Last Updated : November 26, 2022

Do Cats eat Tarantulas? YES! You Read That Right!

Tarantulas is a hairy Spider species that belongs to the family of Theraphosidae. These groups of spiders can be found in almost every continent and are popularly kept as pets. However, don’t let their relatively small size fool you, Tarantulas are venomous and are known to prey on other big animals that are much bigger than them.

This arachnid prey on snakes, lizards, birds, and other rodents, so you might have to worry if you are a pet owner and you want to adopt Tarantulas as pets. If you’re a cat owner, this could be more worrisome, because they are both not the best friends. Consequently, can a cat kill a Tarantula? Are cats immune to Tarantula venom? are some questions mostly asked by cats and Tarantula owners and are detailedly answered in this article. So if you are ready, let’s begin!

Do cats eat tarantulas

Do cats kill spiders

Yes, cats kill spiders. Naturally, cats are descendants of predatory species, which means they prefer hunting for their foods rather than having to rely on humans to feed them. Back in the wild, cats hunt down small mammals like; birds, rats, hamsters, mice, squirrels, and even snakes.

It might also interest you to know that most cats we keep as pets in this modern era are solitary hunters and will joyfully embark on solo hunting expeditions to look for food supplements even after they had already been fed by their owners. This shouldn’t come as a surprise though, because cats are obligate carnivores, and as a result, they need to eat enough meat to fulfill their daily nutritional requirements. This is one reason some homeowners keep cats as pest controllers and not as companions.

Therefore, because cats are lone hunters, they do not have the number or strength to hunt big games, hence, most of their prey is usually small and spiders will make a perfect catch for them.

Are cats scared of spiders

No, cats are not scared of spiders. Unlike some humans who are afraid of spiders, probably because they are allergic to the venom of some spiders or for any other reasons best known to them, but cats are not.

Nothing about spiders intimidates cats, not even the venom of some venomous spiders. Cats on the other hand have everything to their advantage. They have a better hunting instinct, razor-sharp teeth, and claws, hence whenever a cat sees a spider, he might just be looking at something to snack on.

How do cats kill spiders

Cats hunt spiders in a similar way they hunt down every of their other prey (Attack and run technique). The only slight difference that could be apparent in the case of a spider is the speed and strength required. Cats hunt down prey relying on their speed, claws, strength, and their super flexible spine which gives them the agility they need to escape counter-attacks from vicious prey.

Unlike dogs who mostly rely on their teeth and claws to cling to prey and keep on biting, which leaves certain parts of their body like their eyes and nose exposed to reprisal attacks from opponents. Cats stalk their prey, hit them on the most sensitive parts of their body, and recoil back, completely out of reach from the enemy’s attack, and they do this until they kill their prey.

Can cats smell spiders

Yes, cats smell spiders. Whether you like it or not, cats are natural hunters and this is a trait you cannot completely eradicate from them even if you put them under leach or in a confined space and they rely on their powerful sense of smell and hearing to carry out their hunting.

According to scientific research, cats have approximately 45 to 200 million scent cells in their nose, which makes them have a sense of smell a million times better than that in humans. With this super active sense of smell, cats can smell taurines in spiders and every other unique scent in little insects.

Can cats hear spiders

Yes, cats can hear spiders. Although cats may be relatively small compared to other mammals, they unarguably have one of the best senses of hearing in the mammal world, thanks to their big-shaped ears.

Cats are said to have an incredible hearing sense better than their hunting counterpart, the dogs. Cats can hear sounds as low as 70000 hertz, whereas, dogs can only hear 45000 hertz sound frequency. Therefore, giving their excellent sense of smell, they can hear the hissing sounds spiders make when they walk or anytime they are attacking or defending against attacks.

Can cats sense spiders

Yes, cats can sense spiders. In the previous sections of this article, I have extensively explained how powerful both the hearing and smelling sense of cats are. Therefore, considering these immense gifts, they can easily activate any of these senses to detect the presence of spiders or any other insect around them.

Why do cats eat spiders

Cats eat spiders majorly for two reasons, their natural hunting instinct, and nutrition.

Earlier in this article, I called cats natural hunters and obligate carnivores, that is, they need to eat meat for their daily nutrition to be completed and they hunt to achieve this. Back in the wild, they hunt down like; snakes, birds, and mice.

Nowadays, cats are domesticated and live in the vicinity where they cannot or hardly find their prey, which usually serves as a good source of protein for them. Spiders are always crawling on walls around the house, therefore, they will make perfect prey to douse their hunger for hunting.

And also, because they have taurines (a substance excessively rich in amino acid) in their tissues, they will serve as a good source of protein supplement for them.

Why do cats eat spider webs

If anyone is to tell you that cats eat spider web, it would seem almost unbelievable to you until you finally catch them in the act. Although, they wouldn’t go about hunting for webs to eat. But if they come about webs along their way, they can eat it for various reasons. Some of these reasons include;

1. Curiosity: Cats have a good smell and as a result, they are highly inquisitive and will follow their scents to anywhere it takes them. If they come across spider web while on their inquisitive mission, they wouldn’t hesitate to eat them up.

2. Nutrition: Generally, all animals are naturally driven to nutritional foods. Cats are not exceptions and would eat spider webs because they are rich in protein and carbohydrates.

3. Nutritional deficiency: Under normal circumstances, cats are not supposed to eat spider webs, and even if it happens, it should be infrequent. Therefore, if you notice that your cat eats spider web and it’s seeming to be its favorite delicacy, it might be because you are depriving him of certain nutrients.

Should cats eat spider webs

No, cats should not eat spider webs. If your cat eats spider web, it is mostly not a good sign. Although, even if cats eat spider webs excessively, it will not harm them in any way. However, it is not advisable to let your cat eat spider web altogether.

Will cats die from eating spiders

No, cats will not die from eating spiders. Cats wouldn’t die from eating spiders even if they are venomous because their acidic stomach will help them digest the spider’s venom and completely neutralize them. Although, if they are bitten, it could be disastrous.

What to do if cats eat spiders

Although your cat may not die from eating a spider, it could cause them some discomfort like Gastrointestinal disorder and some allergic reactions. If you noticed that your cat has eaten a spider, you should watch out for symptoms like; dehydration, redness of the skin, inflammation of the skin, diarrhea, abdominal pains or nausea, etc. If he shows any of these symptoms, you should feed him immediately with fluids and keep him hydrated.

How to stop cats from eating spider

If you want to prevent your cat from eating spiders, you can take any of the following steps.

  1. Give your cat lots of toys to play with so that he wouldn’t have time or enough energy to hunt for a spider or its web.
  2. Get rid of all spiders in your house using insecticides.
  3. Give your cat enough water and food to eat so he does not suffer from food deficiency syndrome.
  4. Remove spider web completely in your house.
  5. Fill up holes in walls and basement

Are cats immune to spider bites

No, cats are not immune to venomous spider bites. Therefore, if they are bitten by a venomous spider, it could lead to some health complications like; breathing difficulty, fever, paralysis, shock, muscle weakness, etc.

What happens if a spider bits a cat

Spider bite on your cat will lead to behavioral changes. For example, if your cat used to be very full of energy, he will become dormant, and if your cat loves to eat, he may suffer from loss of appetite.

What does a spider bite look like on a cat

Spider bite looks like a Bull eye blister.

Will cats keep spiders away

Yes, cats can keep spiders away by hunting them down.

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