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Why do some border collies have pointy ears

Border collies are a dog breed originally from the frontiers between England and Scotland. They were bred primarily as herding dogs in their early days. Although this practice continues today, they are now used majorly as pets and for sport because of their energetic nature.

There are lots of amazing qualities to discuss when it comes to border collies, but what often leaves most Border collies owners dismayed is their ear variance. While some border collies may have fully pointy ears, some may look semi-pointy, and at times, floppy ears. This has left most border collies owners confused that they often ask this question, “Do Border collies have pointy ears?”.

Why do some border collies have pointy ears

This question and some other closely related ones shall be treated in this overview, so keep reading.

What is a pointy ear

The pointy ear is best described as a condition whereby an animal has a straightened ear, as opposed to the typical floppy ears in some animals, and oval-shaped ears found in humans. Although not a physical characteristic common to humans, ( if any, it is most likely caused by genetic deformity) but a common attribute found in most animals like dogs, cats, African bush pigs, vampire bats, civets e.t.c.

Animals with this physical attribute are believed to have a remarkable hearing sense better than those with floppy ears and are also considered more attractive. However, a pointy ear is not to be confused with a cropped ear. While pointy ear exists naturally, a cropped ear is fabricated through surgical

What do pointy ears on a dog mean

Pointy ears in dogs majorly signify an incredible sense of hearing. Just as webbed feet swimming in dogs, pointy ears also help improve hearing ability. Dogs with pointy ears are known to have an incredible hearing ability that supersedes those of their other doggy counterparts with saggy ears.

Pointy ear functions like an antenna. So when a dog has a pointy ear, they can easily move their ears side to side, back and forth towards the direction of sound signals they are receiving. This allows them to effectively pick up sound waves coming from different directions.

Another key meaning of a pointy ear, especially in the case of a Border collie is attractiveness. This is evident in border collie with floppy ears. A border collie can make a saggy ear stand erect when he develops an interest in an event and wants to concentrate.

Do border collies have big ears

Yes, border collies have big ears. Unlike most dog breeds with standard-specific ear shapes and sizes, border collies ears vary in shape.

While some may have fully erect ears, some may have semi-erect ears while the ear on some of the breed may look completely saggy. However, in general, border collies ear is usually big.

Can border collie have pointy ears

Yes, border collies can have pointy ears. Border collie ear does not have a specific shape, so generally speaking, a border collie ear can be saggy, semi pointy, or fully pointy and this is most likely as a result of a healthy gene mix passed on from their herding days.

How can you tell if your border collie has a pointy ear

It is very easy to identify pointy ears on an adult border collie, but when it comes to their pup, it can be a little bit more complicated. A border collie pup starts off life with a floppy ear, and as a result, most homeowners find it difficult to determine whether their pup will grow up to have pointy ears or not.

To tell whether your birder collie pup is going to have a pointy ear or not, pay close attention to the ear positioning. If your border collie pup’s ear is located high up the head and those ears seem to be close to each other, then there is a big chance that your pup is going to have a pointy ear.

Also, the secret to knowing lies in your ability to study your pup’s attitude and mood. If your pup is fond of raise his ears when excited, or whenever his gaze seems to be fixed on a particular object, then your border collie pup has good chances of growing a pointy ear. However, once your pup is older than 9 months and still has droopy ears, there is a big chance that your pup ear is going to start that way all through to adulthood.

Can border collies have a floppy ear

Yes, border collies can have floppy ears. Most dog breed’s ears have a specified shape and size, but in the case of a border collie, the situation is different. This breed of dog has varying ear shapes which could be floppy, pointy, or semi-pointy.

This issue of ear variant in border collie is so complicated that a border collie may have both pointy and semi-point ears. And this is why sometimes you will see tapes on their ears. This is a measure taken by most owners to correct the deformity with their per dog’s ear.

Do all border collie ears stand up

No, not all border collie has complete erect ears.

At what age do border collie ears stand up

Your border collie ear should be erect at the age of 6 to 7 months if they are going to have a pointy ear. If your pup is 9 months old or beyond, then your border collie is not likely to have an erect ear because, at that age, their ear cartilage would have become stiffened.

How can border collie ear stand up

If you have observed that your border collie has zero chance of growing a pointy ear, then you can hold the ears in your desired position with a non-stretch tape with zinc or silverback. This is because zinc and silver-backed tape are less likely to keep bacteria.

Note: You should do this when your pup is as young as 3 months old till he is six months old. This is because at this stage, their ear cartilage is still very soft and the growth can be easily reworked. Also, make sure you change the tape every day until you decide to remove the tape permanently.

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