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Why does my cat keep bringing me her kittens

Cats love their owners a lot and they have a habit of always roaming around them. Once she gets pregnant and has her cute little kittens, one more habit is included in the list. During the first few weeks of kittens who came into existence, their mother kept on moving them from one place to another.

Cats usually bring their kittens to you very often and there are some solid reasons behind this activity. People often get confused because they think that cats may want something or their kittens are ill but the reality is a bit different.

Why does my cat keep bringing me her kittens

This guide will give you a proper explanation about the question: why does my cat bring her kittens to me? So that you can know what to do.

Why does the cat bring kittens to me

Why does the cat bring kittens to me

The most common and major reason behind the cats bringing her kittens to use is that she wants to familiarize you with her babies and her kittens with you. She wants you to love them while allowing her kitten to get well acquainted with you.

We can say that it is just like the practice just like we give our newborns to their siblings so that they can love them and get used to them. Cat knows that she has been in love with humans and they are different from her, so she wants her kittens to know the same and learn the conduct of humans and get used to another species.

1. To protect her kittens

As said earlier, the main reason for bringing her kitten to you is to protect and keep them safe under your responsibility.

There may be plenty of places where she can keep her kitten or hide them but she would still bring them to you because she knows that you will never let something happen to her.

Apart from these, cats have an idea that kittens can be attacked by predators if she keeps them at a far place but as she has never seen a predator among or near her human family, she considered this company as the safest place for her kittens.

2. To Share her responsibility

There are possibilities that the cat is feeling tired and she wants you to take responsibility for the kittens. This is not surprising as cats love to share their responsibility with others even if you are a human.

Cats could be said as a bit irresponsible in this regard and this is one of the major reasons that we find hundreds of kittens in the animal sheltering world. Most of these kittens are just left by their mother behind. This doesn’t happen most often but cats share their responsibility with other mother cats and if there aren’t any, you are the one to assist.

3. To make you feel like her family member

Although cats are considered aggressive animals, they can change a lot of their habits while living in a human house. Where a cat lives, she thinks of that place as her own house and truly assumes that she has a proper right on each and everything of the home even if that thing is humans.

She loves you and wants her kittens to love you as well. She expects you as well to love and take care of her kittens like you are taking care of her. She may keep bringing her kittens to you just because she wants to make a bond and increase the love and relation between two families.

Why does my cat bring me her kittens and meow

If cats bring their kittens to you and meow as well, it is probably an indication that she wants you to give attention to her kittens and make them feel comfortable and loved.

It is also possible that there is some issue with the kitten and she wants you to examine her and take further steps for better health.

So, there could be any reason but the above-mentioned along with seeking your help are the most prominent reasons behind cats meowing near you.

Why does my cat only bring her one kitten to me

Cats don’t have favorites but they may have a bit of difference in the way they treat their different kittens. If she is only bringing her one kitten to you, it means that she loves that kitten the most and wants you to do the same as well.

The reason can change drastically if she brings one kitten at a time but each time, a different one. This thing indicates that she wants you to take care of each kitten separately so that you can get attached to all of her babies without showing any discrimination.

Cats have a not-so-good record in keeping all of their kittens with them as they can abandon some as well. This is the reason that even if your cat brings one same kitten all the time, you should show affection to all her children so that she develops feelings of love as well.

Why does a cat hide her kittens from her father

The way fathers deal with their kittens is a lot more different than that of mothers. Fathers would like to play with their child and this process can sometimes put the kittens in some trouble.

Male cats can harm the kittens while playing as they don’t have an extreme desire or may not even like to be a father. It really doesn’t mean that fathers do not like kittens as they actually feed them and love them. But they don’t have strong instincts which can risk the life or health of kittens.

Apart from this, it is in the nature of the cats that they don’t want to mate for at least 6 weeks after giving birth to their child. This can also be a reason for hiding as she doesn’t want to face any male cats. If a male cat encounters her and wants to mate, she would most probably act aggressively and will not let him come near her or her kittens.

This is not just her habit or desire but it is a natural fact in the biology of reproduction that makes cats wait for about 6 weeks for mating again if she wants to.

Does my cat trust me while bringing her kittens

If a cat is living with you for a long time and bringing her kittens to you as well, it clearly shows that she trusts you with her kittens and has full faith that you will take care of them just like her or maybe even better.

As the cat knows that you are good with her, she assumes the same for her newborn baby as well. Some cats may not bring their kittens to you as they may think that you will get offended.

Therefore, you should adore them and touch them by yourself to show affection towards her kittens.

Even if she trusts you with her kittens, you should take great care because cats can start a fight in no time if she thinks that you are disrespecting or behaving rudely with her kittens.

This is just a maternal instinct and you cannot beat it. In a nutshell, cats do trust you but you should avoid doing things that seem like a threat to the cats and show a good amount of affection to enhance their trust in you.

What to do if my cat keeps bringing me her kittens

  1. The first thing you should do is to touch them and adore them like your own child.
  2. Keep them in your lap and move your fingers through the kittens’ hair.
  3. Check if the kitten has any issues to ensure that she is growing young as a healthy one.
  4. Feed them with your own hands to make them feel good and get them familiarized.
  5. Give proper attention to kittens but don’t ignore the mother in the process.
  6. The mother cat should also be beloved as she has just given birth to kittens and needs some rest and care as well.

What to do if a cat keeps moving her kittens

Cat keeps on moving her kittens from one place to another in order to find the best suitable place for them. You should respect the cat by letting her choose a place and build her shelter even if you have to change some rules of the house.

If you keep on destroying her shelter, she will not only keep on moving but may become aggressive and abusive as well. You should not use any noisy instrument or tool near her shelter for at least the first 4 weeks after giving birth to kittens.

Never go every few minutes to check how they are doing, your cat will bring her kitten to you by herself if she needs any help or assistance. Give her space so that she can carry their children as they normally do.

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