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How to clean beagles ears

Those adorable droopy ears are the best and most remarkable features of beagles. Sadly, the very same ears can also block the flow of air, forming a moist environment in them that can be prone to all sorts of infections.

As a beagle owner, it is important to learn how to clean beagles ears regularly.

How to clean beagles ears

Basics of cleaning the ears of your beagle

To clean the ears of your beagles, you should first squirt several drops of ear cleaner fluid to the ear canal of your pup. Clean all the debris and wax found in the ear using a clean cotton ball.

Now that you got some basic idea about cleaning your dog’s ears, read on below to know the steps you need to take for cleaning your beagle’s ears, how often you should clean them, and more.

How to clean your beagle’s ears

Don’t worry if you are one of those lazy or busy fur parents out there. The good news is that cleaning the ears of your beagle is not that tiresome or challenging at all. It will not even take you 5 minutes to clean both ears of your pup. The hygiene of your pet is crucial so never procrastinate with this. Here are the steps on how to clean beagles ears:

  1. Prepare all the materials you need.

You will need some cotton balls and a good quality canine ear cleaning fluid that you can easily buy online or in your local pet supply shop. But if you want to go natural, you can also prepare your homemade ear cleaning liquid. All you have to do is mix rubbing alcohol and white vinegar. This cleaning fluid can kill off all the bacteria present in the ears and help get rid of the wax at the same time.

  1. Check for any infection.

Before starting the actual process of ear cleaning, it is recommended that you check first for any signs of bacteria, mites, or infections. Some of the most common signs you need to watch out for include discharge, bad odor, swollen tissues, and thick wax. Once you notice any of these signs, avoid touching them and take your pup to the vet right away.

  1. Pick the right time for ear cleaning.

If you will try cleaning the ears of your beagle if he is in a playful mood, of course, you can expect it to be a complete disaster. The most ideal time for cleaning the ears of your beagle is when he is already exhausted and is about to go to sleep. This is often after your dog’s exercise session.

  1. Squirt the cleaner into the ear.

Lift the flap of the ear and squirt a few drops of the canine ear cleaning liquid into the ear canal. See to it that you read the direction on how to use the product as indicated on the label.

  1. Massage your dog’s ear.

Put down the flap and massage your beagle’s ear base for one minute.

  1. Use a cotton ball to wipe the ear.

Once you have finished massaging your dog’s ear base, you can lift the flap again to wipe all the parts with clean cotton balls. Different cotton balls should always be used for both ears. Remove all visible debris and wax.

Why do you need to clean your beagles ears regularly

Many dog owners fail to clean the ears of their pups without even realizing how important this is.

The ears are important body parts that you must never ignore or take for granted when grooming a beagle. Just like how much you pay attention to brushing and cleaning his fur, you also need to ensure that his ears are kept clean at all times. The following are the reasons why you should be cleaning your beagle’s ears regularly:

  • Debris, wax, and dirt can irritate your dog’s ears and the best way to prevent it is through regular ear cleaning.
  • It gets rid of bad odor due to infections and dirt in the ears of your dog.
  • Regular ear cleaning will help prevent bacteria, mites, and infection.

How often should you clean the ears of your beagle

The primary goal here is to prevent the buildup of wax inside your dog’s ears that may cause infections as well as other complications. The frequency of cleaning your pup’s ears will depend a lot on how prone your dog is too excessive buildup of wax.

In general, cleaning your dog’s ears after every 2 or 3 weeks can help maintain good ear hygiene. However, if your pup tends to get infections and wax buildup, cleaning his ears should be done once every week. A fixed schedule should be set for activities like this.

Signs of ear infection in beagles

Beagles tend to suffer from various ear infections, mainly due to their ears’ droopy nature. This is why all beagle owners should regularly check the ears of their fur babies. It will help them identify infections early on and diagnose the issue way before it has developed into a severe or more serious stage.

There are several symptoms and signs of ear infections in beagles that you should watch out for.

Changes in beagle behavior

There are times when ear infections can put your dog in pain. It may prompt your pet to change his usual behavior. Weakened movements and reduced appetite are two of the most common changes that you will notice.

Too much scratching

While it is pretty normal for dogs to scratch their ears, too much scratching may indicate some sort of infection. Once you notice that your dog persistently scratches his ears with either his front or hind paw, be sure to take him to the vet right away.

Head tilting

When your pup always holds his head to just one side, this can be another sign that he is suffering from an ear infection. There are instances when head tilting indicates a severe and deep infection that requires a vet checkup immediately.


Beagles can also be quite vocal about their emotions and every time they are in pain and these dogs whine in low pitched tone. Once you notice that your pup is making this kind of noise and scratching his ears at the same time, then, this is a definite sign of an ear infection.

Beagle rubbing ears on the wall or floor

Infections can cause irresistible irritation inside your dog’s ears and it can make your dog drag or rub his ear frequently on the floor or wall.

Beagle have unpleasant discharge or smell

Many types of bacterial infections tend to give off an unpleasant odor. This is why you need to check for any bad odor that comes from the ears of your beagle regularly. In addition, bacterial infections may also cause discharge that may be yellow-green, brown, black, and thick.

Tips to avoid ear infections in your beagle

Regular cleaning is the best way to prevent ear infections in beagles. For canines like beagles with droopy and long ears that are more susceptible to ear infections, it is very necessary to clean their ears regularly.

To keep your beagle safe from ear infections, there are several tips you need to remember.

1. add supplements to the diet of your beagle

There are certain supplements such as omega 3 that are very helpful when it comes to reducing inflammation that can minimize the risks of ear infections. Supplements rich in minerals and vitamins can strengthen your dog’s immune system that reduce his vulnerability to different forms of infections such as ear infections. Talk to your vet for professional advice.

2. Keep the ears of your beagle dry all the time

Yeast and bacteria thrive in warm and moist environments and if you don’t dry up the ears of your beagle properly, these could become the perfect breeding ground for bacterial infections. Dry your dog’s ears immediately after baths, water play, or swimming.

3. Treat any underlying cause

If your pet has started to get ear infections more often, the issue might be something else. There is a chance that you don’t clean his ears correctly or there could be a foreign object lodged in his ears. It can also be an allergy. Take him to the vet to determine the right solution for it.

Things to avoid to ensure your beagle have a clean ear

Here are other things you need to avoid at all costs to ensure better and proper ear care for your beloved beagle.

  • Don’t use the wrong ear cleaning solution.
  • Be sure to use enough cleaning fluid.
  • Use a cotton swab.
  • Don’t procrastinate a vet appointment.

Now that you know how to clean beagles’ ears, be sure to remember all of these tips to ensure the good ear hygiene of your adorable pooch and keep him happy and healthy for a long time.

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