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Do beagles have webbed feet

One of the benefits of webbed feet is that it aids swimming. So while trying to weigh the chances of your Beatle dog knowing how to swim, you might suddenly find the question, “Do Beagles have webbed paws?” interesting.

This and some other closely related questions about Beagles are discussed in this article. So read on for a ride through a body of knowledge about Beagle dog breeds.

Do beagles have webbed feet

What are webbed feet

Do beagles have webbed feet

A Webbed foot is a set of legs connected by tissues between foot toes.

This shape makes it possible for webbed-footed animals to perform lift-based diving when they swim.

Webbed foot is a common feature in semi-aquatic animals like Beavers, Sloths, Capybaras, Otters, Greater mouse deers, and Penguins and makes their toes completely independent of each other.

Is webbed feet a sign of inbreeding

No, webbed feet are not a sign of inbreeding. Webbed feet are caused by the mutation of genes. Inbreeding is a situation whereby new offspring are created or born from the mating of individuals or with almost similar genetics.

For a proper understanding, it might interest you to know;

Signs of inbreeding:

1. Lower birth weight

This is a situation whereby a puppy weighs less than 25% of the birth weight standard for the breed.

2. Retarded growth rate

This is a form of an anomaly in which puppy experiences stunted growth; that is, they look too small for their age. When this happens, it could be a sign of inbreeding.

3. Improper functioning of the immune system

The immune system serves as a defense mechanism against disease. Inbreeding could cause a dog breed to have a weak immune system which will make such dog highly vulnerable to diseases

4. Increase in neonatal death rate

The neonatal period for dogs is usually between 2 to 3 weeks. When there’s an unusual increase in puppy death rate within this period, it could be a sign of inbreeding.

5. Reduced fertility

This is the inability of a female dog to reproduce a healthy puppy even after mating with a fertile male during its ovulation period.

Are Beagles paws webbed

Yes, Beagles’ paws are webbed. Beagle breeds have webbed paws and feet but are not as obvious as those found in some other dog breeds. Dogs with more prominent webbed feet or paws are great swimmers.

Examples of such dog breeds include; Newfoundlands, poodles, Portuguese water dogs, German short-head pointer, Dachshund, and Weimaraner.

Do all Beagles have webbed feet

Yes, all Beagles have webbed feet. All Beagles have skin membrane between their toes but not as noticeable as those in dogs who are excellent swimmers. Webbed feet are meant to achieve stability and help them navigate their ways in water.

Do Beagles have big paws

Yes, the Beagles have big paws. Their big paws make it possible for them to have a firm grip on the object they want to chew on and gives them stamina anytime they run.

How can you tell if a Beagle has webbed feet

Webbed feet are the skin membrane found between canine’s toes. You can easily tell if your Beagle has webbed toes by spreading its toes apart with your hand.

If you try it out, you would notice some excessive skins that are pretty much like those on a duck’s feet between its toes. However, you can easily tell the difference between the two because ducks have a complete web while Beagles are partially webbed.

Why do Beagles have webbed feet

I have stated earlier that Webbs on Beagles’ feet are a result of genetic mutations. Although due to genetic reasons, Beagle’s Webb is not fully grown like those of other dog breeds.

The above best explains the biological reason why Beagles have webbed feet. But we cannot fully explain the reason behind Beagles having webbed feet unless we discuss some of its benefits.

Benefits of webbed feet

  1. Stability: The webbed feet on Beagles it possible for them to maintain their stamina when they run in the forest or inside muds or even when they hunt for.
  2. Swimming: Most dogs with more obvious Webb feet are great swimmers. Even a Beagle with a less conspicuous Webb foot can dog paddle to safety by using its Webb’s feet.
  3. For digging: In general, dogs are natural diggers and the Beagle breed is not left out. Beagles are notorious diggers and they dig for varieties of reasons from digging to track scent to digging to kill boredom or just to hide toys and treats. All these are possible because of their partially grown webbed feet.
  4. Firm grip: Their webbed feet quality serves as a support system to them anytime they are on slippery surfaces. It allows them to have a firm grip over wet surfaces. And also, thanks to the tiny skin membrane between their toes, they can firmly grip any object they chew on.

Are webbed feet bad for the Beagles

No, webbed feet are not entirely bad for Beagles. Although, dogs with webbed feet are more vulnerable to certain health problems like joint instability.

That being said, I am still not convinced that webbed feet are bad for Beagles because most of the attributes they are known for are possible because of their webbed feet.

For example, just imagine a Beagle dog without the partially grown skin membrane between its feet, how can it ever grip or maintain stamina?

Even the little swimming skills your Beagle dog can showcase are due to its webbed feet. So considering all these, I believe it is safe to say webbedfeet are good for Beagles.

What should I do if my Beagle has webbed feet

Webbed feet in general are not bad for your dog in any way. The only situation that could be a little worrisome to you is when your Beatle dog’s toes are connected by bones as opposed to the typical skin and tissue connection.

When this happens, it could cause some underlying health issues like scoliosis, cleft palate, brachygnathism, polydactyly e.t.c.

If you noticed any form of limping or unusual pain in your Beagle dog back region, it could be a symptom of any of the aforementioned bone defects. So it is important to see your vet for possible solutions.

Does big paw in a Beagle puppy mean a big dog

No, big paws do not automatically mean that your Beagle puppy is going to grow into a big dog.

Let me put it more simply, you can’t determine the size of a dog just by looking at its paws. This is because some Beagle puppy with a smaller paw might grow faster and bigger than a puppy with a bigger paw and vice-versa.

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