Last Updated : November 20, 2022

Can cats help keep roaches away

Cockroaches are gross and disgusting. You hate cockroaches and don’t want to see them in your house, right? Yes, because that’s why you are here reading this article.

Using chemicals, sprays, and manual traps for getting rid of cockroaches seems like a hectic thing to do. But what about having a natural solution like a cat that hunts and kill cockroaches?

Can cats help keep roaches away

Do cats help keep cockroaches away? Is it safe for cats to eat cockroaches? We’ll answer every question in your mind!

Will cat kill cockroaches

The answer is yes!

Cats may kill and eat cockroaches but there is no guarantee that every cat will eat and kill cockroaches.

It depends upon certain factors like:

1. The mood of your cat

Sometimes, the cats are in no mood for killing the cockroach. It will just keep lying and ignore them.

2. Hunting skills of the cat

Some cat breeds are very active and have superb hunting skills. They will kill any cockroach on sight and eat it.

However, there are some lazy cats too that do not want to hunt at all and that’s why they’ll not kill the cockroach.

3. The appetite of your cat

If your cat is hungry then it will naturally search for anything eatable. When it sees a cockroach, it will kill and eat it straight away.

However, if your cat has eaten well then it will not be interested in hunting and eating the cockroaches because it is not hungry.

Does having a cat keeps the cockroach away

Yes, having a cat can help you keep the cockroaches away from your house. But again, you can’t be 100% sure that it will happen.

Generally, whenever cockroaches see something bigger than them, they perceive it as a threat and try to avoid it. So, if they will see the cat in your house, they will automatically feel threatened. The cockroaches will try to avoid it and won’t return.

Cats are also natural predators of invertebrates like cockroaches. They’ll kill and eat the cockroach whenever they find it. That’s why the cockroaches will hide from the cat and won’t come into your house.

Therefore, having a cat may help you stop the cockroach population from growing and deter them from coming back into your house.

Can a cat help you get rid of cockroaches

Yes, a cat may help you get rid of the cockroaches but it depends upon some important factors such as:

1. The extent of the infestation

If the cockroach infestation in your house is relatively small then a cat may help you control it.

But if the cockroach infestation is huge then one or two cats won’t be able to control that huge number of cockroaches.

2. The breed of your cat

Some cat breeds like to hunt cockroaches whenever they see them. If your cat is also one of them then it will surely kill the cockroaches.

However, some cats do not like to hunt and kill cockroaches. Therefore, such a cat won’t be effective.

3. How well-fed your cat is

If your cat is well fed then it’ll have a low appetite. In such a case, it will be uninterested in hunting and killing the cockroaches.

But if your cat is hungry, then it fierce upon the cockroaches and kill and eat them on sight because it’s hungry.

Are cockroaches scared of cats

Yes, cockroaches naturally try to avoid all of their predators including cats.

Just like any other living thing, cockroaches also have a natural predator avoidance system. They use their natural strengths like speed, agility, and tough exoskeleton to defend themselves against the predator.

You will find them hiding at unpopulated places where the cat goes less often and they will also come out when there is darkness and quietness. Why? Because they are scared of the predator (cat) and want to defend survive.

This is why cats can be an effective deterrent for cockroaches.

Is it safe for cats to kill and eat cockroaches

No, it is not safe for cats to eat cockroaches.

We know that cats will naturally kill and eat cockroaches. But is it safe for the cats to eat cockroaches? The answer is a big NO!

Here are all the reasons why your cat should never eat cockroaches:

1. Your cat can choke

If you read a bit about cockroaches, you will find out that they have a tough exoskeleton that is difficult to chew.

If your cat will swallow a cockroach, then it can choke because the exoskeleton won’t easily break into small pieces.

Even if it breaks, it will be hard to swallow. The sharp edges of the exoskeleton can damage the oral cavity and throat of your cat.

That’s why it is not recommended at all.

2. Risk of digestion problems

We told you that the exoskeleton of the cockroach is tough and rigid. If your cat swallows it, then it will face difficulty while digesting it.

The exoskeleton of a cockroach is almost indigestible. It won’t break down in the stomach of your cat and remain intact. This can cause your cat to vomit the indigestible bits of the exoskeleton of the cockroach.

It can lead to serious health problems like digestive disorders, blockages, irritation, and other serious diseases.

3. Risk of poisoning

Cockroaches are not poisonous. However, a lot of homeowners use different poisonous chemicals and sprays to kill cockroaches.

If your cat eats any such cockroach that is contaminated by the poison then it can cause health problems like digestive disorders, irritation of stomach, mouth, or throat, toxicosis, etc.

4. Risk of serious infections

Cockroaches are always present in dirty places. You will see them scrolling over garbage bins, toilets, rotten food, fecal material, and every other unclean thing.

It means that they could carry a lot of dangerous bacteria, parasites, viruses, and other germs.

If your cat will eat such a dirty cockroach then it will get sick and suffer serious health problems. That is why we recommend your cat should not eat cockroaches.

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