Last Updated : November 30, 2022

Can cats kill guinea pigs (+ how to have them both)

We all grow up reading and watching the predator-prey story of cats and rats. Well, that is quite understandable, considering the intrusive nature of rats. But could we say the same for a Guinea pea? No, I don’t think that would be reasonable, because guinea peas have a calm temperament and unlike their close fellow rodent cousin – Hamster, they wouldn’t even bite even if they are stressed.

Cats and Guinea pigs don’t have the best of relationships and most cat owners know this, therefore, before they bring a guinea pea home, they always ask, “Will cats kill Guinea pigs? This has pricked my curiosity and triggered me to carry out some research about their relationships. This article contains my discovery and I am thrilled to share them with you, so keep reading.

Can cats kill guinea pigs

Do cats like Guinea pigs

No, cats don’t like Guinea pigs.

Before cats become domesticated, they would hunt and kill rodents for food simply because cats are lone hunters and can only hunt weaker animals like rodents. In recent times, housecats will hunt rodents just to quench their hunting instinct.

The situation of a cat trained to like a Guinea pig is similar to that of a vampire who drinks animal blood instead of humans. That does not mean he has completely overcome his thirst for human blood but is only suppressing his urge. Cats can seem to like Guinea pigs for some time, but once their hunting instinct kicks in, you might end up losing your Guinea pig.

Do cats and Guinea pigs get along

Yes, cats and Guinea pigs can get along, but you can’t completely trust your cat. Although naturally, some cats are calm and would hardly show hostile behavior towards any other pet, not even kittens of other cats they are known to attack.

Generally, you can get your cat regardless of its behavior to like your Guinea pigs by getting them socialized and training them right from a younger age.

Do cats kill Guinea pigs

Yes, cats can kill Guinea pigs. Generally, cats have a high hunting drive and house cats are not left out. They will kill your Guinea pigs just because they are triggered by their instinct.

Will cats kill Guinea pigs

Yes, cats will kill Guinea pigs. Cats are known ardent rodent hunters and would prey on rabbits, birds, and rats for food. Anytime a cat sees a Guinea pig, it is very likely that he perceives him to be a quick snack, especially when he is hungry.

Why did my cat hurt my Guinea pig

The thing is, the relationship between cats and Guinea pigs is a complicated one, and it is unfair that the Guinea pig is always the victim most of the time. Their relationship is so complicated that if the Guinea pig is vocalizing or running, (something completely natural to them), that singular act could prompt the cat to attack them.

Your cat can hurt your Guinea pig both for intentional and unintentional reasons and you should consider your Guinea pig lucky if an attack from a cat is limited to him getting hurt, and not dead because cats will pounce on Guinea pigs most times to eat them.

Compared to cats, Guinea pigs are relatively small, so even if they are friends, your guinea pig can easily get hurt from coming in contact with your cat’s paw. Another reason why your cat may hurt your Guinea pig is their hunting instinct.

Cats are good hunters that love to prey on smaller animals because they are weaker and would make perfect prey because they are solo hunters that don’t hunt in packs.

Can you get a Guinea pig if you have a cat

Yes, you can get a Guinea pig if you already own a cat but you must be extra careful. You may be excited to have a Guinea pig as a pet, but that does not automatically mean that your other pet like your dog and cat will be happy that you bring him on board.

The best way to ensure that your ever calm Guinea pig will be safe from your cat or dog attack is to create a barrier between them. Even if after proper introduction, you cannot trust your cat with the safety of your Guinea pig because a slight reaction can trigger a cat to inflict a fatal attack on your Guinea pig even though they are friends.

Are Guinea pigs scared of cats

Yes, Guinea pigs are scared of cats. Guinea pigs are small prey to bigger predators like cats, therefore, Guinea pigs can easily get intimidated by merely staying around them. At times, a cat could be staring at a Guinea pig out of curiosity, and this could cause a great uneasiness on the part of the Guinea pig and become stressed out.

How to make your cat and Guinea pig be a friend

You can get your cat and Guinea pig to get along by following the steps to be provided below.

  1. Completely separate both of them by putting them in different cages and ensure that the cage you will be keeping your Guinea pig can withstand a jolt from your cat in case he is in killing mode.
  2. Exchange scents between them so that they can recognize each other’s scent. You should do this every day for 1 to 2 weeks.
  3. Get them to maintain eye contact. You can do this by feeding your Guinea pig in your lap while your cat watches on in his cage. This should be done for few minutes and return to his cage.
  4. Uncage the guinea pig and allow him to roam about in his room with the door closed. Then go into the room later on with the cat in your hand. Grab a seat and continuously pet him until the Guinea pig approaches.
  5. While the Guinea pig is in close range with your cat, look closely for any aggressive gestures. If there’s none, then it’s a success. But if your cat snarls, then you might have to seek professional help or go over the process again.

How to cat-proof a Guinea pig cage

To build a cage powerful enough to withstand a cat’s aggressive push from cats or dogs, you can go through the following process.

  1. Ensure the cage you’re putting your Guinea pig has a roof.
  2. Make sure your Guinea pig cage is constructed with strong and durable material.
  3. Ensure that the space between the cage bars is not so spacious that a cat head or paw can go through them.
  4. Create a space like a mini shelter within your Guinea pig cage where your he can feel completely safe from a cat’s fixated gaze.

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