Family Favorites from a List of Large Dog Breeds

Every list of large dog breeds will have the names of certain popular breeds that are also suitable for homes with children. However, before going through the list of large dog breeds to select a pet, there are certain factors to be considered. Is the home large enough, with plenty of open space for the dog to run around? Are there fragile objects and furniture which may not stay intact with a large dog bounding around the house? How important is it to keep the house looking immaculate with no dog hair all over the furniture?

Having considered these problems, anyone who wants to go ahead and keep a large dog should have a family discussion about the list of large dog breeds. The most complete list of large dog breeds would certainly include names of the German shepherd, Doberman pinscher, Afghan hound, Boxer, Collie, Golden Retriever, Labrador, Great Dane and St. Bernard. In addition to the names mentioned earlier, other popular dogs which feature usually on a list of large dog breeds are the Boxer, Irish setter, Greyhound, Chow chow and Dalmatian.

Some Characteristics of Dogs from the List of Large Dog Breeds

All dogs are good with children as a rule, but if a child continuously mistreats it, the dog may eventually bite. A large dog can severely injure a small child, so never leave them together unsupervised. Large dogs weigh over fifty pounds, and some really large ones weigh over eighty. The problem is that many of them are unaware of their sizes and can knock children, furniture, and even older people flat out in their exuberance. Notwithstanding their sizes, many breeds of large dogs are gentle and can be kept indoors provided someone takes the responsibility of exercising them regularly.

While it is possible to keep some of them in apartments, they are ideal for farms or homesteads. Dogs like the Afghan Hound and St Bernard are used to a cold climate, and it would be cruel to keep them is a hot place. Similarly, Collies, German Shepherds and Retrievers are better off on farms. They are inherently working dogs, and love wide open spaces to run about.

Another thing to bear in mind while going through a list of large dogs is that many of them need a lot of exercise. All dogs need exercise and large dogs need plenty of it. They also eat more and therefore one needs bigger budgets for their meals. These dogs are expensive to maintain, and this can be a limiting factor for many genuine dog lovers.