Last Updated : November 20, 2022

Do beagles kill cats

Cats and are longtime enemies. Even in the wild, cats and dog species are known to fight for prey. So knowing fully well about their estranged relationship, anytime you see your Beagles chasing cats around the house may trigger you to keep wondering will Beagles kill cats?

You are not alone on this, I have had a similar experience and I have done some research about it. So if it interests you to have answers to this question, and some other closely related issue, make sure you read this article till the end.

Do beagles kill cats

Do Beagles like to hunt

Do beagles kill cats

Yes, Beagles like to hunt. Before Beagles start being pets, they were used by hunters to hunt Rabbits, Snowshoe hare, Cottontail rabbits, Bobcats, game birds e.t.c.

This shouldn’t come as a surprise because Beagles have some physical quality and personality that makes them natural hunters. They have an instinct to hunt, full of energy, and always stay active coupled with a powerful nose which they use to smell even if they are miles apart, and the right body structure to supports themselves while they run in the forests. These qualities made them a wonderful hunting companion for hunters.

Do Beagles hate cats

No, the Beagles don’t hate cats. Although you might have seen your Beagle dog running after cats around the house a couple of times, the reality is that they might be two friends playing around.

Originally, Beagles were bred for hunting purposes, so running after things comes naturally to them. Plus they are active animals, they may be running after your cat just for fun to keep themselves busy.

Are Beagles good with cats

Yes, Beagles are good with cats. During the hunting days of Beagles, they were used in packs with other animals to hunt down rabbits and were very good friends with other animals in the packs. So you really can’t say, they might just see your cat as a hunting companion. But in general, Beagles by nature are highly sociable and this makes them a pleasure being to live with.

Do Beagles kill kittens

No, Beagles don’t kill kittens. Although Beagles have a powerful hinting instinct they are friendly and highly sociable animals. Beagles are super intelligent and smart so they know not to harm or just walk up to your pet cat or kitten and kill them.

However, there could be incidentals. If you have a big Beagle dog, they may accidentally pounce on your pet cat kitten while chasing each other. Or a situation whereby you have two big beagle dogs, this will steadily put them in hunting mode because of their instinct to hunt in packs.

Anytime they see rabbits, rats, snakes, or birds they may have conflicting interests with your cat and end up killing your cat or it’s a kitten in the process of hunting down their prey.

In both scenarios, the cat or its kitten might have ended up being dead, but none make a Beagle a cold-blooded kitten or cat killer.

Why do Beagles chase cats

Beagles may chase cats for a variety of reasons. But a more natural and straightforward reason would be that Beagle dogs enjoy the company of other animals and have been used in the past for tracking and hunting. So because they have a natural hunting instinct, they enjoy may chase other animals to keep them engaged. Beagles are more likely to chase cats just for fun than to attack them.

How do Beagles act around cats and dogs

In the past, for a hunting expedition to be successful, Beagles must learn to work with other dogs and animal species. So being friendly with other dog breeds or cats will come naturally to them. Beagles act differently from cats and other dog breeds, so for proper understanding of this concept, each will be explained differently.

Beagle relationship with a cat

Beagles are known in history to have a smooth relationship with other animals in the past, so as a result, it is right to say they are one of the best dog breeds you can have around your cat due to their friendly nature.

But because by nature, Beagles are scent hounds and have a keen sense of smell which makes them highly inquisitive. Their powerful scent could lead them straight to the shelter or den of a cat who has just killed a rat, and if such a cat does not like to be around dogs, it could lead to a brawl between the two.

But in general, Beagles are sociable animal act friendly around cats and other animals and will hardly attack them even while they hunt except it happens by accident.

Beagles relationship with other dog breeds

Beagles are the company of other dogs and can easily get along with them. This can be possible because of their instinct of hunting in packs.

Raising a Beagle dog breed with other dog breeds, make him more active and energetic because their hunting instincts will be readily activated and can be used for positive reasons through proper training and exercise.

In light of the aforementioned, I believe it would be safe to say Beagle sees cats as friends, and he sees other dog breeds as a comrade.

What should I do if my dog kills the cat

If your dog killed a cat, the first thing you need to do is take care of the remains of the cat. If the cat belongs to you, the next line of action is to dispose of the body by burying him according to the local law in your county.

But if the cat belongs to your neighbor, first you approach them and inform them about the incidence to discuss burial and the possibility of litigation.

If the cat died on your property and you are notorious in your community for training your dog to attack, then there might not be any litigation. But if your dog killed the cat in its owner’s facility, then the owner of the cat might sue you.

Whichever form the scenario might occur, just make sure the body of the deceased cat is disposed of first. After taking care of the remains of the cat, the next thing for you to do is get a rabies vaccine for your dog. Even if you had already vaccinated your dog, you can still have it boosted. Also, you need to get your dog tested to check if he had contracted any disease from the cat he killed. Getting him tested on time will go a long way in saving your dog too.

After your dog has been fully vaccinated, the next line of action is to train your dog on how to get along with other dogs. If you feel you can’t do it by yourself, you can hire a professional dog trainer to help you.

How to train Beagle not to kill

Dedicate a time for training sessions but don’t limit the enforcement to the training period alone. Enforce the command anytime during the day.

Get them to understand basic commands such as their name, “sit”, “charge”, “stop”, ” go”, “come”e.t.c this will make them do your biddings at a call.

Reward any compliance with a treat and do not punish them when they do something you disprove but you can interrupt.


Beagles are social animals and can get along with other animals or dog breeds naturally even without training or instruction from their owners. However, before you bring in another animal or other dog breed to live with you, ensure you introduce them to each other and study both closely for a while before you live them to themselves.

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