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Do boxers have webbed feet [FACTS]

Boxers are a breed of dog from Germany, known for their loyalty, affection, good looks, and intelligence. There are lots of things to learn about boxers dog breed, but if this question, “Do Boxer dogs have webbed feet?” is of utmost interest to you, then this article is for you.

Do boxers have webbed paws

Do boxers have webbed feet

Yes, Boxers have webbed paws. It is a known fact that all dogs have webbed paws/feet which help them in their daily activities such as running, walking, hunting, and digging. However, answering the question about whether a Boxer dog has a webbed paw is a little bit tricky and somewhat complicated.

Do boxers have webbed feet

The reason being that boxer dogs are man-made dogs, so the best way to answer this question will be to determine how the Boxer dog in question is bred. Purebred Boxer dogs usually don’t have webbed feet/paws and if they do, it is most likely born out of deformity.

Crossbred Boxer dogs on the other hand tend to have more obvious webbed feet which were built into them through crossbreeding.

Webbed feet are a skin membrane that connects toes.

Do boxers have big paws

Yes, boxers have a big paw. Although their paws are not as big as those you see in Newfoundlands or Saint Bernard. But their paw is big enough to hold onto a microphone and also big enough to pin down their prey.

Are webbed feet bad for boxer dogs

Yes, it could be bad for purebred boxer dogs. Purebred boxer dogs are not supposed to have webbed feet. So if they do, it may be as a result of deformity. If their webbed feet/paw is born out of deformity then it could be bad for them.

In dogs with natural webbed feet, their toes are joined by tissues. But when it is a deformity, then the toes will be bound together with bones.

A situation like this can be complicated and requires the attention of a vet. However, if you have a crossbred boxer dog, then you don’t have to worry about anything because webbed feet will help your dog became a good swimmer, hunter, and runner.

Advantages of having webbed stretched webbed feet

If you have a pet dog with a stretched webbed feet, your dog will enjoy all of the following advantages.

1. Swimming

Every dog with fully grown webbed feet is automatically a great swimmer. The Newfoundlands, Poodles, Portuguese water dogs, and the American water spatial of this world can easily navigate their ways inside the water because they have fully grown webbed feet. The webbed feet are like a paddle when in water, it allows them to stay afloat, easily make their way through the body of water enable them to be able to have a more controlled and balanced movement in the water.

If you’re looking for a dog breed that can help you on a search and rescue mission, then your best bet is a dog with a stretched webbed feet.

2. Digging

Dogs are natural diggers and they dig for various reasons.

Before dogs started living with humans, they will dig for dens to live in. But that does not mean your pet dog is not capable of making holes around the yard either. You ever noticed some holes around your hard? Well, it might be the handiwork of your dog, that very spot might be his cooling spot or the best place for him to lay because he feels more comfortable laying there than on the bed you provided. The webbed feet are like a shovel blade which allows them to dig up the soil and first from the ground easily with little or no stress.

3. Stability

Webbed feet allow the dog to maintain their balance while running or walking on different terrain or surfaces. With complete webbed feet, they can have a firm grip on surfaces, as a result, hardly can you see them trip or slip when they are on a muddy or wet surface. Dogs run for various reasons, whether it be to trace scent or running around the house to fetch toys, whichever the reason might be, what keeps them from easily falling is their webbed feet.

Do webbed feet help Boxer dog swim

Yes, webbed feet in crossbred Boxer dogs can aid swimming a little bit. However, you shouldn’t raise your hope so high because even though a Boxer breed might have webbed feet to dog-paddle through water but they lack the tail needed to support them in steering because they have short tails.

Should I worry if my boxer dogs have webbed paws

No, you don’t have to worry if your crossbred Boxer dog has webbed feet.

If your Boxer dog is crossbred, then you don’t have to worry because webbed feet were built into them through crossbreeding. However, if your boxer dog breed is purebred, then you might have to worry a little bit. I stated earlier that purebred boxer dogs are not supposed to have webbed feet unless it is a result of bone disfigurement.

So if your Boxer dog is purebred, then you should be worried because it could be a sign of a bone problem. If you observe that your purebred boxer dog is exhibiting any signs of a bone problem such as back or hind leg pain, fever, and loss of appetite, you must go and see your vet for the next course of action.

Can Boxers swim

Yes, crossbred Boxer dogs can swim. Crossbred Boxer dogs can swim and also enjoy swimming to some extent because it is fun. Plus they have webbed feet which makes it easy for them to make their way in and out of the water.

However, no matter how much they enjoy swimming, they are just not natural swimmers because their body structure puts them at some disadvantage. 

Boxer dog breed, in general, has small noses and a deep-chested build which could make breathing in water difficult for them.

Also, their tail is short, so they don’t get much support when paddling and steering in water. Although with patience and lots of treats, they can learn to become good swimmers.

Can boxers with webbed feet swim faster

Yes, boxers with webbed feet can swim faster. However, as I stated earlier, swimming is risky for Boxer dog breeds in general. Yes, webbed feet can aid swimming, but some other qualities like a big nose and long tail are physical attributes necessary for swimming which boxer dog breeds don’t have. So this may make swimming a little challenging for them. But with constant practice and training, they can become better.

Is Boxer breed aggressive

No, the Boxer breed is not aggressive. Although l certain physical qualities like their muscular bodies, large head, and the high energy they exhibit all the time,  may make them look imposing that does not necessarily mean that they are known, aggressors.

Boxer breeds just like many other dog breeds, like for instance, the German Shepherds or the Chihuahuas need proper exercise, training, and socialization, to be the perfect gentle, friendly and playful pet you want them to be.

Where did the Boxer breed come from

Boxer dog breed came from Germany. Boxer is part of the dog breeds chosen in Germany for police training and was used during world war II by the German soldiers to deliver messages and used to detect bombs.

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