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Are beagles good running dogs

Are Beagles good jogging dogs? Before you take your adorable Beagle out for a run, first, you need to know if they are even good running dogs or not.

Can you go running with Beagles

Yes, Beagles generally make very good partners for jogging for short distances. It may be more motivating and fun to run with your Beagle instead of going for a lonely jog all by yourself. It is a great way for getting some high intensity physical activity and cardio. Both you and your pup can use up your extra energy and stay in shape at the same time.

Are beagles good running dogs

Beagles are energetic dogs that enjoy short runs and brisk walks. But, see to it that you avoid pushing your pet too hard so you don’t cause him serious injury or pain. Running with a Beagle is also an excellent way for you and your pup’s overall health and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, make sure you don’t over-exercise your pet. Your pet may have some good stamina when it comes to low pace walks like hiking. But, Beagles are not really suitable for running marathons or long distances with you. The best and most ideal distance for running with your Beagle is anywhere around 1 to 3 miles.

Beagles were originally bred for hunting purposes so your dog may probably prefer to sprint than to slog. This is why it is highly recommended that you try brisk running with your pet. You might be impressed with how fast his sprint can get. in fact, these tiny fur balls of energy have the ability to run for a maximum of 20 miles per hour or 32 kilometers per hour.

This can be considered as very fast if you compare it to humans that can run on average of about 8 miles per hour or 12 kilometers per hour. But of course, there is no need for you to run this fast if you are planning to go out with your fur baby. If trained properly, he can listen to all your voice commands and follow the pace you set. This is what makes Beagles amazing partners for short distance runners and sprinters.

Can a Beagle run long distances

Can a Beagle run long distances

All dogs have their own capacities and limits when it comes to physical activities. This is the reason why it is important that you know your pet well. Running for over several kilometers or miles may be bad for your pet.

When it comes to Beagles, this breed is not really made for long distance running. They lack the stamina for intense and constant effort. Unlike other breeds such as Labradors, Beagles don’t have that perfect shape to be considered as one of the best partners for long distance runs.

The maximum distance for the breed is approximately 3 to 5 miles or 5 to 8 kilometers. Jogging for over 5 miles or 8 kilometers may already pose danger to your pet. The only exception may be those Beagles that very athletic, experienced, and healthy that can go on long distance running with some regular breaks in between.

But once again, your Beagle will find it more enjoyable to run fast for shorter distances. It is recommended to take two brisk runs a day instead of a single long jog daily. After the regular walks or runs, you can start trying other sports or active games.

Does running suit your Beagle

Every type or form of sport has several barriers and pointers to enjoy them the safe way. The good news is that running is actually very simple, with many dogs loving this wonderful physical activity with no problems at all. So, is your Beagle the perfect candidate for running?

The specific breed of the dog is one of the most essential factors to consider before you take your dog out for a run. There are low energy breeds like Great Dane, Bullmastiffs, Bulldogs, and Pugs may be a bit tricky to motivate. On the other hand, Beagles won’t have many issues in terms of motivation.

The health of your furry running companion is another crucial element you need to assess. There are lots of dogs that end up hurting themselves or developing some serious injuries because they go running despite having health problems. The best and easiest way to determine if your pup’s health is in great is to visit the vet.

You may also be able to spot other health concerns if you keep a close eye on your dog. You need to be careful with hip dysplasia since there are Beagles that might find it hard to walk and even develop joint arthritis. These dogs are normally in good health overall. Just ensure that your pup is in perfect shape before you even think of running with him.

Your dog’s age will also matter a lot if you are planning to do some intense sports with your Beagle. Never run with puppies because the activity may hurt them due to their fragile growing bones. You should seriously take this advice because you might injure your Beagle puppy permanently if you job with him too early.

Your fur baby may already be too old to go for a run although some senior dogs that are still very healthy can run until the golden years of their life. Make sure you don’t exercise your senior dog too much to avoid hurting him.

The best running companions are often medium-sized, athletic, high energy, and fast dogs. But, if your pet can walk around several miles with no issues, it might probably be fine for him to run. Just make sure that you or the vet take enough time in analyzing the abilities and conditions of your dog before change his exercise habits.

How to begin running with a Beagle

  1. Introduce your Beagle to regular walks.
  2. Take your walks to the next level by alternating these with some short jogs.
  3. Try to run with your Beagle for a very short distance like less than 800 meters or 0.5 miles to introduce him to the new sport.
  4. Consider increasing this distance little by little that can be around 5% to 10% per week.

What are the exercise needs of Beagles

Most Beagles enjoy lots of exercise and playing around. These dogs are also good at tracking things, searching, and hunting. This is why it is common to see these pups sniffing almost anything they encounter. But, the breed requires a minimum of 30 to 60 minutes of exercise per day.

There are also Beagles that love having over 2 hours of physical activity per day. Sadly, most dog owners don’t have enough time for playing with their buddy. It is one of the reasons why the breed tends to get overweight because of lack of proper exercise.

What types of physical activities should you do with a Beagle

Probably the best way of spending your Beagle’s extra energy every day is to walk with your pet. Beagles will need about 20 up to 40 minutes of daily walks. This is the best way of exercising your Beagle for him to stay healthy, fit, and happy without worrying about risks of injuring your dog or causing him pain.

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