Last Updated : December 4, 2022

Are dobermans good running dogs

Are Dobermans good for running? This article will explore the ability to run of Doberman Pinschers and whether or not they can become your next running buddy.

Can you run with a Doberman

Yes, you can run with Dobermans and they can even be a good running partner for you. These dogs boast of a body structure that makes them suitable as running dogs.

Are dobermans good running dogs

Some of the traits that make Dobermans good running dogs include:

  • Correct body size
  • Short coat
  • Appropriate length of snout

How fast can a Doberman run

How fast can a Doberman run

A typical healthy Doberman has a speed range of 28 to 35 kilometers per hour. Healthy normal Dobermans can also safely run for about 20 to 40 miles per week. Aside from the physical structure above, these dogs also have other characteristics that can be expected from running dogs. These include endurance, intelligence, and obedience.

How to train a Doberman to become a running dog

Running is an important exercise not only for your canine friend but also for you. Having your pup as your running buddy can even motivate you to run.

If you plan to train your Doberman, make sure that you are familiar with your pet’s bloodline. The bloodline of your Doberman will determine his temperament’s foundation.

If your dog comes from the line of guard or security dogs, you need to put additional effort to his training to get rid of any aggressive behavior. This is why it is better to be familiar with the bloodline of your Dob before you begin his run training.

You should also teach obedience to your dog and train him in following basic commands. You can begin his training for running if he responds positive to the training.

Here are the steps to follow on how to train your Doberman for training:

  1. Begin with a loose leash walking.
  2. Choose a side where you and your dog will stay and stick with this.
  3. Increase the speed little by little.
  4. Be consistent to build endurance.

How to keep your Doberman safe during a run

Below are several strategies that you can adapt easily to ensure that your Dob will always be safe during your runs:

  1. Warm up your dog before a run.
  2. Cool down your dog after a running session.
  3. Take note of weather conditions.
  4. Carry water with you.
  5. Use trails all the time.
  6. Keep your dog on a leash.
  7. Pay attention to his body language.
  8. Be careful of hot concrete.
  9. Stop if your dog looks overstressed because of scorching weather.

Things to bring during a run with a Doberman

There are several important things you should bring with you every time you go running with your Dob.

  • Hands-free dog leash
  • Fresh water for drinking or a water vessel when your Dob can drink from
  • Poop bags
  • Reflective gear
  • Treats

Reflective gear, in particular, is very crucial if you have plans to go on nighttime running trips.

Things to know before running with a Doberman

There are a few important points that you need to keep in mind if you have plans to go out for a run with your Dob.

Know your dog’s bloodline

As mentioned earlier, you should know his bloodline first because this will determine his temperament’s foundation. You don’t need to worry much if your Dob comes from a reliable breeder.

Consult your vet

Even if your pet reached the right age for running, it is important to consult your vet to know if your Dob is suitable for running long distances.

Don’t give treats right away after running.

If your dog still pants after running, don’t give him any treats right away.  Do it after he becomes comfortable and rested enough.

Observe healthy diet

Healthy diet is important for maintaining physical fitness. Your dog needs the right amount of carbohydrates, protein, and other nutrients daily.

Length of leash

Go for a leash with a length of 4 to 6 feet.

Avoid using harsh punishments

 Spanking and yelling at dogs will never bring any positive results for any task. The Doberman’s natural aggressive behavior will pop up if you will train him using punishments.

Perform obedience training

The most important step you need to follow if you want to make your Dob your running partner is to make him obedient. You can hire a professional trainer for this or enroll him to an obedience training class.

Observe your dog after running

 If your Dob vomits, drools, or pants excessively after a run, take him to the vet right away.

Be careful with older Dobermans

Dogs get older much faster than humans. Just because your Dob was able to keep up with your runs last year doesn’t mean he is still fit enough to run this year, too.

Be careful with Dob puppies 18 months and below

You should never take your Dob for a run if he is less than 18 months old. Their muscles, bones, and joints in particular are not yet developed, making them more at risk of orthopedic damage. Dogs have varied growth rates just like humans.

Engage in regular training

Many Dobermans are often left feeling lost if they don’t constantly get proper training. Dobs consider their owners as their pack leader and they also expect their owner to always guide them. Consistent training has an important role if you want to make your Dob a great running partner.

Running with your Dob in cold weather

Your Dob’s paws may burn because of ice so postpone your runs during snowfall.

Protect from ticks

If you will run in the woods, you have to make sure that your dog is protected from ticks. Remove these immediately upon getting home. Consult your vet if you suspect your Dob was bitten.  

Type of leash

A hands-free leash can be used when running with your Doberman.

Check his foot after the run

Finally, check your dog’s foot after a run.

The Bottom Line

While Dobermans are great running dogs, there are some that might not be suitable for running.

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