child is sick, he doesn’t like to eat anything himself. The parents have to feed him.

The same case can be with your cat. Maybe she is sick and that’s why she is not eating anything herself and you have to feed her every time.

Therefore, you should also check on the health of your cat to make sure she’s healthy and okay.

Why does my cat watch me eat

They are just showing their love and affection for you.

When cats are eating themselves, they are completely lost in eating food. They are not aware of what’s happening in the surrounding. This makes them vulnerable and exposed to threats/dangers in the surrounding. So, they want you to watch them because it makes them feel safe. They know you will keep them safe and protect them from any threat.

When you are eating, then the cats show their love and affection by staring at you. They do so because they want to protect you from any threats in the surroundings.

Therefore, if your cat is watching you eat then it’s completely normal as it is just showing her love and affection for you.

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