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Are golden retrievers good running dogs

Is it OK to run with a Golden Retriever? Casual athletes may find their Goldens as excellent companions. These dogs are agile, fast, and with some stamina. However, there are still a few things to consider before you make your Golden your official running partner.

Is a Golden Retriever a good running companion

If you will ask most dog owners, you can also stay in great shape if you have a Golden Retriever. These dogs are very active that love to play and enjoy going for long walks.

Are golden retrievers good running dogs

While these dogs might not be the most active, they are definitely more suitable to active lifestyle than other lapdog breeds out there.

Don’t forget that Golden and Labrador Retrievers were originally bred for fetching birds that hunters shot down. It means that to a point, these dogs enjoy running after things by nature. This is why it makes perfect sense to have them as a buddy for your daily jog or run.

There are lots of factors that may come into play when looking for a breed that best suits your family. You need to pick the correct size, the right temperament, and a breed suitable for your lifestyle.

This is something that runners know all too well and this is why they search for popular breeds that will be able to run side by side with them. And when it comes to popularity, Golden Retrievers definitely top the list.

How fast do Golden Retrievers run

There is actually no need for you to worry on whether or not your Golden can keep up with your running pace. In fact, you might even be the one who will have a difficult time to keep up with your sprinting Golden.

The truth is that a typical Golden Retriever will never break any sweat in giving Usain Bolt a good run for his money. This is because Golden Retrievers can run at a top speed of around 35 miles per hour.

How far can Golden Retrievers run

How fast do Golden Retrievers run

Goldens are not only speedy on their feet because they are also excellent running machines. These dogs are renowned for their extremely strong stamina as far as their run length is concerned. While rare, there are claims that these dogs can finish 5K runs with their owners.

Having said this, the distance that a Golden can run will vary based on some factors such as their age, health, and weight.

Top reasons to run with a Golden Retriever

Without a doubt, going on runs can benefit your health in more ways than one. In fact, even a brisk run each morning will be able to help you lose weight, heal your cardiovascular system, and boost your energy levels. Having a good running partner is also associated with better workout results and steadier exercise regimens.

Having your Golden as your running company can take all of these benefits to the next level. In particular, running with your dog is linked with more perks such as:

  • Better heart health
  • Better moods
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower levels of cortisol

Training a Golden Retriever for a run

Just like other aspects of owning a dog, having a Golden doesn’t mean that you can simply take him out for a marathon run right away.

It is still important that you build up your dog to a point and ensure that he will be capable enough to handle it.

Training your dog, however, may not be easy. There might also be several biological problems you have to know before you start running.

Getting Golden Retriever into ideal running shape

Prior to letting your Golden engage in long distance runs, it is always a great idea to make sure that your pup is in top shape. Focusing on the weight of your dog is the most important step you need to take before you go for long distance running.

A Golden Retriever with a healthy weight will also be a dog that will suffer less stress on his joints when running. These dogs will also have the ability of running longer distances faster. It is for the interest of both you and your pet to keep him at a healthier weight.

All vets agree that female Goldens should ideally weigh around 55 to 71 pounds while males should weigh 65 to 75 pounds. If you have an overweight dog, you can help him get into shape by avoiding excessive treats and reducing his food portions.

Walking with your Golden Retriever

Getting your Golden to become your running companion is one thing that you should do little by little. This is why it would be best to start walking your dog first. Even young Golden adult puppies can go for short walks around the block for them to get used to some exercise.

There are several things you have to know when training your Golden puppy for walks that can turn into runs later on.

Socialize your Golden to everything

There is no way that you can just bring your dog outdoors if you are not even sure that he can handle seeing things from cats to cars, and people. If you train your pup to behave the right away, you can be sure that no incidents will happen during your runs.

Ensure that your Golden understands and responds to all your basic training cues

It is a must that your pet responds to come here, slow down, stop, and no before you take him out for a walk beyond the backyard.

Give your dog rewards for walking

This is rare but there are some Goldens that may refuse to walk and get a bit lazy. Treats for good behaviors can help convince your dog to run if he resists training.

Start small and increase distance

The very first thing you need to conquer prior to running with your Golden is none other than distance. Begin your walks at only 15 to 30 minutes and build it up little by little to one hour.

Explore various terrains

 Level, downhill, and uphill will all help tire out your Golden Retriever at varied rates. These varying terrains can help build up his stamina for more runs later on.

As expected, taking out your dog for walks must be part of their basic care routine. It is the least you can do as the owner of a Golden Retriever to keep your dog fit, whether you plan to run with him or not.

How to start jogging with your Golden Retriever

Once your pup has started to get used to going for long walks outside, this is now the time for you to begin increasing the pace. Similar to walking, you need to gradually introduce jogging to your Golden. Here are some tips to help you get started jogging with your Golden.

1. Start by planning trails alternating between walking and jogging.

Your dog will get tired if you go for a full jog right from the beginning. Keep this varied until you are sure that your dog is already used to the two paces.

2. The initial or first jog must only last for 20 minutes.

Since jogging is a bit more intense compared to walking, it is a must to start with short sessions first.

3. Slowly start building up the jogging time compared to the walking time.

After you and your pet start jogging in full in one trail, you can now make the jogging time a little bit longer.

4. Have water breaks.

It might not seem strenuous enough to walk with your Golden to need hydration reasons. However, jogging is a bit different. Your dog must stay hydrated for him to keep going, especially during hotter days or longer trails.

5. Watch the reactions of your dog during the jog.

While the distances you are jogging might not seem that much, for a Golden, this may seem a lot. Pay attention to your dog to watch out for signs of stress or fatigue. Take a break and let your dog drink water if he seems exhausted.

How to start running with your Golden Retriever

Jogging serves as the bridge that can make a big difference between taking your dog on a run and on a walk. Most of the time, getting your pet to this last step is just the same with how you switched to jogging from walking.

While the method is the same, there are a few essential details you need to keep in mind once you have finally broken into running with your Golden.

  • Runs must also be introduced to your dog by alternating paces.
  • Take additional hydration breaks.
  • Go for easy trails when getting started.
  • Plan out the warm up and cool down sessions.

Now that you know that your Golden Retriever can be a good partner for running, make sure that you follow the tips above to ensure a safe and healthy run with your pup all the time.

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